NKVD_1940_honored_officer_badgeNKVD Honored Officer Badge, 1940

From a reader:

Questions to the Government Trolls and L.E. that peruse these pages and others like them:

Wow! Did you ever think you would be spying on people just like you, up to and including family, friends and acquaintances of fellow freedom and liberty loving American patriots? Spying and gathering intelligence on ‘The People’ for ‘the State’, and their charges?

They stand for what you used to.

It’s all in the open now, all over the press, in almost every country around the world.

You can no longer shield yourself… “I was only following orders”.

You cannot hide behind the banner … “I didn’t know”.

They have been gathering information on ALL of us, including you, and using it for nefarious purposes. That is a fact admitted to by NUMEROUS Govt agencies.

They ARE gathering and storing the data IN DIRECT VIOLATION of the Bill of Rights and MANY international and domestic laws, it is no longer speculation… THEY, the People you work for and/or support, have admitted it… Openly!

You cannot deny that what you are doing now is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, because your agencies have openly admitted it is. They have just found “routes” around the law or are “bending” the law for the “public safety and good”.

Now is the time to stand to your Oaths… “to Protect and Defend” … “from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic”.

Some of you have even sunk so low as to start targeting former and active service members (Mil and LE), people that stood exactly where you stand right now. You are targeting and turning over information on veterans who took the EXACT same Oath you took.

Just look where you stand now, feeding an ever-growing and ravenous out-of-control State.

While you busy yourselves with that task, a thought to keep in mind:

One day your “service” to the State will no longer be required, or your eyes may be “opened” and you will become a liability. Either way, history shows that the State is more apt to ‘disappear’ potential problems than let them go back to grazing with the sheeple.

So caution yourself:

One day the worm will turn… Destiny, Fate, Karma… call it what you will, but in the end, a tab will be collected.

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  1. Not that anyone that reads this blog didn’t already know this, but the fact that the Washington Post is starting to cover this stuff says something. Meet the 31,000 people funding our elections and the government that takes orders from them.

  2. This is an application to conscience and will be less than 1% successful.

    They are who they are because of what they already were.

    Genetic misfits, flawed at conception, non-repairable.

    Must be DX’d at S4.

    • RobRoySimmons

      No its moral authority being exerted, very rare on the chickenshit Right. Ask them questions we are the interogators

  3. Mt Top Patriot

    What am I thinking?

    I think they are going to fucking Waco every one who is not afraid of them without giving it a second thought given the opportunity that’s what.

    Well I’m not afraid.

    Win, is the only and righteous option.
    Live free die hard

  4. Most of them have already sold their soul to the devil for their few coins of silver.. a few really are that stupid to believe they were actually doing good for the nation and nature has a way of dealing with its refugees from natural selection process, the remaining scum have no remorse ..yet.
    One wonders exactly how much they are willing suffer for their treason and betrayal. One thing is for sure, their names are already engraved on the headstones of history as traitors.

    Yank lll

  5. This is like a friendly reminder to the neocons and other assorted three letter agency worshipped – in Civil War 2.0 not only will the EBT cards stop working for lack of electricity in parts of greater D.C., but those who live in the exurbs closer to western VA and West VA could find themselves caught between greater fed topia and Johnny Reb guerillas. How’s that going to work out for your commute? Rather like a bad day of fighting in the Shenandoah in 1862, yes? But with more destruction nowadays. Tread carefully and leak if not for love of country or the Constitution out of self preservation for your family’s future not living in a ‘counterinsurgency’ or police state zone.

    Lysander Spooner

  7. Have tree, (Liberty). Will water as necessary.

    Deo Vindice.

  8. If appeal to conscience fails, there’s always reminding them they’re f____d in a Civil War 2.0 scenario. Especially all the ninnying neocon RINO .gov contractor types living high off the hog in the greater D.C. exurbs, or those who move in such circles who happen to live in states more likely to defy Washington (Texas? Anyone?). They’ll be right in between the regime and the insurgents like the inhabitants of the Shenandoah between 1861-1863.

