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From a reader:

Had a friend over for Easter.

He is working here in Colorado for the next year or so: inspecting large construction projects. He spent the past couple of years in Africa, Rwanda to be precise. He said that there are no males,aged 30-45 years of age in Rwanda. They were all butchered in the civil war.

I think that most people have a distorted view of the giant shitstorm headed our way. This shitstorm is going to make previous conflicts look like childs play. Make peace with your God. Look your wife and kids square in the face and tell them the truth.Be prepared to kick the ever living shit out of the lying thiefs and dirty commie bastards.

Give no mercy and do not expect any in return.

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  1. Mercy, is for those who it might benefit to the point of turning from their wicked ways. G*dless communists do not fit the profile. The only thing they intend for us is the gulag, the slave coffle, the firing squad. Seems only natural to thwart their plans, and liquidate them. Here endeth the lesson.

  2. The New Black Panther Party has just returned from their trip to South Africa, in my opinion, seeking weapons and training to pursue their intended goals here.

    The genocide against Afrikaners, whites, is progressing and expected to become like Rwanda just as soon as Mandela dies, which he almost did last week.

    Negroes, along with the 35% of whites (mainly in the large cities of the northeast) who voted for Obama will join together.

    Get ready.

    • robroysimmons

      We let this spiral out of control and by we I mean the conservatives. We follow the lead of the paycheck conservatives who are paid to never make it personal, to always debate in the abstract while leaving the left with the notion of personal moral superiority. So here we are, this country has a center/left elite with no brakes upon it, no personal sanction upon the average drone leftard all the way to the mesiah himself.

      The personal pronoun “You” is worth more to us in our polemics than the amount of ammunition the DHS is buying in their drain the market operation.

    • Zimbabwe is the ultimate case study of where the reparations mentality leads. As things deteriorate we will begin to see the American version of Mugabe’s thugs seizing white farmsteads. This is when home invasion undergoes a paradigm shift from heinous crime to social justice. What’s yours is now theirs. Remember, you didn’t build that, so you really don’t own it either.

      • Are we really going to let 10% of the population kill us off and take everything we own?

        They will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the inner cities, to their own detriment, and on the near suburbs, but there is no way they can tkie the whole country.

        When they remove all doubt by their own actions, the resistance will form quickly, the pent up restraint will evaporate and retribution will be swift.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Are we really going to let 10% of the population kill us off and take everything we own?”

          The same demographic is about 35% of the Government, though. They do control some significant levers of power. However, Thomas Sowell wrote a pretty good essay about what would happen if there really was an all-out race war. It would not end well for them.

        • I was describing a mindset, not a reality, at least not for those of us here. But there are plenty of soft targets out there.

          In some places, this is already happening: Chicago “youths” going on sprees in white neighborhoods, squatters taking over unoccupied rental properties, etc.

          Your demographic figure is valid taken as a whole, but localized it is much different. In my state it is double that and the density is much greater as you get closer to the major urban areas.

          The reality of it is they will push until somebody pushes back and then they will retreat. They generally default to preying on their own as crime stats clearly illustrate. But when that push back does occur there will be some serious ugliness and that may be one of those “never let a crisis go to waste” moments for the regime.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          How many millions of liberal whites will die before they wake up? It will be a bloodbath in the cities, and then the real shit will hit the fan. I expect the blacks to be annihilated this time; the orientals, hispanics and whites hate them. Things don’t look too good for them coming out on top of any of this.
          Just wait for the Trayvon Martin trial to stir up shit, if we make it that long.

        • ghostsniper

          The thugs will bring death and despair to the cowardly, a long awaited and necessary culling.

          When the thugs have run out of fuel in urbania and suburbania they will come to ruralville where they will find minor success but that is where they will also find their demise.

          In the end good will prevail.

      • Colorado Pete

        Agreed, but…only if we let them….

        Dry-fire practice in the current ammo shortage takes on even more usefulness than it normally does.

    • Daniel K Day

      Interesting photo – can you identify the flag they are standing with? It’s not the flag of the NBP Party according to what I found on Google.

      • Legal Alien

        Very likely the AZAPO (Azanian People Organization) more radical splinter groups of the ANC flag. At least what I remember from back in the late 90’s just before I left South Africa. Julius Malema et al are the radical (can you get more radical than the ANC?) anarchist movement actively agitating for Mugabe style farm confiscation in South Africa and Boer genocide

      • Legal Alien

        Correction – it is PAC – Pan Africanist Congress flag – also a radical far-left-wing splinter group off the ANC.
        As radical as you can get

    • “Negroes, along with the 35% of whites (mainly in the large cities of the northeast) who voted for Obama will join together.”

      No, they won’t. Not for long. The FSA will split along racial lines just as soon as the spoils run out… in about three days to a week. There’s no love lost there.

  3. Does this mean even if we elect Jeb Bush for POTUS in 2016, that he cannot be our savior along with the GOP Party?

    • There are no Republicans visible, even if you go into the state office holders, that can be put into national office to stop the slide. There will no voting in national elections to turn this around. All money and time towards that is a waste.

      The “Republic” can’t be restored because it was corrupt from day one, established by a cabal of progressive-fascists of their day.

      Secession of the individual states is the only answer, go to your native state and work for it to boot the United States out of its land.

      • Ya had me right up to the second paragraph.

      • bloodyspartan

        Secession will not work because every jackal and Hyena will coma calling.
        Whether we win in the end with a Monarchy, Benevolent republic, Empire the Union will survive or no one will.

        Dispose of all enemies and always keep the Knights men of honor and GOD to restore and dispose of EVIL.

  4. bloodyspartan

    SEAn you are my man. Dispose of enemies do not make them Old Oriental Saying.

    Let us get to it

  5. If you go back to the mid to late 60’s in the Congo and others and revisit the butchery and violence that makes animals look civilized you will have an inkling of what we can expect nationwide, especially in the inner city and surrounding suburbs. The ivory coast recently had videos similar to it but it was mostly tribal butchery hacking limbs off, live castrations.. if you need references look up Mike Hoare, Congo, Belgian Africa.. take note that Red China has been involved for decades promoting a racial black vs white war in the African continent and in my belief is involved in it here as well, but what do I know..
    Expect savage butchery and violence for violence’s sake and never expect mercy for anyone especially women and children only because it is so horrid. Remember my words.. and then give back to the community better that you received.. in spades.

    Yank lll

  6. freeport56

    Let’s Roll !

  7. bloodyspartan

    Don’t Forget , Every KNIGHT shall Have a Sword and remember His OATH to GOD.
    “Hearken, we beseech thee, O Lord, to our prayers, and deign to bless with the right hand of thy majesty this sword with which this Thy servant desires to be girded, that it may be a defense of churches, widows, orphans and all thy servants against the scourge of the pagans, that it may be the terror and dread of other evildoers, and that it may be just both in attack and defense.”