Two From Jim Sinclair

From Jim Sinclair.


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  1. For some laughs:

  2. The ironical part about that Ben Franklin quote is that there is no security being delivered. The jackboots don’t protect anyone but themselves. The military hasn’t protected anyone in this country for more than 50 years.

    People that were abused horribly as children grow up and join the military where they are used by politicians to create mayhem around the globe, then they get out and are treated as hero’s for their criminal behavior and they become jackbooted thugs where they get to practice their demented behavior on the citizenry, and somewhere along the way the obese, TV addled citizens have attained the retarded notion that they are being protected.

    So gluttonous and barely sentient citizens are giving up their liberty for security when it is more than obvious there is no security at all. In fact, it is the exact opposite but most are unaware and apathetic.

  3. My oldest son is not a jack booted thug, nor a war criminal, nor demented, and does not go around the world creating mayhem. He serves RIGHT NOW in the US Navy, honorably, guarding the sea lanes and other places, so that we can trade with other nations, sans pirate activity, and hopefully engage in commerce. He was not abused horribly as a child, and is a well balanced individual, married, and is an avid shooter and advocate for gun rights, as well as the rest of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights we all enjoy. I, his father, am not obese, nor TV addled, nor retarded, in thinking he protects the shores and interests of the US, because in the real world of adults, this happens despite the fever swamps populated with those that believe otherwise. I assure you, ghostsniper, I am both aware, and devoid of apathy. The next time you decide to trash all the folks in the military, and their families, just let it go, and instead go and THINK before you shoot your mouth off about things of which you have limited knowledge. I would be remiss if I also didn’t remind you that I am not alone in this stance, and your dismissal of all the good that is accomplished by our Armed Forces speaks very poorly of your judgement, and state of mind. I know there are things wrong. Discernment, a way of rightly dividing what is good, from what is bad, is a tenet of wisdom. Wisdom. And if all you possess is bitterness, then consider a change in diet. If you think the military hasn’t protected anyone in the US in 50 years, imagine, if you will, what this country would be like now, absent a military from it, for the last 50 years. They protect us day and night 365 days a year, and belief otherwise is folly, and lacking basic logic. If you disagree, fine. Just keep your mouth off me and mine, sport.

    • Even a cursory review of the past 50 years undermines your entire diatribe.
      I never mentioned your name, but you mentioned mine.
      I was a soldier.

    • There is no “our” military. There is only the federal military. There were plenty of federalized Guardsmen violating Posse Comitatus at Boston. Our southern border remained porous while hundreds of thousands of troops were wasting their time and blood not protecting us in Araby.

      I was a soldier too, and with all due respect, this veneration of the military is profoundly un-American and must end.

    • Mr. Sean…FYI….I spent a quarter of a century “guarding” America’s interest. America has been involved in 19 undeclared wars since the end of WW2. All unconstitutional. Yet you continue to blather about your son protecting trade routes on the high seas from pirates. You should really say it for what he really does…protect the shipment of Commie Chinese goods into this coumtry and destroyimg US sovereignty.

      If the US military was defending this country we’d be on our southern and northern borders with anti-personnel mines strewn and LMGs set with grazing fire. Our navy would be inside the 12 mile coastal zones of our shorelines and we’d be out of the 100+ countries our imperial ass is in.

      I agree with Mr. G-sniper….you don’t have a clue.

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  5. Thank you, Sean. Well spoken, saving me the trouble and doing so better than I would have done

    I can only add that the race among the terminally bitter to see who is the most acerbic, pessimistic, caustic doomhipster is not “realism” but nihilism, promoting nothing but more of the same.

  6. We got a Smedley Butler in the house today? If so, can you choose to take the other path this time around?

  7. Reply to an ^^above comment:

    At the baseball game while reciting the pledge….. your spine is stiffened, you rise a little higher on your feet, eyes forward, direct , gazing proudly at the flag, national pride and patriotism fills your soul while your hand lies firmly over your heart.

    Is this you???

    Just remember that a socialist utopian (Francis Bellamy) wrote the pledge of allegiance for a reason. It wasn’t a pledge to the constitution, nor to the Declaration of Independence, nor to the Bill of Rights, but to an object that in itself carries no words to be honored, but only meaning that can change with the wind. Its nothing more than a tool of social control, its a tool used to centralize power. A national socialist’s dream.

    Adolph saw the value in our “national” pledge too, as did his underling Joseph Goebbels. They even adopted our salute (Bellamy salute).

    Adolph’s dream came true — for a while. Has Bellamy’s dream of national socialism come to true? Has individual and state rights gone the way of the dodo?

    Reality sucks sometimes, not facing it only makes it worse. Our government is a lawless entity run for and by the global elite (the “Internationalists”–


    Our military is not our military, its their military.

    Hearts and Minds: make sure they are BOTH in the right place.