Steyn: Simulacrum Of Self-Government

Read it all.

It’s not about gays.

It’s about unchecked, unlimited power in the hands of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

At all levels of government.

Even if today, your "team" catches a win – watch out tomorrow. Your betters somewhere in the ruling mechanism likely have something else planned for you, and there is nothing that you can do about it peaceably.

Bad moon on the rise.

Very bad.

5 responses to “Steyn: Simulacrum Of Self-Government

  1. Last time I checked, I didn’t have any “betters” than moi. Not that I’m not looking for such in my locale, more tribe is more better. The “betters” are hard to find, those people who a person would follow unto death.

    Words mean things. Substitute “wannabe rulers” for “betters” and all will be more fine.

  2. Hope you fellas are stocking up. This whole business gets dumber and uglier by the day. Future generations will look at the chronology of events and wonder why insult after injury after insult as not met with action.
    “So everyone found out that these NSA people were recording all of your sensitive data and… you all just went to work the next day?”
    And all of us will have to stare that shame in the eyes and make our excuses.

  3. @NSA: if you are a good citizen, you have nothing to fear. Only Enemies of the People need fear the Peoples’ Government.