Bracken Sends


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  1. Beautiful Matt !!!!

  2. robroysimmons

    My .02 don’t fall for the old talk radio, let’s just shriek at Obama (Clintoon before him) nonsense of wasting our efforts.

    Its the cult drones that must bear responsibility for choosing to support such criminals. From Polly Pinchface all the way to Chrissy Matthews it is their fault, all their fault.

    We push this and I would just about guarantee we will hear the wails of “Obama fatigue” from that outfit.

  3. Gary Smith

    While this was going on the entire federal government was being used
    as a tool of oppression against the stupid party by the administration.
    The IRS, FBI, ATF, DOA, ect, ect were being used to cowl stupid party
    donations and audit, investigate, intimidate those that did.
    This is beyond the pale and totally corrupt from top to bottom and if the
    stupid party/dead elephants don’t respond to this in a life or death manner
    they are dead.

    • They are responding, just like they did with Gunwalker: the usual blasts of hot air and smoke. And behind the smokescreen, the Grand Old Pedophiles conspire with the Red Democrats to legalize the illegals and invite another 20 million units of cheap labor and collectivist votes into the country.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Fuck Up, Move Up – it’s a sacred governmental tradition.

    • Anonymous

      The “Peter Principle”, all will rise to their respective level of incompetence.

  5. Judgement Comes

    She looks like she might have Napolitano-glazed-donut on her face…

  6. John Madison

    She’s a Man!

  7. this woman has an air about her that is, in my opinion, clinical sterile all business… with a dash of evil thrown in.

    Now that their little secret is out…and in a big way too, I wonder how many lists THEY are now on?

  8. That’s a MAN, baby!

  9. Anonymous

    I wonder if “Sarah” is actually a hereditary male undergoing some kind of “gender reassignment?” I mean, look at him/her!