Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlefield: The Melting Plot

Richard Fernandez of The Belmont Club synthesizes the coverage of several news items to reveal the agenda behind that coverage.

Ehr kumt.

And you are the target.

19 responses to “Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlefield: The Melting Plot

  1. Why do I smell another Ruby Ridge or Waco, just around the corner..

  2. Bill Harzia

    If White people had a country of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.

    And before you jump me for being “racist,” know this: It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what the opposition thinks. And it’s becoming more and more evident that a lot of the opposition, both White and Black, agree with Mr. Mugabe.

    • I find their terms acceptable.

      Let me know when we start the White Riot.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Let me know when we start the White Riot.”

        Black people got a lotta problems,
        But they don’t mind throwin’ a brick
        White people go to school,
        Where they teach ya how to be thick
        And everybody’s doing
        Just what they’re told to
        Nobody wants
        To go to jail
        White riot
        I wanna riot
        White riot
        A riot of our own
        – The Clash

    • I could make a case that “white” people have had their own countries. However, they opened them up to people of other races and cultures then lost them.

      That would be racist though, so I won’t.

  3. The white man’s ice is always colder…

  4. Me, I smell another Isandlwana.

    • As long as we get a Rorke’s Drift to pay the bastards back in spades (no pun intended.)

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    You can take individuals as you find them, but as between groups of people, the world runs on prison rules. Every ethnic group out there with the exception of Western cracka-ass crackas understands that.

  6. I agree that this would not happen if Whites had a Country of our own. Even more shocking, we would be reading about it in the paper or online and saying, “Tsk, Tsk, After Rhodesia and South Africa could not those foolish Americans see this coming?”

    Instead we are in the heart of it. But we can shape the outcome, focus the future into the image WE want. We don’t have to step into the cannibals pot because there is enough room in the North American continent for Whites to have a homeland and for Aztlan and for the FUSA to stagger along for a few more decades till the hordes overtake them. We have reached the logical end of random “White Flight”, with Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, the Council of La Raza lining up for a generous helping of YOU. Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, Philadelphia, LA, San Franciscom Miami, etc either have fallen or are in the process of becoming new Mogadishus.

    Brothers, consider coming to the NorthWest. Trust me, Chicago is not going to get “better” and Whites are already considered second class. Hell, they are shooting little White babies in the head and that story gets less coverage than Zimmerman and Ashtrevon.

    If there is going to be White Flight, make it for a reason. Don’t be merely driven like a beast till there is no where left to go. Make a stand in a homeland.


      M1A Driver: Be careful who you invite into the Northwest. As a native Californian-SoCal-expat, I can attest to what it was like in the 50’s. It was a safe, healthy, glorious place to live. It was the white liberals and Karl Marx’s co-ethnics who infiltrated the school districts. PTA’s, county central committees and the League of Women Voters. Once these young Boxers and Feinsteins got the power, bussing became the norm, Christmas Pageants became “Winter Festivals”, and the downhill slide started. When the FSA burned out Watts in 1965, the participants made reference to who owned their ‘hood and acted accordingly.
      When the meltdown happens, all of these educated ORCS who ruined my birthplace will be in full flight to find a new place to infect with their secular-humanist-collectivist syphilitic thinking. Anyone in any place of refuge should have a plan in place to screen refugees from the metro areas. Look for the “Hillary in 2016” bumper stickers, if you catch my drift.

    • “I agree that this would not happen if Whites had a Country of our own.”

      We do. All we have to do is defend it.


  7. See through the 20th C’s original “Melting Pot” propaganda (look it up – even on Wiki they tell you the book and play of that name was deliberate propaganda).

    “American” is a bonafide ethnicity, one Americans were happy to share with newcomers … or perhaps the newcomers were too quick to appropriate it for themselves and why not? A century ago, Americans and all things American were the bee’s knees! TR and his Great White Fleet. Manifest Destiny. White Man’s Burden, American Style!

    Never forget something, fellow Americans:


    They exist to serve us – not we they.

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  9. Semper Fi, 0321

    Hard to believe whites are going to have to fight for their own ethnic survival, but here it comes!
    And everyone called Hitler a lunatic. His methods were insane, but the end result 65 yrs later is no different. White Europeans vs the rest of them. And this won’t be about multiculturalism anymore. It will be white genocide.

  10. -“Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center said the group is one of the few organizations in the U.S. capable of gunning down a prosecutor.”

    Odd. I’d have thought that gunning down a prosecutor requires only a motive and…a gun…

    • Yeah, I spotted that too. This time the “malice/stupidity” argument is moot.
      I wonder if the SPLC will ever implicate themselves in the Family Research Council shooting.

  11. A simple thought from a Southern nationalist: Free the South and this shit stops down here.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      You’ve had 148 years to do something, what happened?

      My family lost WW2 and at least 10 family members dead to Russians, along with their homeland lost forever. I’m over it. Happened before I was born and not part of my personal history.
      Why don’t you give it a rest, you’re starting to sound like all the whiny blacks and Jews.
      Collective victimhood just gets worse with time, not better.