Good Idea

H/t FNC.

14 responses to “Good Idea

  1. I almost never click on these. If you bothered to write a one-sentence description, I bet I would look at many, if not most. But there is never enough information to get me to even look.

    *Ted Dunlap* (208) 954-3576 KF7ZEC ………

  2. Best idea of the year!
    Yeah…and 2 DHS “swat” types as her security detail…..

  3. This is so perfect. THIS should go viral on social media now to deliver the point of what matters.

  4. I do hate looking directly at something like that. But hell, send her. Maybe Moms can go for a visit ’round September……………………

  5. Ha. I’m sure “what difference does it make?!!!” would be Hillary’s response if Chelsea was the one who got ass raped and burned. Evil runs amok.

  6. Stray Cat

    At least she’s (somewhat) better looking than mommy. Probably smarter, too.

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    We’d have to build a bigger Embassy, I would imagine. I doubt the current one could house a full infantry division and fighter wing. She is, after all, royalty, and would be protected as such. Stevens was merely a minor noble – they are expendable.

  8. Arkindole

    This is an F1 hybrid cross of evil and darkness.

  9. Plastic surgery or no, she’ll always be Web Hubbell’s little girl.

  10. That picture would have got her dropped from the twilight movie cast if she had auditioned.