Vanderboegh: The New Introduction To “Absolved”

More than three years after Mike announced that the completion of his novel “Absolved” at the Fort Hunt Restore the Constitution rally, he releases a new introduction to the work-still-in-progress.

Read it carefully, and comment below.


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  1. Ain’t nobody ever gonna see a completed book.

  2. Mike and I have “issues”. He’s a borderline Yankee living in the south, Alabama in fact. He may still detest the League of the South because it uses the Southern Legal Resource Center which is run by someone that was affiliated with some kind of Christian Identity group. Mike seems to want folks to overlook his previous involvement in actions as a communist, but not overlook the prior activities of others. That’s a double standard of the first order, in my opinion.

    Mike needs to get over his reluctance to become involved with the League, the strongest independence group in the south, located just a few miles from him. I’ve talked with men in Alabama, they’d be quite willing to work with Mike, many of them know his blog and writing.

    Further, Mike needs to cease his holding up traitors against the fight for southern freedom during the invasion of the southern states by the US government as role models and heroes. They were quite the opposite. They were the same as those advocating amnesty for illegal immigrants and all of the rest of the anti-rights actions today. All sympathizers for the United States from 1860 to 1878 who acted against their states were traitors at the Biblical level, pure and simple.

    I see in his “revised” introduction he calls the authors of the current US Constitution “the founders”, they were not. The founders wrote, passed, and ratified the Article of Confederation. Many, possibly most, of the founders were opposed to the passage of the Constitution as a replacement for the far superior Articles of Confederation. Those who wrote the Constitution are “the framers”, and are not founders.

    Last, but far from least, there is no “America”, there never was. America is a propositional nation, not a real one. The south is a nation, New England is a nation, the Rocky Mountain area is a nation. Further, my country is South Carolina, which lawfully withdrew from the Constitutional Compact referred to as the United State, on 20 December, 1860. Robert Barnwell Rhett had worked tirelessly for secession for 32 years at that point, secession wasn’t an impulsive act, it had been discussed for decades and as the US government because more abusive, the states took the ultimate action of nullification, secession.

    We’re working on that once again, for the same reason. We should have returned to it over 100 years ago.

    • Good comment, Pat. I clicked your name to see your blog, but nothing is there. Any plans to write?

    • Great post. But didn’t the Confederacy then turn around and forbid any State from seceding? Anyway, America is done and we need a new start. This time let’s make it clear States are inviolable and can leave any and all Unions. If that can be agree upon, maybe we can move towards a kind of Canton system like they have in Switzerland.

      • “This time let’s make it clear States are inviolable and can leave any and all Unions.”

        Makes sense. So if it’s right on the State level, is it right on lower levels…counties, townships, municipalities, villages, parcels? Why or why not?

        Or if you prefer, what exactly is the inviolable entity here?

        • ghostsniper

          Don’t forget about individual people Jim.
          What if a person doesn’t want to be part of a collective?
          If an individual has no rights than no one has rights, especially all collectives.

          • Jim Klein

            LOL…I thought I’d leave the pride of figuring that out, to the reader. There’s only one type of “inviolable entity” in the human realm, all the yapping by all the sides notwithstanding. At least morally, anyway.

  3. Since the comments have already wandered off topic, I’d like to call a certain fact to the attention of everyone who has snarked, or is considering snarking, on the subject of how complete Absolved is and for how long.
    Writing a novel is hard. Writing a novel is, in point of fact, very hard. Those who find it easy to question how complete this one is, as when, ought to bear that in mind. If you doubt me, try asking Jerry Pournelle, or Francis Porretto, or Sarah Hoyt. It’s not easy to do, and very difficult indeed to do well.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to write a novel. I’ve started at least a dozen. Maybe more like 18. Some I got only one or two chapters into before abandoning. One or two I actually incinerated because I decided the whole job was a bad idea. I can, however, count the number of times I’ve succeeded: once. I’ve written only one novel start to finish. That was in 2009 or 2010, I think. When I put it in front of my first reader, I discovered it was unreadable. I’m now working on a fourth draft. It’s entirely possible to have a complete novel, ‘ready for the printers’ so to speak, and then discover once someone else reads it, that all one really has is a messy, lumpen pile of words. I discovered this writing Fantasy. Writing near-future political science fiction has to be an order of magnitude harder, particularly when last year’s wild-eyed paranoiac predictions are last month’s fait accompli.

