Three From The Mailbag

Disabled Veterans Have Checks Stolen By IRS

Why does GOLD matter? What about SILVER?

“Law Enforcement Warriors…” What’s WRONG With This Picture?


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  1. Anonymous

    Trial balloon here guys,
    What do you folks think about a movement in the same vein as the “oath keepers” but of a different stripe (really the same), but one of yard signs that say to your neighbors “got yer back” (please someone with artistic talent run with this…). Where we “folks in the know” let the little gestapo know that is they plan storming a neighbors house they better protect their flanks and be prepared to take fire from all directions! Just a yard sign campaign to let TPTB know that their nazi bullshit is NOT WELCOME in some parts!
    What do you guys think? Is this viable?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I know 5 guys here in my small town who would understand that. The other 1,000 don’t have a clue. And you want to do what again? They’d lynch you for even thinking of it.


        Ditto in my small town. What is even more disturbing is the local Pastors and the local Viet Nam Veterans chapter would be leading the charge. There are way too many flag-waving clueless useful idiots out there. In some ways this group is more dangerous than the FSA. The only thing that will change this situation is a massive “economic correction”.

    • Colorado Pete

      It would be better for them to have a very bad surprise….

      • Anonymous

        First off, sorry for the errors in that post on the yard sign idea.
        I was thinking it best to not let things get to the “bad surprise” stage, hoping instead that if the signs caught on, it would go a way towards preempting such eventualities.
        You guys are right though, at 3% we would still just look like loons and the useful idiots would cheer for “folks of the sign” being gunned down.
        Ok, stupid idea, thanks for the feedback, I had not really thought this one through I don’t suppose.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    From the GOLD article: “So my advice, tonight, is to do exactly that; buy silver or gold wherever you can- at dealers (if they have any inventory), Craigslist, whatever… but convert all the cash you can, because time is running out… and when the dollar collapses, it won’t take long until you can’t buy it, at any price.”

    Amusing that the author assumes that once the dollar collapses, people will be interested in *buying* gold/silver as opposed to simply *taking* it. History’s a pretty good guide on that score.

    • Tey get my brass and lead before they maybe get my silver or gold…..

      My metals are all precious.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Sure, people will defend their wealth (or at least try to). Some will do so successfully, some will not. The point is, in a total collapse scenario, if gold/silver can’t be bought, it won’t be a deterrent to those determined to acquire them. From Attila to Blackbeard, to Jesse James, to Jimmy Burke, there’s never been a shortage of guys willing to take, and they’ve rarely had a problem rounding up guys to help them. The author of the article failed to address that fact. Simply having gold/silver isn’t enough. You have to be able to keep it.

  3. Thanks CA for the links. Looks like more and more folks are taking notice AND speaking openly about it. That’s the most important part.

  4. In response to anon @ 21:54,
    While I understand you sentiment, I don’t think it is a good idea to telegraph such intentions. The element of surprise is vital in such situations. Just my opinion.

  5. nuff' said

    From the gold article: “Finally, money must impossible to counterfeit”. The problem, at least for now, is that the banksters have found a way to counterfeit gold. GLD and other deriviative instruments enable them to use massive amounts of paper to control the price of gold (and silver), thus netralizing their use as honest money instruments. In two days in April “someone” sold the equivalent of an entire year’s production of gold to drive the price down. The price of gold and silver are gapping down amidst unprecendented money printing – totally counter-intuitive. Unless and until the market for fiz separates from the paper market this condition will continue.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “From the gold article: “Finally, money must impossible to counterfeit”.”

      Anyone with enough sophistication *can* counterfeit gold – they just use tungsten. Salted bars have already been found in national reserves.

  6. From the first article dealing with IRS stealing vet benefits:
    “….battles for the rights our government promised they’d provide for us….”

    There is no such thing.
    Rights are natural.
    Therefore it is not possible to grant rights.
    What the author means is privileges.
    Privileges can be revoked at any time.

    Yes, the military takes advantage of the naivete of youth in many ways.

    Do you know any vet that has a copy of the *contract* s/he signed and swore an oath to?

    I was never given a copy of the one I signed in 1974 and still don’t have it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Rights are natural.
      Therefore it is not possible to grant rights.”

      Unalienable rights are natural and arise from the mere fact of your birth. However, a government can grant a right if it wishes – tomorrow, for example, the government could give us all the right to one free Blue ICEE on the first Thursday of every month (something no one would be entitled to by virtue of their birth). However, once granted, it becomes inviolate; thus, governments are loath to grant them. They much prefer giving licenses or privileges, which can be withdrawn.

      • You described a privilege that can be granted and revoked.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          No, if the government grants it as a right, it is not a privilege (water rights, for example). That’s why governments very rarely grant rights – they are permanently yielding a piece of power/control. Licenses and privileges are subject to revocation, usually. It is possible for a license to become irrevocable, in certain circumstances, however.

  7. I will endeavor to make the first sign that a door battering raid has gone wrong, to be that the two lead goons’ brains go flying out of the back of their heads. Warning sign? We don’t need no steenkin’ warning signs. The second warning indication is that the rest of the teams’ lower legs have numerous holes in them, and that precious bodily fluids are escaping. The third sign should be that the remaining goons have been enfiladed by semi-automatic weapons fire and home made flame/ explosive weapons, accompanied by loud cackling and hearty guffaws. The fourth would be refused entreaties for medical help, and mercy. Sounds like one of Brakkens books, eh?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wouldn’t it be a relatively simple matter to create a sunken floor in front of a main door to a house? Then all you’d need to do is rig up a bunch of shotgun shells facing upwards, with a pressure plate that drives them down onto fixed firing pins. Obviously, you’d need a safety switch to be activated so that the pressure plate would not drop when your family/guests would be using the door, but that would do a fine job of taking out the first guy or two to come through the door and would pretty effectively block it, at least temporarily.

      • Anonymous

        Shotgun primers are not the first choice to detonate any IED. A couple horizontal spray anti-personnel mines, IE A claymore hidden in the wall on either side of your front door wired to a microswitch in the door jam (designed correctly) to close only in the event of the door being broken in would certainly stand an ever vigilant sentry.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Not shotgun primers to detonate an IED. Shotgun shells firing upwards through a floor panel just inside the door area. Basically, the first guy or two through the door gets a nice mix of buckshot in the feet, legs, and crotch – and, if he’s unlucky, arms, and bottom of his jaw.

          Basically, a bigger version of the old Viet Cong bullet-in-a-bamboo-tube booby trap.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    “While I understand you sentiment, I don’t think it is a good idea to telegraph such intentions. The element of surprise is vital in such situations. Just my opinion.”

    Of course, with signage, you can easily go around an force all sorts of people to inadvertently declare “I am Spartacus!”.

    As a practical alternative, develop something like Hobo Symbols – a little spray paint on the curb, just looks like graffiti, and so easily overlooked.

    By way of example:

    It would be easy enough to mark your house as being defended, but a place where someone in the know could get food, money, medicine, a place to sleep, etc. Given the relative lack of hobos these days, you probably wouldn’t have overly many derelicts showing up, either.

  9. And I did not think I could get more disgusted with the IRS after coming to the conclusion they essentially did whatever they could to put Obama back in.

    BUT NO, the IRS just sunk lower in my book with this witholding of disabled vets money.


    no matter if the disabled vet owes money or not, they are owed the ability to at least keep lights on and food in the fridge.

    if i were 18 again, there’s no way i would serve for this country; its become something i want no part of anymore and if there were someplace better to go; i would.