Welcome To USSA


View this filthy piece of agitprop originally posted by neo-kulak Reynolds only if you wish to be accused of deviationism.

Choose wisely.


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  1. Stand now…or kneel forever.

  2. Stooges to the left of me, stooges to the right, how much more can I take?

  3. How is this a 1st amendment issue?
    The perp damaged someone’s property, right?
    Can I scrawl “fuck you” on your front door them hide behind the 1st amendment?

      • So it’s OK to vandalize property that is not your own with chalk?
        I still don’t see how a charge of vandalism has anything to do with the 1st amendment. Perhaps I am not clear on the facts of the case.

        • Grenadier1

          Because he wrote a message on a PUBLIC sidewalk. Not BoA property.
          Messages in a public forum that leave no damage (it was chalk) are indeed 1st amendment protected.

    • Your front door is your front door, but I believe this was the sidewalk. Beyond that, a judge telling an attorney what he may or may not argue at trial, let alone that it’s the Constitution that he can’t argue, is way off the deep end. It’s an explicit rejection of the Rule of Law, not to mention a whole bunch of basic American principles.

      IMO the judge is well into sick-fuck territory, though he’s hardly alone there. The System is infested with them all the way through, like roaches. They’re as dirty as roaches, they multiply like roaches and they scurry from the light like roaches.

      Funny thing is, I’ve yet to see a sane person try to persuade a roach to leave him alone.

  4. Just told a friend of mine his kids they where going to jail for “chalking” the sidewalk. Dang terrorists. He thought I was kidding. Please tell me ghostsniper is kidding.

  5. JoseyWales3633@yahoo.com

    Not sure how chalk on public sidewalk is any different than a flyer on phone pole, or a campaign sign on a street corner.

    Did the “perp” scrawl on bank property?? Maybe I missed something.



  7. Here we go again Mr. ghostsniper….while you attack the actions of an American citizen scrawling his pertinent message on a public sidewalk, you have never written a damn thing about a constitutionally illegal POS sitting ensconced in the position of POTUS. I cannot fathom the indifference of you and others to the kidnapping of the US presidency by soetoro-obama. But you’ll want to hang some guy for writing a message on a sidewalk.

    You ain’t wearing a badge and carrying a gun, are you ?

    • You drinkin’ again Dan?
      Where in the world did you ever get the idea that I am in approval of that abomination in the WH?

      As far as the sidewalk dood goes, it wasn’t my sidewalk so I have no dog in that fight. I was just curious how vandalism becomes a speech issue and nobody has yet said.

      If it had been my sidewalk however there would not have been any badges or judges involved save one, me. And one severely regretful vandalist.

      • Is Bank of America’s property private?


        • Jimmy the Saint

          Most businesses are pretty canny about that – they put the little placards in the concrete saying that anyone on the premises is there by license only and can be ordered off at any time.

          It’s a little unclear what the exact extent of control over things like sidewalks is, though – to the extent that they are for public use, the public would have greater rights to be there.

          But then again, BofA’s attorney’s can probably bury anyone else’s under enough paper to make litigation of a point like that seriously not worth their while.

        • Really, the perp vandalized property that did NOT belong to him.
          Notice that if you write on YOUR sidewalk it is not vandalism but if you write on MINE it is.

          Surely you see the diff?

          Again, I don’t see the 1st amend connection.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Notice that if you write on YOUR sidewalk it is not vandalism but if you write on MINE it is.”

            Unless you built and installed the sidewalk yourself, it isn’t yours. It’s the city’s – they have a right of way/easement over property for public sidewalks.

      • Mr. GS….as I wrote….you took the time to MF an American leaving some script written on a public sidewalk. In chalk no less. But we have a usurping, illegal son-of-a-bitch in the West Wing giving away our Constitution and I’ve never seen you bad-mouth THAT illegal circumstance. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        The Constitution has been destroyed by soetoro-obama yet your priority is the desire to destroy a man who expressed his frustrations against the criminal bankers. That’s where I get the idea that you’re accepting of the illegal Kenyan.

        • “The Constitution has been destroyed by soetoro-obama…”

          Feh…it’s been in the process of being destroyed since at least 1791. And with regard to the Founding Principles, it destroyed them the moment it was signed.

        • “In chalk no less.”
          Admittedly, I did not research this thing as I didn’t think it warranted any, and still don’t, so I will say no more.

          “….I’ve never seen you bad-mouth…”
          It is not possible to read my writing and come to the conclusion I support ANYTHING at all about this rotten assed gov’t, let alone the “illegal Kenyan” as you call it.

          “….yet your priority is….”
          My priority on this board has been overwhelmingly consistent in broadcasting that the “illegal Kenyan” should not be anyone’s first priority of concern for he himself will never harm you. It is his thugs at the far end of the scale that we must all prepare for.

      • “I was just curious how vandalism becomes a speech issue and nobody has yet said.”

        Maybe it doesn’t…a jury is supposed to determine the fact of that particular matter. The point, at least to me, is rather that one numbskull is telling a defense attorney (admittedly probably another numbskull) what he can and cannot present as a defense. That the thing he cannot present happens to be the Supreme Law of the Land, just makes it so much more outrageous.

        It’s one thing for a judge to direct procedure, but quite another to prohibit (on his own) the mention of a Law superior to the Statute in question. But I admit that I too am just playing the fantasy game of Rule of Law, as if something other than men could possibly rule other men. As a simple matter of fact, that’s false.

  8. Ghostsniper, let it go. Chalk on a sidewalk or road is not vandalism. It washes away with the first rain. Hell, we have art gigs here that cover blocks with all manner of scenes and verbage. Nobody has to do a damn thing to clean it up. It takes care of itself in a couple of days.

  9. The Trainer

    [van-dl-iz-uhm] noun
    1. deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property: vandalism of public buildings.

    Chalking a public sidewalk is doesn’t meet the threshold of ‘destruction or damage’…..

    So, the legal ‘beagles’ in this case are basically harassing a citizen who has an issue with them and is exercising his natural right to speak freely on their business concern in is apparently colluding with the judge in the case who does not allow discussion of government limitations on the exercise of free speech….

    Hmmm…..the tyranny is becoming less soft, methinks.