Local, Local, Local – Food Department

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Churches, homeschool groups, retreat groups, extended families, others:

Got food?

Got the ability to grow more?

You should.

One response to “Local, Local, Local – Food Department

  1. I have seen multiple posts about seeds and gardening.

    Might I suggest seeds without actual experience gardening is like having guns/ammo with no training?

    Having tried several, I have found a method that appears to work for 90+% of all the newbie gardeners, giving solid results on first try. It is called the Mittleider Gardening method. It’s a one-size-fits-all method, so it may not be THE perfect method for your area. However, if you have never done this before and life has become…interesting… you don’t have time to discover the perfect method. With this approach, if you follow the directions you will be able to put a reasonable amount of food on the table the first year when things are crazy. You can figure out perfect the next year.

    Their website is:

    Facebook group:

    And a very extensive list of videos discussing and demonstrating the method on YouTube by LDSprepper: