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Are You A Target?

Guncraft asks a question via short story.

Only you know the answer.

Alea iacta est.


Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 11.28.09 AM
European officials lash out at new NSA spying report

And the beat goes on…



Godspeed to all.


NKVD_1940_honored_officer_badgeNKVD Honored Officer Badge, 1940

From a reader:

Questions to the Government Trolls and L.E. that peruse these pages and others like them:

Wow! Did you ever think you would be spying on people just like you, up to and including family, friends and acquaintances of fellow freedom and liberty loving American patriots? Spying and gathering intelligence on ‘The People’ for ‘the State’, and their charges?

They stand for what you used to.

It’s all in the open now, all over the press, in almost every country around the world.

You can no longer shield yourself… “I was only following orders”.

You cannot hide behind the banner … “I didn’t know”.

They have been gathering information on ALL of us, including you, and using it for nefarious purposes. That is a fact admitted to by NUMEROUS Govt agencies.

They ARE gathering and storing the data IN DIRECT VIOLATION of the Bill of Rights and MANY international and domestic laws, it is no longer speculation… THEY, the People you work for and/or support, have admitted it… Openly!

You cannot deny that what you are doing now is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, because your agencies have openly admitted it is. They have just found “routes” around the law or are “bending” the law for the “public safety and good”.

Now is the time to stand to your Oaths… “to Protect and Defend” … “from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic”.

Some of you have even sunk so low as to start targeting former and active service members (Mil and LE), people that stood exactly where you stand right now. You are targeting and turning over information on veterans who took the EXACT same Oath you took.

Just look where you stand now, feeding an ever-growing and ravenous out-of-control State.

While you busy yourselves with that task, a thought to keep in mind:

One day your “service” to the State will no longer be required, or your eyes may be “opened” and you will become a liability. Either way, history shows that the State is more apt to ‘disappear’ potential problems than let them go back to grazing with the sheeple.

So caution yourself:

One day the worm will turn… Destiny, Fate, Karma… call it what you will, but in the end, a tab will be collected.

Steyn: Simulacrum Of Self-Government

Read it all.

It’s not about gays.

It’s about unchecked, unlimited power in the hands of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

At all levels of government.

Even if today, your "team" catches a win – watch out tomorrow. Your betters somewhere in the ruling mechanism likely have something else planned for you, and there is nothing that you can do about it peaceably.

Bad moon on the rise.

Very bad.

How Long, Indeed

…The only question now is: How long will the people endure this tyranny of judges? The lawlessness that they exhibit in these rulings will one day catch up with them. If the rule of law is nothing more than the rule of the powerful, what is to stop the people from marching on court houses and throwing judges out on the street? Why is Justice Kennedy’s bogus reading of the Constitution any more binding than the real one? The Court will one day find itself no more protected than marriage.

The Pit At The End Of The Rainbow

Practical Plastic Surgery For Non-Surgeons

Free download; much more than plastic surgery.

H/t two WRSA plankholders.

Welcome To USSA


View this filthy piece of agitprop originally posted by neo-kulak Reynolds only if you wish to be accused of deviationism.

Choose wisely.


DumpDC: Pray For The Health Of President Obama

Russ nails it.

There is a worse prospect than the upcoming Zimmerman riots.

Be prepared for a complete failure of civility.

Stay vigilant.

Jebadiah Fisher: Independence Day Seed Special

Bill is running another great deal:

Two Patriot Packages shipped for $150.00…. 6 pounds of open pollinated Heirloom Garden Seed, 19 individual varieties.

Are you independent if you don’t have food?

Both stored foods and the ability to produce and preserve more?

Tempus fugit.

And food will be one of the primary weapons used by the Elites to compel compliance.

Get ready.

Two From Jim Sinclair

From Jim Sinclair.


Max Velocity: Spaces Still Open

How long do you think you will be able to get training like this?

For this price?


“Tempus fugit” is not just some Latin BS.

The time for getting trained is growing very short.

Take Max up on his offer.

While you still can.

Codrea: A Question For Both Your Cop Friends And Your ComSymp Friends

Under what circumstances would you find it morally justifiable to shoot a police officer?

Read all of David’s examples to your friends.

Cato’s Police Misconduct site has many more on a daily basis, should you require them.

See also

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Quote Of The Week

If a generation that grew up on Happy Days and the Love Boat could produce the aggressively degenerate government we have now, imagine what “Jersey Shore” and “Pregnant & Dating” will spawn.

Moonbattery, via Vanderleun

Guerrillamerica: Confirmation Bias And Unanimous Opinion

Another worthwhile read from GA.

Brains first.



LA Times: LAPD ambush a ‘blatant attempt to assassinate’ cops, Chief Beck says

H/t to Bonnie Gadsen, who asks, “Is Dorner alive?”

Gang life grows in FUSA.

