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If a generation that grew up on Happy Days and the Love Boat could produce the aggressively degenerate government we have now, imagine what “Jersey Shore” and “Pregnant & Dating” will spawn.

Moonbattery, via Vanderleun

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  1. i consider myself a tweener as i got to see that america but will also live to see what America is likely to become and I am not optimistic. There are currently many women out there that I would normally be attracted to but because of the decay of the culture they now have made themselves repulsive(piercings, tattoos) and if when my choice is between them and nothing, I choose nothing.

    I shudder to think what children in America today will be confronting as young adults.

    everyday i become more jealous of my grandfather, who served in WW2 and died in 2001. yes, he didnt have all the great gadgets and ability to have anything almost instantly; but the America he lived in was one i dont see ever coming back again unless you want to live on some farm in a small town.

    • “….unless you want to live on some farm in a small town.”

      You say that as if it is a bad thing.
      It is not.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Johnny Carson used to bash Idaho all the time. Some of the coolest farms I know are in Idaho, and will be worth more than all the tea in China one day, except some folks will just never understand why.
        Tourists come thru my part of NW Wyoming, and cannot figure out why we don’t drop dead from boredom, I mean, after all, we have no malls or movie theaters here, what else can a person possibly do for entertainment and recreation? Oh, and cell phone service can be off and on at times too. Drives the tourists nuts when they discover they are not the center of the universe.

        • “….don’t drop dead from boredom….”

          2 nights ago at 11:30pm, here in Ruralville, a windstorm blew down an 80′ oak tree about 20′ from where I was standing in the workshop while the rain was blowing sideways. That tree spanned the front yard and extended 15′ out into the road about 4′ above the surface, a guillotine for anyone driving by. I immediately grabbed the chainsaw and got that thing off the road. Yesterday I spent 4 hours cleaning up the aftermath, about 3 weeks worth of burning wood for my workshop next winter. Boring? Hardly. Refreshing. TV is boring.

  2. Yea, but the only think I would say here is that these horrible shows (which I have never seen, I’m proud to say, too busy writing, or reading, or cleaning guns), are not the cause of the problem. They are symptoms of the problem. They are pointers, indicators, benchmarks, and do not serve the function of causation. The moral rot is there already, and thus these horrible shows exist. I know they’re horrible because I’ve heard so.

    • All of the rot is the result of 40 years of intense LIEberalism in the public school system.

      You are correct, the TV shows and many other things are symptoms of a deeper disease, a disease of the mind.

      If people did not want those shows, or the past few presidents, they would not exist.

      But they do exist because that is what a majority (80%) of the american citizenry wants.

      You are a minority, an american minority.

      As long as the public school system exists the rot will continue.

      The public school system has nothing to do with education (1/3 of Calif students do not graduate, it’s worse in other areas of the country and marginally better in other areas).

      The public school systems are simply vast day care centers for children up to, and in some cases beyond, the age of 18.

      Retarded parents who themselves are victims of the public school system send their kids to the day care centers because they are lazy.

      It’s easy, effortless really, to say they care about their about their kids more than anything else, but to actually do it is something else.

      If they really cared about their kids there is no way in hell they would send them to the public schools.

      So there ya go.

      The public school system is the basis for all the rot in america as it provides within the citizenry the lack of intelligence required to keep criminal politicians at bay, in jail, beaten or killed.

      Stupid parents begat stupid kids and all of them deserve criminal politicians to deliver them their just due.

      The rest of us get to go along for the ride.
      Hang on, we’re going down a increasingly steeper and steeper hill.

      For extra credit.
      Know why many jobs require a college degree?
      Because the high schools have devolved so, far the first 4 years of college are remedial and are the equivalent to a high school diploma 40 years ago.

      If a person born since 1973 does not have a college degree employers look at it like they are a high school drop out.

      • Hear, hear!

        A common misconception about the public school system is that its purpose is to “educate” the children dropped into its maw.

        Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Public schools are factories for obedient, unquestioning citizens who, overall, have just enough smarts to produce slightly more than they consume, allowing the excess to be skimmed off in the form of taxes. Lately, the schools haven’t even been doing the “just enough smarts” part to feed the beast. When the parasites outnumber the producers, what do they eat?