  4. shadowfane

    This is likely the best SHORT FORM discussion of what 4GW is. Best short history of the concept I’ve seen, and a friend of mine did effectively the original definitive bibliography for some guys at (IIRC) JFKSWCS 10-15 years ago.
    And it SHOULD stand as a “Dire Warning” to both camps. Will it? Freefor camp seems unlikely to want to hear the cautionary tale (even if it is the roadmap to the goal) and the Regime is WAY too self-absorbed, self-empowered, and self-believing to even TRY to hear a dissenting voice.

    Nice job, Mike, but it’s most likely to be viewed as just another ragged rag-headed voice crying in the Wilderness. More’s the pity.

    I’d MUCH rather see a Windows War than a War of revolution…

  5. Prairie Fire

    Times change, people change and there’s not one of us who knows this evening whether he will wake up alive.

    I’m more than willing to give Mike a pass on self-announced missed deadlines. Whether or not we see “Absolved” in print (and I suspect that we will), the side arguments provide good entertainment.

    Mike has been a stalwart fighter. In coming years, people who now easily criticize him, will remember that. Or perhaps they won’t, their loss.

    • “Mike has been a stalwart fighter. In coming years, people who now easily criticize him, will remember that. Or perhaps they won’t, their loss.”

      Right you are, Prairie Fire. Everyone’s loss. And a great personal cost to Mike, himself.

      Not a one of Mike Vanderboegh’s spiteful, envious detractors, deflectors, obfuscators, conflators, venomous accusers and rip off con men… is fit to speak his name aloud, even if seeming to praise him.,

      That anyone could read the cited passages and still find something, anything, everything to carp about irrelevant to the content speaks volumes about their integrity, honesty, knowledge of, well, everything related to the subject! not to mention their reading comprehension… or lack thereof.

      I’m sick unto death of the ‘pragmatists’, ideologues and weasel word demagogues who seek to tear down and discredit with picayune and trivial details the only thing which gives us any hope of winning something worth having… and that is the very moral ground upon which free men must stand, if we are to have any hope of inspiring our fellow men (not to mention ourselves!) with the love of Liberty and the willingness to fight for it. That is at the core of Mike’s message and a whole lot of you dogmatic theorists can’t wait to jump up with your ideologically ‘consistent’ and hand picked nits to try to discredit everything he writes because it doesn’t fit your theoretically perfect, and ultimately nihilistic, world view(s).

      Articles of Confederation v. Constitution, Spoonerisms, yankees v. southrons, hey! what about slavery?!?, didja know the Masons…., “can’t fight the Power” Whoopee! we’re all gonna die!

      Here’s a clue: This ain’t about AmRev 1, or CW 1. It is not about all those massive historical contradictions and philosophical conundrums, those theories and conspiracies your particular narrow “revelations” and interpretations have prejudiced you toward. It’s about the re-establishment of the intent of the Founding:

      Maximum Liberty for the Greatest Number as the highest good that a limited “social contract” can provide.

      And how about simply comprehending the compilation of one of the best synopses, with links, of the history of warfare resulting in 4GW, and what that should mean to us in the present extremity? With thanks and acclimation? Too encouraging for the gloom and doom??

      You are all in the same philosophical dinghy, sinking along with the collectivists in a turgid sea of theory unrelated to reality and human nature. Theory trumps reality, to the detriment of all.

      One last bit of outrage:

      That of the rotten bastards and rank hypocrites who never fail to bring up Mike’s past. Is there a single one of you who has ever admitted, or confessed so publicly (or even privately), or who has dedicated his entire life to amending, and with such heartfelt contrition, any of your own mere shortcomings, much less crimes against humanity, as Mike plainly deems his own prior actions to be?

      Then shut the Hell up.

      And spare me your detailed, minutiae filled rebuttals until you have carefully read Mike’s long prologue ten times and allowed the overall meaning to get past your devotion to your own narrow dogma.

      Or even then.

      • Well said. It’s easy to throw cheap shots from the peanut gallery. Much harder to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

      • “Maximum Liberty for the Greatest Number as the highest good that a limited ‘social contract’ can provide.”

        “Highest good for the greatest number”…seems like I’ve heard that before.

        No matter, though. What I really want to know is if there’s ANY aspect of this contract which are nonconsensual to ANY party to it. If not, then set it out and let’s all sign if we’re willing. There, that was easy; problem fixed.

        But if yes, then why in the world would you call it a “contract”? I’m not arguing for or against what you imagine; I’m just wondering why you choose to call it a contract if it isn’t one. TIA.

  6. Silver and ammo shipments in today, plus a tax refund check from Uncle Sugar which’ll mostly go for more of same. Life. Is. Good.

