24 April: FBI, local police conducting massive sweep in Oakland

Feds, Oakland police crackdown on Acorn Project crime

Just know that when they come for you, the only changes to the headlines will be phrases such as “domestic terrorist”, “weapons cache”, “arsenal”, “extremist”, and “gun trafficking”.


5 responses to “Contagion

  1. Running boards, really? Running boards work well for a 1930’s vintage fire engine; even today it would make sense as a way to carry a crew and equipment in the same vehicle.

    These guys … probably haven’t thought out the ramifications of attacking a neighborhood that does not like you … while clinging to the running boards of an SUV.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the stormtroopers are pulling this crap in places where the population has already been legally disarmed?

  3. “Ready On The Left ? Ready on the Right ?….The “firing Line” is clear….


  4. They’re just practicing, starting with the EZ stuff – urban white cosmics and ethnics. Doubt if the RegimeThugs will be clustered on the running boards when they attack the White suburbs and rurals. If so, they won’t be for long. With an M1a and at a respectable distance, even an amateur like myself could nail a half-dozen w/in 3 seconds.