Mosby: Heresy – An Introduction to Combat Riflecraft


Read it all twice.

Pass it around, along with the upcoming East Coast trainings.

4 responses to “Mosby: Heresy – An Introduction to Combat Riflecraft

  1. Agree absolutely. When dry firing at the cap of a Listerine bottle across the room, I enjoy reading the label first.

  2. Highlander

    All my kids learned iron sights first, as I did, the purpose is to teach. I personally dislike most optics I have used, but both the boys, Marines, love ’em. Younger one got caught in a situation in Ramadi were the optics went down in low light and was the only one who new how to use the iron sights in those conditions, the NCOs had only read about the concept. Hence, by learning iron sights first and well, Murphy gets another kick in the ass and another Marine Infantryman was effective. I do agree that most of the modern optics are fantastic and provide quick, accurate response times. I get reports from my older son, Marine NCO, about how incapable the “new” Marines are with the rifle, not knowing how to use the iron sights at all.

    In summery, iron sights teach about shooting, optics bring that knowledge to higher and better standards.

    My 2 cents worth.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Marines have always been trained on iron sights; 200, 300 and 500 yd line with night fire also.
      Your story sounds like someone has been blowing smoke up your ass, OR, the USMC is in really deep shit for allowing optics use to overshadow basic marksmanship training. And I don’t think the latter is the case.