    • ghostsniper

      Life would be even better if you didn’t give *uncle sugar* that interest free loan and kept it for yourself and your family. Just think, you could have already had the things you’re planing on buying.

  7. Mike isn’t perfect – but neither am I. I like him and what he has to say. If I have to wait another year or three to buy a copy of his novel, then so be it.

    There are lots of imperfect people in the freedom movement. I’ll take them over anyone on the other side, on a bad day.

  8. I’d rather see freefor agree on some things than fight among ourselves.
    I agree with Andrew on the novel. I can’t fault anyone that Absolved isn’t published yet.

  9. 1. Senior government officials
    2. Armed government personnel (whether .gov, .mil, foreign, or contractor)
    3. Government employees
    4. Government auxiliaries (contractors and their employees)
    5. Government sources (informants and other intel assets)
    6. Materiel and infrastructure associated with 1-5 above
    7. Personnel associated with 1-5 above

    Understand that in the Coming Excitement, both sides will be applying kinetic and other energies to 1-7 above. To grok the Regime perspective, just substitute “insurgent” for “government” in the list above.

    You must wrap your brains around the counterforce/countervalue distinction made here:

    If you and/or your stuff and/or your people are included in any of these categories, you will be a combatant – whether you want to be or not.

    Pretending otherwise and thus failing to plan for that reality is childish and naive.

    And likely fatal.

    Tempus fugit.

    • Well said, sir.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Is that just a list of targets or a hierarchy? If the latter, wouldn’t informants need to be higher on the list? Take them out and you go a long way towards blinding the larger entities. So sayeth successful organized crime entities, at any rate.

  10. Grenadier1

    I have a couple of quibbles with Mike both of which revolve around inefficent use of his abilities and resources. The man has a voice and a following and he has wasted it on two efforts that have produced nothing. All the while neglecting the efforts that could have produced significant gains. He has spent a considerable effort in time and treasure pursuing the Gunwalker scandel. Several of us told him at the begining that it would lead to nothing. Remind us all of how many ATF agents, FBI agents and senior Justice department officials whom have gone to jail over that………still waiting.
    The other waste is his considerable effort to trash Kerodin and his projects. I completely understand his reservations and his need to warn people of something he sees as a significant risk. That being said he goes about it in such a distasteful way that it does nothing but divide us all into camps. Just tell people to be careful and that you dont like the guy and move on. Stop the bullshit.
    Now I am in no position to advise Mike on how to use his time and energy however I feel like he has squandered the last two years that he could have used to complete this novel. He also could have used the energy to take point on setting up regional events and demonstrations. His leadership would draw folks into events that otherwise pull in no more than a few dozen.
    I dont offer this critique as anything more than constructive. I still read Mikes blog on a daily basis and find it to be informative for the most part, I just disagree with the direction he takes sometimes.

    • Well Gren1, have you posted over at Mike V’s place your “quibbles” with him ? Myself, I give him the credit for the work he did on Fast & Furious. Instead of complaining about Mike V’s Fast & Furious exposure efforts not going anywhere, I’d rather I read you M-F’ing the murderous Eric Holder and the Constitutionally illegal Barry Hussein Barack obama soetoro. But no, you have to complain about what Mike V. did or didn’t do. I’d stake lots of money Mike V. has done more by accident than you have intentionally to defend this country against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

      The enemy sits in Washington D.C. and you ignore those traitors to trash Mike V.

      • Gents:

        The issue behind the post was the substance of the intro.

        Fanboys, stand down.

        You are embarrassing yourselves.

        • ghostsniper

          I log in and find myself right in the middle of Peyton Place.
          girls, Girls, GIRLS, can’t we all just get along?
          Somebody hand me a hanky, I think I’m gonna cry….

          Pussification 101

      • Grenadier1

        Posted my quibbles with him at his place? Why yes Dan I have. apparently you are so attached to his asshole that you failed to notice the part where I said I like him and offer the critque as constructive commentary. As to his track record vs mine well duh! The man is 25 years my senior he has a head start. But since your interested I will give you some of my accomplishments. I have spent the last 4 years training youth shooters in the basics of rifle shooting. I am an NRA rifle instructor. I have literally had hundreds of kids shooting on my range at weekend events. I have attended every local rally on the steps of the Georgia capital. I have worked with CA here and on every patriot website I visit to spread the knowledge I have obtained in regards to 4G warfare, net centric combat, operational planning, comms, survival basics, and the principles that FreeFor will need in the up-in-coming. I train. I train others. I shit on sacred cows. I am Orion, you can find my work on LastBox’s Onion site if you care to learn how to use that tool. I work Search and Rescue on a state level here in Georgia. I am a Boy Scout leader. I am a patriot Libertarian and I am pissed off. I say all of this as I am currently working on course material that my brother and I will be developing into a Force on Force class for those wishing to learn small unit tactics.
        You know why you dont know these things Dan? Because you dont know me. Because I dont have a website. Because I dont care if you know it or not. Your old and set in your ways and you will never learn the new tricks, You will just fade away out in your woodland hiddy hole reading your uncompleted copy of Absolved.

