Russians Know Mass Murder

So be a nice Americanski and listen to Comrade Vlad, da?

5 responses to “Russians Know Mass Murder

  1. Larry Elliott

    I am most certain that Comrade Putin and our own Glorious Leader and his acolytes totally agree on liberalized distribution and ownership of firearms. Nyet!

  2. A former KGB officer who has aristocratic blood agrees that the state should have the monopoly on violence? Well color me surprised! I hate the man and I’ve never met a Russian I liked. Just remember that with one hand they’re shaking your hand and patting you on the back and the other hand has a dagger ready at a moments notice ready to stab you in the back.

  3. Nice to see the KGB still knows how to shoot its’ mouth off about what America should and shouldn’t do. My suggestion is they fix their own festering canker sore of a country, first, and then look for the beam in our eye. And I don’t take no shit off of commies.

  4. “From one sonofabitch to another!” – Patton

  5. Putin can gun control Russia all he wants. Our problems are domestic.