Know Your (Filthy Communist Bastard) Enemies

From FNC:

The Socialists/Communists on the Oversight Committee and House of Representatives

Read the whole thing.

Pass it on.

Treason is the reason.

The redistributionist totalitarian filth goes all the way down to your local zoning and school boards.

And they simply will not stop.

Unless they are stopped.

Qui audet adipiscitur.

14 responses to “Know Your (Filthy Communist Bastard) Enemies

  1. Thanks WRSA for sharing this. Along with that I encourage all “patriots” to watch this and learn how to not unwittingly further the
    goals of our enemies, Socialist. Learn to spot the provocateurs within
    your ranks who are working against you while making you believe they
    are on your side.

  2. Gary Smith

    These people, as reprehensible as they are were elected by a populace
    ignorant, slothful, immoral, and greedy they are the enemy of freedom.
    I look upon them the same way I view homosexuals, as deviant filth in
    the collectivist sewer that has become a large part of America.
    Until the free stuff programs are terminated, likely by a economic crash
    the gimme mine parasites will continue to enable these destroyers.


      Mr. Smith: I noticed that the “representative” from my district(PETER DE FAZIO) is on the list. The only reason he is still, after many years, in Congress is due to your description of the electorate here in southern Oregon. I am hoping the music stops real soon. I live in a very target-rich environment.

  3. This is funny as hell because I’ve been talking aboyut the “Progressive Caucus for many years.. their real identity is the “Black Progressive caucus” and they used to be directly connected to the Democratic Socialist of America” or.. with common memberships and agendas. They all go back to the “Socialist International” in Switzerland. There’s a lot of dirt in their common histories you can search in the “wayback machine” on the internet archive that got saved before these treasonous scumbags hid and deleted a lot of their public info during the Clinton regime.. many of the most corrupt leftists in our service are members of this caucus and have been for many years.
    Traitors.. every damn one of them.
    Yank lll

    • I find John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Mike Kelley and other alleged conservatives to be no less Socialists/Collectivists/Marxists than those on the various lists that were referenced.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        So when do we stop playing this Democrat/Republican game and do something else? You’ve got to be an idiot to not have figured it out by now.

        • That’s my point Mr. 0321….while I read constantly about those with the “D” behind their names being scoundrels, I listed some of the scumbags with an “R” after their name. They are all alike and I little use for any of them. However, the bigger problem are all those citizens voting the ruling elites back in….time and time again.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, the Venn Diagram for the CBC and the DSA has the CBC circle wholly inside the DSA circle.

  4. “And they simply will not stop. Unless they are stopped.”
    Will the author of this essay please describe his/her thoughts on how “they” are to be stopped ?

    Much rhetoric in this essay….so how does the author propose to “stop” these socialist/progressive/marxists, as cited throughout the essay ?

  5. To Dan III @22:24 – AMEN! McCain helped write the offending paragraphs of NDAA 2012.

    • Mr. Pete @ 0029….yep, good ol’ “Songbird” McCain….sleeping with the enemy again when he wrote the NDAA 2012. He and Carl Levin – D, MI wrote it secretly. McCain is a big problem but never forget our fellow Americans who reelect McCain time and time again. Who is the real problem ? McCain or the bastards in Arizona who keep the scoundrel in office ?

  6. Yes take away the hammer but to do that we need strength in numbers. That means educating everyone around you. It is time for men to start speaking out and stop being so PC, even if it means annoying family and friends Here is a link to another good read.
    The ONE Mitigating Circumstance…

    …The fly in the ointment of their globalist plans, has been the United States of America, which has been an economic powerhouse, due to manufacturing know-how, ingenuity, strong property rights and an economic system that fosters innovation. As an added bonus, those same unruly Americans are armed to the teeth. How does one bring down such a large stumbling-block to the well-laid globalist plans?…