    • Mike’s and David’s efforts re: F & F have not been a waste. Does one oppose evil only when winning is likely? And recall that Mike’s guiding principle and 1st purpose is to avoid a civil war.

      If the F & F scandal had resulted in prosecution all the way up the ladder, it would have gone a long way toward reasserting Rule of Law and crippling the Regime. The fact that that has not happened has revealed the extent of the arrogance and sheer hubris of the regime and their lapdog media, which has been so clearly shown in light of facts which would never have seen the light of day were it not for Mike and David.

      That has awakened a lot of people from any illusions they might have regarding the nature of the enemy, and hardened the resolve of many of us to deal with these traitors and common criminals for what they are. It’s never a waste of time to fight the good fight for truth and justice, even if the results are a long time coming.

      Evil can only delay defeat and prolong the agony. It cannot escape justice in the end. Mike has been preparing the material case against It.

      • Grenadier1

        Look I disagree, The game was rigged from the start and no amount of effort was going to obtain the desired result. It was spending considerable time, effort and resources with no chance of ROI. That is the text book definition of waste! All of you that rode that horse were expecting to see some level of results. Holding out against all hope that maybe somewhere there was still someone playing the game that followed the rules. Sorry, not the case. Did it wake up some people? Possibly, Did it serve to delegitimize the current system? To a degree, again however the expenditure was not worth the return. Had Mike and David spent their time on other efforts who is to say those would not have proven more productive? Look guys its a disagreement that is all. I am not “trashing” Mike V.

  11. Look no matter what the League of the South folks et al have to say (or promoting the dead end of some Christian Identity state somewhere — our Patriot side is never going to win unless we get at least some former minorities now majorities on our side or at least standing down rather than serving as the globalists cannon fodder)…Vanderbough has balls. Serious ones, to publically advocate arms smuggling and go right up to the edge of revolt. He is definitely on the “red list”, as is the host of this site.

    I doubt the DHSS men would waste time on the Christian Identity folk in the first drone strikes/disappearances wave precisely because they’re so damn useful to the Southern Poverty Pimp Law Center folk and Government Electric propagandists in lumping us all in together. I say this as an American Patriot who happens to be married to a Russian woman whose grandfather died in early 42′ fighting men who thought he and his countrymen were untermenschen and badly miscalculated (the host can check the IP and guess from whence I speak).

    As the great Boston USA, USA, USA bend over demonstrated the true patriots are going to be a minority of a minority, denounced even by those on the ‘Right’ who pretended to be on our side for so many years (think of the very Republican looking collaborationist mayor in “Red Dawn” who watches the Sovs mow down the relatives of the Wolverines).

    Look at the p—ification/globalist useful idiocy of National Review, pretending that the DHS ammo purchases levels of the last few years are somehow ‘normal’ or willfully ignoring Rep. Chaffetz comment that DHS has ordered enough ammo to arm every single officer beyond the per capita levels of the U.S. Army. Or that the 16 MRAPs that actually wear DHS colors are merely the tip of the .mil ‘surplus’ iceberg shipped back at vast expense to the ‘homeland’. Alex Jones? Who gives a crap whether it’s Alex Jones or Mark Levin or Breitbart or anyone else left who hasn’t totally bent over to the agenda that’s so much bigger than Obama or the D’s.

  12. Hey. I’ve read the part of Absolved that is on the net. It’s not bad.
    It led me to a great many things, including this website. So even if it had sucked, it’s not a loss.
    I’m more of a mind to admire a guy who “smuggled” guns into MA, and has a clear and definite plan to hand out PMAGs on the steps of the capital building in Denver.
    I for one must admit that I currently lack the fire to do such things. So I am hesitant to criticize someone who does.
    Nope, he’s not perfect. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and all that.

  13. The Trainer

    Mike is a superb writer; well-studied on his subject matter, and able to convey persuasion through the use of ‘the theater of the mind’ to induce an emotional response.

