Grigg: The Terror Cartel Strikes In Idaho

3Kubanov Raid
Will Grigg gives another example of the “fluid” nature of America’s eternal war on tactics.

If you don’t think the rules of that game can and will be applied to you at a time and place of the Bad People’s choosing, you haven’t been paying attention.

You domestic terrorist, you.

Moscow rules.

3 responses to “Grigg: The Terror Cartel Strikes In Idaho

  1. Mt Top Patriot

    It is Waco Rules.

    Rules that go back to at least the civil war, but in modern times it is the deliberate calculated cold blooded murder of American children, woman, and men at Waco Texas writ large.

    All of it, from Waco to Vince Foster, up through Fast & furious, to Benghazi, today the IRS, from Bill and Hillary, Obama, Jarret, Holder and the media etc, it is all Waco Rules. It is not too far a stretch of the possible that Oklahoma City, Aroura, Newtown, and who knows what else, is all part and parcel of the nefarious strategy and tactics, crisis as a means and social engineering, born out of an agenda, to destroy this Republic from the top down, inside out.

    Mortage meltdowns, banksters bailed out to the tune of billions, Americans robbed of everything they worked their lives for. Americans dying by the scores due to the actions of the same cast of suspects over and over again.

    And not a single person has ever been accountable for the trail of treason and trail of blood.

    Now, regular law abiding people do not do these things to each other. They do not bring down these terrible things upon their fellow Americans.

    That leaves one, and only one logical cause for it all.

    And not one person in the entire US Government has ever done anything wrong.

    Pretty interesting.

    If that ain’t tyranny, I’m from another planet.

  2. A very soft tyranny, compared to what is coming. For the time being, they can still buy compliance with debt issuance. That will end when the Universal Ponzi collapses…then they go to the Hammer. Which, after considerable and sanguinary tribulation, will break on the freefor Anvil.

  3. No uniformed asshole is going to walk me out of my own house with my hands on my head.