AmMerc: 5 Principles Of Patrolling

Read, absorb, and do.

You do plan to patrol, ja?

Competence leads to confidence.

Tempus fugit.

6 responses to “AmMerc: 5 Principles Of Patrolling

  1. Semper Fi, 0321

    I liked the good old days when it was SMEAC and SALUTE. Now you need 3 Field Manuals to get thru all the acronyms they use. Whatever happened to KISS?
    They must have an entire dept at the Pentagon that does nothing but invent new acronyms to justify their own existence.

    • Grenadier1

      Yeah they do and most of those guys were either former Phone company employees are they leave the Pentagon and go right into telecom. We had a whole dictionary ar AT&T.

  2. MacBeth51

    Nope, Not feasible, considering the condition of my hip and knee joints

  3. Amen and train for patrolling.

  4. Jim Klein

    Thanks. Practical and especially moral. Cool pic too.

  5. Very good, concise, practical advice from AM.