    He’s the author, so he’s got the first, second, and final say, but I’d suggest to him that he not describe, ‘The War of Northern Aggression’ as a ‘civil war’ if he wishes to remain true to the definition of terms.

    He employs recognized subject matter experts such as Lind and others as well as historical figures well to differentiate 4GW from its earlier iterations; technically, his writing is spot on describing the various players throughout history.

    He also lays out very well the fallacy of the collectivist chant: “Resistance is futile” and takes apart current large government tactics against insurgencies. He also aptly revives some of his earlier thoughts on changes in the ROE brought on by US Administrations’ actions against foreign enemies.

    I can find only one “problem” in his new introduction: He does provide persuasive reason to anyone who might pick up the novel on a lark as to why he or she should consider sacrificing their life, fortunes, and sacred honor. The sad truth of today, right now, as this is read and rebuttals are considered, is that most Americans, even those who might be part of ‘the sleeping three percent’ if properly persuaded,’ are not going to leave the comfort of the instant gratification addiction they are now enjoying to suffer untold privation for their posterity until such time as unmistakable and overt government oppression is rampant and unmistakable.

    After all, why should they? It’s not happening in their backyard.

    I’m anxious to read the novel, though.

  14. As long as the forces of tyranny can act with impunity, the violation of basic human rights by the United States government here in FUSA will escalate.

    As long as the forces of freedom insist on thinking they must impale themselves on the spears of the Praetorians in order to resist, Evil will have the upper hand.

    The point is not the spear, and the spear is not the point.

    Who authorizes the police in your town to go all MOUT in their gear and, worse, their attitudes?

    Who approves the budget of your county sheriff as she laps at the trough and boots of DHS?

    Who votes to fund the state constabulary in your AO as it becomes more and more paramilitary?

    Who supports those forces in everything they do, from clerical work to vehicle maintenance to healthcare?

    Who indeed?

    Your neighbors and your fellow congregants.

    The politicians and bureaucrats and .gov employees and “support your local police” types in your immediate vicinity that you try to ignore every day of your normal existence.

    They hope you never connect them with what their bully-boys — sorry — heroes do now, and plan to do in the future to anyone who isn’t there to chant “USA!USA!USA!” in support of the next outrage.

    Got a plan for that, fellow campers?

  15. I don’t need to explain my position on Mike or his antics to anyone here. And for the record I think running 30 round mags to a State Capitol is nothing but a publicity stunt with minimal risk, though less absurd than sponges cut out in Glock shapes.

    But let me ask those of you who respect Mike and support him: How many of you are going to show up on that day and cover his back? And I don’t mean bring your own 30 rounder in your back pocket – if you are going to make a statement about 2A, then make the damned statement and sling your rifle, locked and loaded with a 30 rounder, and dare anyone to try and enforce their unconstitutional laws against your champion.

    Anyone? Are any of you going to literally cover his back and make sure he gets out of Colorado without being arrested, or are you going to leave him on his own?


  16. Nothing Vanderboegh does is ever going to be good enough for you, Sam.

    If you’re so concerned with Mike’s safety, why aren’t you planning on going? Have you contacted any of your associates out West about providing overwatch for a fellow Patriot?

    That you don’t see him as such reflects more upon you than it does him.

    Give it a rest. You go and do your thing, and let him do his. Nobody (which includes you, Sam) knows now which will be the better path. Remember there will be an “after” (whether or not you or I get to see it), and the survivors need to be able to point out that we did everything we could to avoid the gunfire.

  17. Peter – eat shit and answer the question instead of deflecting about how YOU will be leaving YOUR champion without cover.

    My question is not about me and Mike – it is about YOU and Mike, and all of his supporters. The guy is going to stand on the steps and risk prison, and NONE of his fanboys are moving to form up around him.

    That sucks, and is an indictment of YOU and those like you, not Mike.


  18. The indictment here is the division in the Community that you helped create.

    Let me remind you of something that I’ve written in several places: despite our differences, despite all the crap you and I have flung at each other over the last two-plus years, you will always have a place of refuge under my roof should you need it.
    The goal is more important than personalities. The mission is more important than personalities.
    It’s long past time you got that. OPFOR won’t recognize the difference between a Threeper and a “true III”, no matter how much effort you expend in drawing that distinction.
    Get your shit together and carry on. Learn that a philosophical difference is just that. The mission is the goal and the goal is the mission.

