Welcome To The Last Days Of The Constitutional Experiment

Emperor Misha I rocks the house.

Best be getting one’s heart and mind hardened sufficiently for an existential war of extermination.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

As to the necessity of that mindset, you might ask those who have lived or whose families have lived under Communist tyranny.

Think Holodomor, combined with the Soviet march west through Poland, Prussia, and Pomerania.

Got guts?


10 responses to “Welcome To The Last Days Of The Constitutional Experiment

  1. I pay max attention to what people do, not what they say/write. Neo-conz write a good Civil War…we’ll see if they bleed one.

  2. A money quote from comments at AIR:

    “War is the second worst word in the world.

    Right behind “slavery.”

    Let them dogs slip….

  3. After reading Emperor Misha, I’m ready to go out and gouge their eyes out and skull fuck them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. ghostsniper

    From that article:
    “So understand, please, that if you find yourself even contemplating agreeing with the likes of treasonous scum like McCain, Graham and Toomey….”


    It’s not THOSE people that worry me, though they do get on my nerve.
    It is the hired thug on the street that always has my concern and makes me watch everywhere when I am away from cache and compound.

    I agree, there are no *grades to liberty*, but when the thug acosts me and steal $25 because I was not wearing the seatbelt should he be blown away on the spot as my conscience tells me I must, and be killed myself in minutes? Or lick my wounded wallet and move on?

    It’s these thousands of tiny cuts that are taking their toll on my soul.
    One of these days and it won’t be long I’ll just snap. There will be a crack of thunder, a flash of white light, a puff of smoke and everyone will be dead including me. I ain’t built for all this tyranny nonsense. A whole bunch of people need to grow up or be eliminated.

    • First, I totally agree with the article and I hear what you sayin’. But I have a question. Where in this great land of ours do they charge only $25 for not wearing a seat belt. I just got popped here in south Florida and they extorted $136 from me. Oh, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so another $148.

      I’ve been outlining what the perfect place to live would have. Fines for seat belts are definitely on the list, but there are a bunch. I think I have it narrowed down to an uncharted island in the Mariana’s. 🙂

      • ghostsniper

        Outlaw, I lived 40 years in SW Florida and paid a million dollars for that privilege during that time. One day I realized it ain’t how much you make but rather how much you get to keep. So we moved to the woods, close to the middle of the country, on some acreage. We spent a hundred grand to get here and another hundred to stay here. With 15,000 people this is the least populated county in the state. There isn’t even a city in this county and just one small town. In the whole county. There are 5 town cops and 10 county deputies. I go weeks without seeing jackboots most of the time.

        It’s not the amount, it’s the fact, regarding fines.

        My advice?

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          Same for me. I’m 75-90 miles from any city (5-10,000) in the middle of one of the least populated counties in Wyoming. Now that’s living!

  5. charles.lathrop@gmail.com

    And in other news…


    Socialism taken to its logical conclusion. “Special meat” indeed.

  6. No, I don’t buy it.

    There is a time and place for such verbiage, and that is right in the middle of a war to the death. We ain’t there yet.

    The point is not to shut down and start killing (although if one is personally attacked, that may well be the only honorable option). The point is to let collectivists be collectivists, progressives be progressives, fascists be fascists, and so forth. You cannot convert the fascists, and you cannot kill them all (without killing your own soul).

    Seems to me the way out is something called “panarchy”. I don’t care what fascists do to fascists; that is their business, not mine. I just want their boot off my own neck. We need separation, such as secession and other such means. We need to stop this talk of killing, other than as a warning that killing will result if we are not left alone.

    Leave the fascists alone, and tell them to leave you alone. No more going to Washington DC and imposing their view of political heaven on the rest of us. Tell them to stay in their collectivists warrens like Chicago and live with the mess their political ideals result in. Not for us, thank you.

    • “Leave the fascists alone, and tell them to leave you alone.”

      Sorry to disabuse you, PJ, of your noble ideals but…

      Totalitarians of whatever type WILL. NEVER. LEAVE. YOU. ALONE!!!!!!!!!

      That is by definition of their kind, by their pathology, their methods, their desires and goals. Do I really have to spell all this out for you?

      They won’t stop trying to own you until they are STOPPED.

      DEAD. By you, or better men than you.

      Resign yourself to the fact that good intentions by good people, such as yourself and most Liberty minded folks, are what has allowed them to bring us to such a pass… as it always happens. Ask the ghost of Neville Chamberlain and all other immoral, cowardly appeasers throughout history.

      Your version of morality, reason and logic has no leverage with totalitarian ideologues, none whatsoever.

      If we could separate ourselves from them, they would merely consolidate their new found security and power and come for us again, stronger than ever. More importantly, this country is ours to defend and protect, not to divide and (allow to) be conquered!