        In any case, I was sent to public school for lack of options, but had involved parents who didn’t leave the education up to the school. I always said I learned in spite of school, not because of it.

    • Why not? You can’t stop the chain of causality like that. Every effect is a new cause. These shows will make young people worse. Logically people have a long way they could still fall – such as sex with corpses and animals being accepted. But there is a limit: such things will provoke a strong reaction back towards morality. Or more likely before that can happen, we’ll be conquered by barbarians – as is already happening.

  3. Then those of us that grew up with “Lassie”, “The Lone Ranger”, and “Superman” need to grab this agressive, degenerate government by the throat and choke the life out of it.

    • Colorado Pete

      Those of us who grew up with the original “Star Trek” need to charge the phaser banks and spin up the proton torpedoes…..

  4. If memory serves correctly, the Happy Days / Love Boat stuff happened in the 1970s. That would be the decade after the US flag burning, commie flag waving, sexually revolutionized, marxist hippies laid waste to the 1960s, only to become the disco, swinger, herpes-laded cokeheads of the 1970s, and finally the yuppies of the 1980s that then spawned the generation of today.

    That fact is, the people that populate our government now were the degenerates of their day. Happy Days and Love Boat were the window dressing that kept the squares occupied while the bombthrowers took over the schools and legal system as the gateway to the Big Prize.

    They’ve been playing the long game.

    • Correct.
      I graduated from high school in 1972.

      There are now 2 generations of degenerates behind us with the 3rd generation quickly bringing up the rear.

      Each new generation devolves TWICE as fast and far as the one that spawned it.

      It’s exponential.

      Downward slides are like that, because gravity+inertia = mass x speed.

      In 1972 when Alice Cooper said, “School’s out completely.”, he was unknowingly prophetic, and ironic.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Class of ’72 for me also, “School’s Out” had real meaning for us.
        Just went thru Archaeology field school this month, had a 19 yr old female along who just graduated HS last month, with an Associates Degree! They now get to take extra credit classes, and be a college graduate while they graduate HS. She thinks she’s a genius, wants to be a school teacher, but her spelling and math are seriously lacking, especially for a genius. And the other 90% can’t read or write period. Massively attracted to electronic toys and fantasy stories, history has no meaning for them when Hobbits are the real deal. Their next learning curve will probably be their last, and fatal too.

      • 1972!? Jesus, son. I joined the Army in October 1970. You’re that young? 😀


    Looks like a target-rich environment to me. I wouldn’t worry so much about Snooki as I would about her state governor. That fat RINO is capable of doing a lot more damage to my rights than a bunch of empty-headed twenty-somethings who bray like jackasses rather than speak normal english. They all need a few more Sandys.

    • Keep your eye on the ball.
      While the fat boy you speak of is not without guilt, he cannot harm you.
      It is his downstream thugs that will force you to kill them if you have the ballz when the time comes, and it’s coming sooner than you may think.

      It will start with an *official* letter in the mail.
      If you ignore that letter another will arrive in about 45 days.
      If you ignore that letter a thug will show up at your door with a court order.
      If you ignore that court order more thugs will show up at your door.
      By now, 60-90 days have passed since that first letter.
      The thugs will attempt to kidnap you with extreme force.
      That is your future.

      • Accurate. The Letter will likely be the (IRS enforced) “tell us about your health insurance” demand next spring. I know of at least one person who will not comply…hopefully there will be many others.

        • How can they force a zero income person to purchase anything?
          They work to reduce everyone to nothing then require them to give everything? Something’s gonna snap, and the sound will be heard around the world. 21st century Crispus Attucks.

          • Gettin’ close. Erie, PA last week and that courtroom thing in Montana. It warms the cockles of my heart to see this happening. People standing together and saying no. Maybe, just maybe the remnant will pull it off.

          • Colorado Pete

            “They work to reduce everyone to nothing then require them to give everything?”
            Quote of the month methinks….

            60-90 days is plenty of time to inform the regime of the error and cost of continuing on their path (if you are so inclined to be that merciful), as well as scouting out terrain, targets, and methods of prevention…

            Sporting, indeed.