Ol’ Remus: Violation

From the latest Woodpile Report:


A passion for power, in any degree, will override moral-ethical norms, courtesy, and notions about “tolerance.” 
 — Francis Porretto at

Sanctioned violation of the innocent is a line that, once crossed, knows no other bounds. We as a nation have stayed far away from that line for all of our history and rightly condemned nations that didn’t. Until now.

For government benefits and a salary that starts at $12.85 an hour, these unarmed officers swallow the irritation of others, apply security methods that intensify by the day, stifle the awkwardness they might have about touching other people.
— Dan Barry, NY Times

Mr. Barry didn’t intend to suggest that TSA agents would do a good bit more for, say, $25.70 an hour. But one has to wonder how many would step forward and what else they’d be willing to stifle beyond a feeling of awkwardness. Events in the recent past give one answer:

Q: Did you yourself ever feel pity with the victims, thinking of your own family and children? How was it possible for you to carry out these actions in spite of this?

A: In view of all these doubts which I had, the only one and decisive argument was the strict order and the reason given for it by Reichsführer Himmler.
— Affidavit, Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoss, Nuremberg War Crimes Trial

The “reason given for it” was security. Warrantless strip searches and hands-on violation of ourselves and our kids, our sisters, wives and grandmothers as a condition of travel is something we of a certain age believed couldn’t happen here. That it’s being done in the name of security recalls events and regimes we thought well behind us. That DHS has labeled dissenters as domestic extremists art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif suggests something else truly ominous is in the making. To be clear, the only acceptable course for DHS is to back away from this. Well away. Alas, it appears they’re determined to make this blunder all but irretrievable.

I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to also be thinking now about going on to mass transit or to trains or maritime. So, what do we need to be doing to strengthen our protections there? 
— DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano, Charlie Rose interview, via The Hill

Not satisfied with knowingly setting out on a formerly forbidden road and criminalizing its critics,DHS intends to turn all forms of transportation into a police procedure. Schools, banks, courts and other public places are being discussed as follow up venues with some limited trials already completed. Sadly, and to our shame, DHS now knows the men of this country will not stand up for themselves or even protect their families, by and large. They may yet, but until then Remus has a few words for you.

Given the DHS’s black-letter directive making dissent an actionable offense—an act of domestic extremism, and given that the Supreme Court has ruled that Constitutional rights do not apply in matters of state security as defined and administered by DHS, and given that there is no substantive limit to the actions an agent or deputy of the DHS may take against a citizen under the Patriot Act, given all this, it would be an act of self-destruction to seek or accept relief or assistance from DHS in an emergency. It is prudent to prefer any other status than refugee.

Any other status than refugee means you accept any bearable privation and run any reasonable risk rather than come under their direct control. No, DHS is not the Einsatzgruppen of Babi-Yar, but in a state of emergency their powers are the same: unlimited, or effectively so. They’ve already deployed their exculpatory phrase: an excess of caution. Notice its cloying, Klein Jar-like construction—entirely self referential, self activated and self absolving.

The Supreme Court—that body charged with assessing Constitutional compliance in all places and circumstances—has so far ruled the DHS may act on its own authority without fear of judicial review. In other words, a security agent can be sanctioned only for failing to be severe enough and is answerable to nobody outside the DHS, i.e., the field agent has an incentive for excess while you have no legal recourse from whatever disposition he imposes on you.

Unhappily, those dispositions have been and will be without regard to your well being, even incidentally. Their actions will be convenient for their purpose, even if it brings about otherwise avoidable dire consequences for you. Worse, you can only guess at their purpose. Therefore, and especially in a state of emergency, you are well advised to decline any voluntary or avoidable contact with DHS. Where contact is unavoidable, comply dutifully until an opportunity to cleanly absent yourself appears. But mark this: should DHS request or even require your participation in a mass special action, especially one that entails mass relocation—an “orderly evacuation” say—accept fugitive status if you must, but refuse to become a refugee no matter how reasonable, beneficial and benign it is made to appear. Act on your own initiative, attend to your own security, use your own resources. Be realistic about this, but be resolute.

Events are moving quickly. This beast is convinced of its strength, impressed by it actually, and anxious to exercise it. And so it shall. Things will get worse before they get better, yet one day our descendents will ask how such things were allowed to happen. It’s on that day we shall have redeemed ourselves, however that day was brought about.

 Ein Schweizer, sieben Deutsche.


California on the Brink: Pension Crisis About to Get Worse

And Cali ain’t alone.

Got friends who are counting on pensions to get by?

Guess what: those folks will either be your dependents or your enemies.

Make sure you know who is whom.

Alea iacta est.

(h/t JSM)

UPDATE 2355 EDT 25 JUNE 2013: See also this short piece linked by Rawles.

Bracken Sends: Welcome To USSA

From Matt:

California Schools to Train Kids to Sell ObamaCare


See also Fred.


SK: The Economics Of Planned Global Failure

An excellent big-picture overview.

Remember two essential facts:

1) The overlords will send their bully-boys to force you and your family into compliance.

2) Both the overlords and their stooges will bleed when sliced, punctured, crushed, or blown apart.