Happy Days Are Here Again: New $100 Bill Soon

H/t Jim Sinclair.

8 responses to “Happy Days Are Here Again: New $100 Bill Soon

  1. The bill is artwork by William Banzai (WB7), a frequent contributor on zero hedge.

  2. CA,

    You might want to get in on this. I have suggested you to them. They need to add the guns and liberty bloggers. Represent, as it were.



  3. A REAL Confederate

    Now THAT is funny.

  4. Get in your mouse, and get outta here!

  5. I’ll buy that for a dollar. Which is more than it’ll be worth a year from now.

  6. Conan, you think you could break some of this down into English for those of us who are not “intellectuals?”. Just WTF is this about? Please, no paradigms, and no “concepts”, just the basics. I encounter this crap all the time on the internet, and it looks just like a derivative of a derivative. Or are you “holy priests” keeping it all a bunch of gobbledegook, like FedGov. so the peons will never understand what you’re talking about? Small wonder folks are so uninformed about the doings of their own govts.

    • “Please, no paradigms, and no ‘concepts’, just the basics.”

      But that’s all it is…paradigms and concepts. I didn’t study it closely, but it looks like all things look today—you are the labels that attach, not who you are. The battle has ALWAYS been…oh, never mind.

      If our paths ever cross, just say “Hey, I’m Sean” and that’ll be good enough for me.