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European officials lash out at new NSA spying report

And the beat goes on…

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  1. Daniel K Day

    My brother in Colorado just called me and we were talking about the local events there connected with gun rights. Suddenly, a recorded female voice broke in and said “This call is now being recorded”.

      • Daniel K Day

        UPDATE: It looks like I pressed the panic button. My brother called me on my Google Voice number, and at some point I managed to press the 4 key, which initiated recording. Now I know about the 4 key.
        None of which means I’m not on a list or two anyway…

    • Are you (or your brother) using Google Voice? Less known feature of google voice is that when other people call you, you can push the 4 button and it will record the call. It will also announce that the call is now being recorded in a female voice. If you push 4 again, it will announce that the call recording is now off. (the recording is made available to you for playback and download following the end of the recording/call)

      I’ve used this a few times in joking with friends over the years. We know the call is being monitored/recorded regardless of whether we get a copy or not, but it’s worth the laughs of pranking someone not in the know when they hear “this call is now being recorded”.

  2. Mt Top Patriot

    If there are people in the western world who can readily recognize a tyrant when they see one exposed, whom understand what their tyranny and totalitarian ways are about, people who share many middle class working values and mores not unlike here in the United Socialist State of Amerika, it would be the German people.

    Ya, like all your Liberty, Prosperity, all your primal rights, is belong to us?

    we’ll see about that…

  3. Always nice to see those who believe the NSA is bravely defending us from the remnants of the old KGB that they accuse Snowden of fleeing to getting compared to the Stasi by real live old Stasi guys (McClatchy story). I’d like to see how Clifford Kincaid and the other alleged Reaganauts who now defend the type of crap even the old Evil Empire’s most OCD spies the Stasi couldn’t have dreamed of pulling off.

  4. Since WWII, everyone who has the vaguest insights regarding the “intelligence community” has known that everyone spies on everyone else as much as they can. But there are rules to this game:

    1) Don’t get caught doing it.
    2) Never let the rumors of these things be verified.
    3) If #1 and #2 go all to hell, lie so convincingly that you create enough doubt to cover your six.

    Ah, well. They don’t call him “The Amateur” and “Obungle” for nothing …

  5. “European officials lash out at new NSA spying report” The only reason they are lashing out is because now someone is spying on these officials to a lesser degree than they thought it was their privilege to spy on their serfs.