Tell me again about your great cellphone.

You do understand how widespread this practice is, right?

FTF in meatspace with trusted associates on a need-to-know basis.

Accept no substitutes.

(h/t MB)

14 responses to “COMSEC

  1. I have one question: What kind of drooling imbecile thinks this is “news”?

  2. FTF in meatspace with trusted associates on a need-to-know basis.
    And take the battery out of your cell phone while you do. Or better yet, leave it at home. The thing is for your convenience, not the po-po’s.

  3. Could we not use this technology in reverse?
    I completely agree with the OPSEC of meeting in meatspace (love that phrase by the way…)
    But if you must use mobile phones It seems like you should be able to log the ID’s of the towers around your location and if a new one shows up… well… time to enter the “Cone of Silence”.
    Additionally, if a new ID shows up I think we could use the same triangulation technique to identify the offending vehicle.
    I’m no expert but I think we might use this to our own advantage. Looks like there is enough Android Application information to make this happen.

    Remember: Tracers work both ways. 🙂

  4. cloaked in mystery

    The only way to ensure a cellphone or a cell enabled computer device is untracable is to physically disconnect the device, either by removing the battery, or disconnecting the radio portion.

  5. Larry Elliott

    Cell phones are needed like a nice cancer is IMHO.

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  7. For less than $1k freefor can have equivalent technology, speak to your team technologist and get him to explain it further for you.

    • You don’t get it – technology is to be distrusted and never used.
      These guys are bound and determined to fight with rocks and sticks.

  8. Not just in meatspace and FTF.
    For serious professional people nothing gets said, not a word.
    No shirts, glasses, hats… you get the idea. Just you and your associates around a burn barrel / can with a clip board and one piece of paper at a time that never has a complete evidence grade statement on it before it is incinerated. It’s been a long time but these days I would be very careful of location and cover considering the capabilities and size of cameras and mics. By the way anyone who mouths words they are reading will understand the immediate beating they get.

  9. Useful information. But I’ll keep my ancient Tracfone for the time being.

  10. Deception operations.

  11. Learn to use cell phones to relay data and call connections from remote locations, or use a simple app to place a phone call and play a pre-recorded message, leave the microphone live, and complete the scenario with authentic abient live background noise from the relay-phone’s position. It would sound exactly as if the target was there using the phone, and there would be no way to tell for sure if it was an app.

  12. Grenadier1

    On a side note, yesterday during the Boston fiasco the local cell service was jammed. Now at first that was reported as cell service was ordered to be shut down but that was quickly changed to “service is down from heavy call volume.”
    Both of those could be true.
    So your planning for EMCON needs to take into account that even if officials do not order cell service to be taken down it will be jammed with users making calls.

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