AmMerc: Nightcrawler

No man is an island.

Got tribe?

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  1. ghostsniper

    No man is an island.

    Not true.
    If you have no tribe you are an island by default.

    While I know a few *possible’s*, I have yet to meet anyone tribe worthy.
    Perhaps my sights are too high.

    I require truth, honesty, and a reserve of extreme testosterone above all and those are rare commodities these days.

    As far as the eye can see there is nothing but lies, deceptions and overt pussification, and I’ll have none of it.

    My principles are not available for wholesale barter on the fly.
    So I trod alone, come what may.

    • In ancient and even medieval times friendship was the highest relationship value amongst men(always and only men). This has sadly been destroyed in the modern world. I think ‘ friendship’ is why many vets remember thier service years fondly no matter how much hell it actually was.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Same thoughts here too.
      Having served a year in a grunt unit ,1/9, I spent several more with USMC 2nd Recon Bn. , we trained with SFG, UDT/SEAL and others. Joined a USMC Reserve tank unit several yrs later, what a shock! These guys packed cots and ice coolers to the field. I thought things couldn’t get worse.
      Now I find myself among friends and co-workers who’s sense of loyalty is only to themselves. It’s all about me, me ,me. They have no idea what group integrity is, I even tried to make friends among a few of the vets, that wasn’t much better either. Team work is a thing of the past, everyone is out for themselves these days. Can’t even get 3-4 guys to go shoot on the same day, everyone has conflicting interests, none any more important than survival training. But that’s life today.

      • ghostsniper

        I even tried to make friends among a few of the vets,

        That’s the worst part. In the past 2 years I have had contact (email and phone) with 3 army friends that I hadn’t talked to since I left in 1978. Jesus christ, all 3 are fucking wusses and now treat me as if I’m the plague. So be it. I won’t die for them or with them.

        “Life always ends, die for a reason.”
        –gs, 2013

    • Bill Harzia

      Agreed. I get tired of this “ya gotta have a tribe” talk. Ted Kasyzinky seemed to have done rather well for himself, until his ego got the better of him and he published his manifesto. Hell, come to think of it, one guy shot Archduke Ferdinand and started World War I.

      And like you, I can’t seem to find anyone I’d trust to keep their mouths shut about what I was doing. “Oh, but lone wolves won’t survive,” we’re told. True enough, I suppose, but like Sgt. Barnes in the movie Platoon said, “Everybody gotta die sometime, Red.”

      It is my duty to make sure that my death is not wasted.

      • Grenadier1

        The guy that shot Arch Duke Freddy was a member of a secret society called the Black Hand. In other words a tribe. Our Founding fathers were members of secret societies. They had tribe.
        You all can rock it like you like it, but i am going to continue to call the “lone wolf” model for what it is…..a lame excuse.

      • ghostsniper

        I can’t seem to find anyone I’d trust to keep their mouths shut about what I was doing.

        That’s it right there. I know a few people close by that are armed and stocked but are not in tune with what is going on in this country.

        Part of the problem is that here in Ruralville everybody is armed and stocked all the time anyway so looks can be deceiving.

        “Ever cautious, revealing little.”
        –gs, 2013

    • Ghost sniper is correct. Most “tribe” members will rat you out when the screws are put to a family member, etc.

      Way more downside being in a group.

  2. G. Princep had plenty of Tribe: he was a member of a 22-man hit team sent into Bosnia by the Serbian Black Hand…itself armed and trained by the Russian and French Secret Police. Now, that’s Tribe. But: “No man is an Island”? Perhaps. But I am at least a peninsula.

  3. Don’t forget how Princip met his end. From pneumonia, in a jail cell, in 1916.