    Hell I saw the other day on a Twitter feed a real live Blackwater guy based in Abu Dhabi vigorously defending the NSA. I wanted to tweet ask him how long he thinks his Hessians would last going up against patriots. I stopped myself though. Twitter’s such a crappy platform always insta-suspensions for anyone who bursts these a____holes pretensions. No wonder they think they’re invincible in making arguments Twitter keeps all contrary opinions away not just with block buttons but insta-suspension. And for those who think I’m threatening anyone no, I’m merely inviting them to peruse Bracken’s What I Saw at the Coup or Bob Owen’s What You’ll See at the Revolt for a sneak preview.


      A real live Blackwater guy isn’t based in Abu Dhabi. And if he is, he certainly isn’t advertising it (via Twitter, or any other media).

      I’m sure there are some contractor (or as some here like to call them, mercenary) types that smell, and like, what Big Brother is cookin’. But I can tell you as point of fact that many of them despise what is happening to America domestically, and when the SHTF, they will be fighting right beside you.

  9. Larry Elliott

    Ah, that old karma thing is a real female canine when it jumps up and grabs a mouthful of your rump and won’t let go. It’s fixin’ ta happen.

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  11. @NSA: that sure is a pretty badge.

    • Anonymous

      A variation of this for well meaning idealistic leftists, progressives and other Obama supporters is needed.

      I can’t be the only patriot who still interacts with these types?

      I’m not talking aboutvthe hard core lefties who are union big shots, or are active regime cheerleaders. they are beyond the pale. No, I’m talking about guys who are low information types who got the message that Bush sucked and bought into the Obama as change agent meme in ’08.

      In ’12 their only excuse was Romney was a rich guy and seemed unsympathetic to normal people.

      What I want to say is; “you own this“ you have very limited time to confess your sins, renounce what is happening politically and get right with the world.

      Failure to do so makes you.the equivalent of a unrepentant Nazi collaborator in a liberated nation. Don’t expect.a lot of sympathy.

  12. “If appeal to conscience fails, there’s always reminding them they’re f____d in a Civil War 2.0 scenario. Especially all the ninnying neocon RINO .gov contractor types living high off the hog in the greater D.C. exurbs….”

    You know, they’re also f’d when you consider that the EBT cards will stop working. What does anyone think will happen in an urban area – and its close suburbs – when that happens? It wouldn’t be all that different from World War Z in terms of property destruction (now the dead rising stuff I don’t know about, even if they do seem to all vote Dimocrap every election). Bottom line, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a big shitty when TSHTF.

  13. A similar warning is needed for those who supported the Obama regime in the last two election cycles. Surely I am not the only person who still has contact and relationships with some people.

    I’m not talking about hard-core Obama supporters, the Union activist gun-owners who know damn well they are selling out a group they are a part of, the neo-Communist public school teachers. Sure I know those types too, they are beyond the pale and deserve whatever fate that comes to them.

    I’m talking about a more pathetic and more common type, that some have taken to calling the Low Information Voter. Somehow they got a hold of the major cultural meme that Bush was bad and that Obama would fix a lot of things in 2008. They were unswayed by counter-arguments then.

    More surprisingly they stuck with their man in 2012, despite his failure on almost every imaginable front, especially those they faulted Bush (rightly, in many cases for.) One offered up that Romney was “a 1%er”, so they have been susceptible to propaganda.

    A note to reluctant regime supporters:

    You are actively supporting with your words, votes, and energy an evil regime about which there are no mysteries left. Therefore it is time for you to repent, publicly and loudly, or leave us all with the impression that at the end you are a supporter of evil and tyranny.

    In that case you should expect to be treated with the same disdain that quislings and collaborators with other evil occupation governments have been treated with through out time. These are harsh words, but they need to be spoken, now, while there is still time for you to repent and speak out an act against the repression you have hitherto supported.

    The time for mumbled excuses and equivocation is at an end. Judge or be judged. Get right with your conscience or prove you don’t have one. As the left likes to say “the whole world is watching” and our patience is at an end.