Patriot Packs

Those who can should do.

Those who can’t?

Help others who can.


3 responses to “Patriot Packs

  1. This is some great advice, there are more than a few guys I know who would be ready to hump a ruck and rifle, if they had them. If they weren’t living from paycheck to paycheck. I keep my old rucks, rifles, and chest rigs when I find better ones, and every time I upgrade I have an extra kit in the barn for emergancies.

    • ghostsniper

      Careful how you store that stuff. Mildew, dust and creatures get in everything. Got my old ALICE out last week and cleaned it up. Took it completely apart and cleaned everything down to the last molecule, GI style. Even found 35 year old cans of boot polish, saddle soap, and mink oil.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        You’re pulling our leg, right? Everyone knows the Army polishes it’s boots with a Hershey bar.