Denninger: Why There Is No “Reasonable Discussion” Possible On 2A

ROE For Encounters(Graphic from Bracken)

KD schools a media stooge.

Well worth the read.

War is inevitable.

Prepare for it.

Let’s win.

5 responses to “Denninger: Why There Is No “Reasonable Discussion” Possible On 2A

  1. You cannot have a reasonable discussion because the Statist have this attitude:( Polybius xxxv1, para4 History of Rome)”I have previously stated what this phrase (dedere se in fidem) means, but it is here necessary to remind my readers briefly of its significance. 2 Those who thus commit themselves to the faith of Rome surrender in the first place the whole of their territory and the cities in it, next all the inhabitants of the land and the towns, male and female, likewise all rivers, harbours, temples, tombs, so that the result is that the Romans enter into possession of everything and those who surrender remain in possession of absolutely nothing.”

  2. Larry Elliott

    Mr Denninger has said much more eloquently than I have what I’ve said to many believers in “reasonable gun laws” over the years.

  3. Besides the generous image file from Matt, the raw file editable for the county name could further enable some breeding. PPT, Word/Publisher, whatever. It’s a great leaflet.. Drive on.

  4. @Matt Bracken – I’m warning you right now, that we are going to use that flyer.