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  1. This is so true! When do we make our move to stop this? What were we drinking last November during the election? UH, I think we are still drinking the same stuff. Even considering amnesty (aka: path to citizenship) should be considered treason. There is a path to citizenship that has existed for a long time. Stand Up! America!

  2. Article 1 Sec 10:
    “No State shall, … engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

    seems that both conditions have been satisfied


  3. Article 1 Sec 10:
    No State shall, … engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

    seems that both conditions have been satisfied


  4. Jimmy the Saint

    When will it be an invasion?

    Never. Like William of Orange, they’ve been invited. There are still enough stupid cracka-ass crackas who aren’t voting for unrestrained socialism, so the electorate must be “modified” to supplement the numbers of people who are with the program.

  5. No point building a Fence: they’ll just hire wetbacks to do it. What’s needed is a Militarized Zone, driven 20-50 miles deep into Mexico Lindo. That’ll happen, but only as the last phase of Civil War II. If and until, Azatlan is inevitable. Hell, at 100 miles N. of LA, I live there already.

  6. I believe the ultimate goal is to do just that, collapse the country. They are trying to break the bank and make us bankrupt, just like the USSR. Why? Well call me a conspiracy theorist but I believe powerful forces hope to pick up the broken pieces afterwards and spin the US into a larger country where the US is simply a member state, such as a North America or a UN. Then the constitution will be overruled by a higher authority which they can become. It’s a way to make a totalitarian state out of the US with no constitution to give us rights. We would only get the privileges that we were given. And the puppet masters we see, the money men such as Soros might not be the ultimate pinnacle of power. He might represent higher people who are even more completely hidden. Paranoid? Call me what you want, but I don’t think “wrong” is applicable here.

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  8. The powers that be, often known as “Illuminati”, or “Enlightened Ones” are actually the founders of this nation, which was founded on religious freedom not to allow protestantism but to allow freemasonry. Their god is GAOTU or the “Great Architect Of The Universe”. Most of the founders were deist Masons. Their intent is the eventual destruction of nationalism and Christianity. We are close. Save those who will be saved and leave the rest to the strong delusion, which by the way was sent by God.