Dry Fire Drills

You are doing them, right?

If not, better start.

See also these drills.

Remember: the Bad People have other people paying for their training ammo.

Tempus fugit.

9 responses to “Dry Fire Drills

  1. Overwatch

    I was always taught that dry firing was bad for firing pins. I prefer to use airsoft guns for training, The ammo’s cheaper and more plentiful

    • Today’s metallurgy ensures the firing pin is fine during dry fire. However, if you’re anxious, you can get ‘Snap Caps’ or take expended brass and chamber them. The expended primer will cushion the firing pin for 3 or 4 repetitions.

  2. brontobike

    The real irony, WE are paying for the bad people’s training ammo.

  3. True dat, brontobike, but I look at it as an investment, in which we will later take possession of, once our loyal opposition has achieved their expiration date. Of which we may be a factor. Me and my boys dry fire every now and then, and it helps keep an edge. It’s also a great opportunity to train your safety officer. I take someone random, go over the safety concerns, and then have THEM conduct the dry fire, them knowing they are the one responsible for overall safety. Leadership drill. It’s whats for dinner.

  4. This is a great idea to still train and save money. I have heard that you can dry fire all your center fire guns with no problem but not your rim fire guns like 22s and 17 hmr. Is this true?

  5. Colorado Pete

    Serious competitive shooters had a general rule of thumb: 100 dry snaps for every single live round fired. And that was back before the current ammo shortage.

  6. Colorado Pete

    Check out this article at the new Art of the Rifle location: