Two (Plus One) From The Trainer

One very practical:

The Telegraph – Something We Don’t Want

One very tactical:

Principles of Tactical Defense – Part II*: All Around Defense

Learn and live both like your life depends on each.

Because it does.

Ehr kumt.

* Part I

5 responses to “Two (Plus One) From The Trainer

  1. Good stuff. Regarding “telegraphing”, the movement seems so confused and conflicted that discussing it at length in public will only serve to confuse the other side as well. Five patriots will produce a minimum of eight opinions and directions of effort. Add to that the friction between the “true liberty/anything goes” wing and the “no sinners allowed/follow the bible or I’ll put a bullet in your head” faction, and I’d submit there’s not all that much of substance in the blogosphere to telegraph.

    Daniel, no speed, all drag

  2. Anonymous

    “Restore Constitutional Government” […] For those that love to discuss the details, the differing opinions of what to do and how to do it will be well and long argued once (if at all) the day comes and collectivism is sent packing, leaving us to determine the direction of our State and the rightfully subservient federal government. It will be determined, one way or another, but to try to do that now is putting the cart before the horse.

    Once again we hear “first give me the power I crave, Aladdin, then I will decide if I will lower the ladder down to you”. Nope, I won’t help you or any of your competitors get that power. You can all come to the same end while attempting to “collect” “taxes”.

  3. I ain’t worried about it, because none of this schiese is going to actually pan out in a manner anybody thinks it is. Mostly, we discuss methods, tactics, politics, prepping, gear, etc. When the Critter shows itself, we’ll have to play it like it lays, and training, luck, the Grace of G*d, and a lot of hard nosed choices will spell out what it will be. Remember that line, no plan survives first contact, intact? In November, 2001, who would have believed that in 2013 we would still be in Afghanistan, and no closer to “Final Victory?” CW3 will be an ugly morass of atrocities and insensible survivors. Train, have an adjustable plan, prep, get your mind behind the idea that anything can, and will, happen. Confidence is the ability to understand that it’s all a crapshoot.

  4. Grenadier1

    I will now see Lee Marvins face everytime I read a post from The Trainer.

  5. Lee Marvin was a real American. RIP, Marine.