    PS: I had this response already formulated when I wrote my first comment to yours. Being able to anticipate you shouldn’t be this easy. The bad guys are taking notes, too.

  19. Semper Fi, 0321

    If any of us are to survive, we need to have the ability to stop this backstabbing and shake hands, and that starts with Mike and Sam. They both have a big enough following, and sniping from both sides also.
    I’ve had some arguments online with a few folks, none serious enough that we couldn’t make amends, and a few I even know as friends from phone calls.
    So who’s gonna man up and stop this senseless bullshit?
    Could be the start of something new too. Like a stronger community?

    • There is no reconciliation possible there.

      He who started the fight reignites it periodically to balm a bruised ego.

      Sam showed admirable restraint for a long, long time.

      • oughtsix

        Sorry, Pete, but “Sam” isn’t even from the same planet as this:

        Where is such eloquence, such a stirring example of resistance, such an open example of defiance and potential self sacrifice from “Sam”?

        “Sam” opportunistically “appropriated” the whole III/per concept from Mike and attached to it a great many features to which Mike, rightfully, took exception, as in the call to target (murder) the family members of regime stooges, among others. This might become necessary in a long war of attrition but is not something to espouse at this time and certainly not a tactic likely to attract converts to the III per ethic, as Mike has envisioned it. He rightly took exception and he rightly questioned the motives and ethics of one who espoused such actions. Mike has stated repeatedly that he seeks the means to avoid a “civil” war… “Sam’s” purpose has seemed more to promote one.

        Nowhere in the ensuing uproar did I note the “admirable restraint” from Sam which you cite above. Quite to the contrary, Sam engaged in low tactics from the beginning and throughout, to date. I am a discerning witness to most of the written evidence, from both sides, and I am at a loss to explain your partisanship for Sam and your animosity towards Mike.

        As well, there have been many efforts at marketing “III Gear,” 1911s with III on them (really? we need another 1911?) and other money making schemes (high desert/”patriot rich target zone” in Idaho), notably missing from Mike’s website and all his other efforts. The one thing he might have made money from, and deservedly so, the novel “Absolved,” he has put on hold for efforts he deemed more important, namely, the F & F scandal, and he has taken little but abuse for both decisions.

        That alone should be enough to resolve the conflict for honest observers but, if not, let Mike speak, and let the multitude decide as to who is the more honest and eloquent spokesman for an honorable and desirable outcome, and which of them has put his very life on the line in the service of Liberty… and who has not.

        And don’t call me a fan boy again, ever. I am an honest proponent of the truth as best I can understand it. I may be wrong but I am neither boy nor fan.

        Condescending snarkyness is what is an embarrassment.

        • Bullshit.

          You are a fanboy.

          And I am sick of your excusing thuggish behavior on behalf of your terrifically-talented and terribly-flawed hero. Your adulation of Vanderboegh has blinded you to your idol’s behavior.

          If you were so interested in the “truth”, you would go back in the Sipsey archives and find Mike’s posts where on two separate occasions, he said that he had no problem with others spreading the III percent concept through gear and other means. Go find ’em. They’re there.

          Money-making schemes?

          That’s bad?

          WTF? Are you some sort of anti-capitalist Bolshevik?

          And BTW:

          What about Mike’s begging bowl?

          I’ve got no problem with someone asking for donations, but let’s not bullshit each other about it. Mike’s constant solicitations for funds is no different than any other itinerant artist with a upturned hat and a guitar.

          Your excuse-making about “Absolved” omits the little fact about Mike telling the world at Fort Hunt in 2010 that the novel was complete and sitting on a little thumb drive that he held up and waived around. Watch the video; you’ll see him say that. As one of his raving defenders, you must also know what happened to the $ sent for the pre-sales of the novel as well.

          And as far as being privy to inside information, I am damned sure that you weren’t cc’d on my notes to Sam urging him for the sake of the cause not to respond to Mike’s provocations. Sam held his fire, Mike continued his bullshit, and Sam eventually engaged. Fuck with someone long enough and you will have a fight – ’tis the way of the world.

          You want to idolize Mike? Your call.

          He is a talented guy.

          He is also an egomaniac whose flawed character has on multiple occasions led him to refuse to support others in the freedom community, despite having received similar support for his efforts. Mike is about Mike and his view of the struggle. Period.

          My point to SF0321 was that there is no reconciliation possible between Sam and Mike. Best to accept that and move on.

          06, you’ve lost perspective on this issue. I’m a lot more interested in your critique of the 4GW concepts in the article than in any more public fellation of your boy. Got any thoughts on 4GW?