The One Mitigating Circumstance

Good stuff from Capitalisteric, which begins:

[This is a long post, on something I’ve been kicking around in my head for quite some time… so please bear with me. If nothing else, pull up the chair, pour a glass of wine, and I’ll hopefully give you some useful food for thought.]

“There are no ‘mitigating circumstances’ when it comes to rebellion against a liege lord.” Yoshi Toranaga

“Unless you win.” John Blackthorne

–James Clavell, SHOGUN

It is an interesting thing, to listen to activists on the left and right sides of the political aisle, to denigrate each other, and it is especially entertaining if you identify with either party against “them.“ But the sad reality between the political parties is best summarized in the following:

“There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties!”

– Alabama Governor George Wallace, candidate for President, 1968

An objective look at the track-record of the last 45 years (since that observation was made), will demonstrate that both parties aren’t interested in the welfare of the American people, but looking out for the welfare of their own pocketbooks. The country is now run by two battling factions, the globalists and collectivists.

The globalists are interested in money and power. They aim to accomplish the dream of past tyrants like Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin: world domination. Their fiat-currency schemes have crippled every economy around the world – save Iceland, ironically – and utterly destroyed the sovereignty of every single nation on the planet. The financial whiz-kids of the American financial system, in cahoots with their British counterparts, have created an economic virus which has infected every corner of the globe. The purpose of this virus is to bring the global economy to its knees at the same time, so that power can be consolidated, and a centralized bank for the entire world unveiled as the savior to all our financial problems. But of course, a global bank will no more save us than the Federal Reserve has saved us, but that should be obvious.

The fly in the ointment of their globalist plans, has been the United States of America, which has been an economic powerhouse, due to manufacturing know-how, ingenuity, strong property rights and an economic system that fosters innovation. As an added bonus, those same unruly Americans are armed to the teeth.

How does one bring down such a large stumbling-block to the well-laid globalist plans?

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Big game.

Big stakes.

Big nerve?

We’ll see….

hourglass last grains

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  1. I like that knife, anyone know the brand/model?
    I would prefer the blade to be razor sharp on both edges all the way down, the cross piece to be a little more substantial to keep from stabbing all the way through, and the pommel to have a sort of rounded over point on the bottom for that sometimes necessary back slap, and maybe a little bit of abrasion on the grip for, well, better grippage during wetworks. Be a bitch to try to pull it back out of a tyrants skall and have your hand slip all the way off. Hate it when that happens.

  2. Judgement Comes

    Literally two different hookers in the same whorehouse. Sluts and sodomites. Murderers and thieves. Dictators and stooges. Their time is coming.

  3. Landshark

    What knife is that?

    • it’s a Kershaw, per the blade, but not sure of the model, their take on the Gerber mk1. I’ve seen it, or many like it, floating around in US Cavalry and similar magazines for years.

  4. Bill Harzia

    It’s a Kershaw Military Boot Knife Model 4351, and there’s one less of them in stock as of five minutes ago.

  5. Bill Harzia

    Drat…didn’t see the “backorder” tag.

  6. I think it is a Kershaw Military Boot Knife (out of production?)
    Looks just like Kershaw Military Knife

  7. Mt Top Patriot

    Lets Win!

  8. nuff' said

    The Kershaw’s are listed on back order on every site I could find. Here is another option, Busse Mean Street. IMO Busse knives are among the best. I have a Badger Attack that is the favorite of my collection

  9. I had one of them, carried it in a boot when working in a weapons-denied environment. Bought it in ’86 or so, it was a big deal at the time as far as the price v my salary. Served no useful purpose, can’t say I liked the knife at all. I ended up feeling much better with a J-frame Smith in that environment. Sold it a couple years back at a gun show for $20 and was pleased. Still have the Smith for times when Glock pocket rockets are on the large side.

    That knife, along with the M39, makes a real retro picture. Wonder who might be carrying an M39 these days. At least the knife works and doesn’t have any premature firing problems as the safety drops the hammer. Knew a guy who engaged the safety to drop the hammer on an M39 and gun went ker-bang into a wall inside his house.

  10. Interesting piece, but more complex than it needed to be. And spare me the crap about some of the Left “meaning well”. The collectivists are out to monopolize power; the crony capitalists/banksters are out to monopolize wealth. And the two bandit gangs have cut a mutually-enabling deal.

  11. Excuse please… the original post by Eric?


    The knife is a pos.

    The post is one of the best things I’ve read in a long time.

    Our case, chapter and verse, in sum and total.

    Learn it. Use it. Teach it.

    Live it!

  12. Anonymous

    But as has been demonstrated under every President since at least Ronald Reagan (and the case could easily be made all the way back to Eisenhower), every administration has been in the pocket of the big banks and the big military contractors.

    Eisenhower, you say? George Washington led a huge army to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion, which was using whiskey as honest money to hinder collection of taxes, which were to pay off revolutionary war bonds. Many of those bonds were owned by the families of the officers in George’s tax revolt-crushing army. Since the USA didn’t exist when those bonds were issued, which of the British subjects in North America was supposed to have consented, in what moral-governmental framework, to committing themselves and other persons to pay off that debt in the future?

    Debt bondage is as old as government, because debt bondage is the point of government. Read your Roman history.

  13. nuff' said

    More on the currency protection/gold smash. PCR lays out the big agenda extremely well

  14. Atlas Shrug

    OK, while I have nothing against knives and generally have several on me at any time of the day, all I can think of for most of these posts is “squirrel!!!” If you don’t get it, go watch the movie “Up” or at least find the movie clip and you’ll understand.

    To all those distracted by the graphics, go read the whole effing essay. Yes, it’s a bit long and detailed in a couple of areas, but the author does a darned good job of summarizing and characterizing much of what is up against us, philosophically and practically. It’s worth the time

    Stay focused, let the OPFOR get distracted by shiny things, pay attention to what works.


    Keep your powder dry,