Got nothing.

Back soon.

10 responses to “Recharge

  1. Fish in the ocean, it’s the only place I like to fish and the only place I catch fish.

  2. Good for you!


  3. Jim Klein

    Thanks for taking care of Number One. There are a zillion ways to lose this war; that’s the only way to win it. WIN!!!

  4. I don’t suppose you’ll be getting Jane Fonda to give you a relaxing, full body massage? Let me call Hillary Clinton, n’ see if’n she’s busy…………………

  5. Have a good time, this shit can eat you right up eventually.

  6. O fisher of Men, you have done much and will do much, but as you well know this is a marathon not a sprint. We’ll be around when you get back. Let the rest of us carry things a bit.

  7. Grace and peace, CA.