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…Gun control is advanced mainly by those who are rapists at heart. They want to force their will upon other people. That conforming to their dictates makes the rest of us more vulnerable to other forms of molestation, including sexual, not only doesn’t bother them, it’s the intended effect. Gun control is advanced by predators who do not care who is hurt by their restrictions or how much government force they have to use to enforce those restrictions. And if you think I am exaggerating, look at how much less time a convicted rapist would serve in New York City compared to a person who merely owns and peaceably carries a sidearm for self-defense there.

Oleg Volk

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  1. I think it makes sense to clarify something here. I make the distinction between ordinary Joes who favor gun control (they are dupes of a ruling class scheme for control) and members of the ruling class who favor gun control (they are true evil bastards that Oleg is talking about).

    • I make no such distinction.

      1) Nobody gets to initiate harm against anyone else.
      2) Everyone must act with logic.

      Those are required defaults.

      Specifically, you don’t get to choose people to harm me, then claim ignorance of the fact.

    • Jim Klein

      I must be numb already, cuz I don’t give a hoot what any of ’em believe. I only care about what people do. Even “gun control” is done by individuals in the instances.

      Hell, I never understood the issue in the first place. It sounded like, “Would a free man willingly give up his arms” and I couldn’t believe that was a serious question. To me that asks, “Would a free man trust his life, family and property to others…forever?”

      The point isn’t about whether or not a man can choose a higher value than his own life. The point is about who decides.

      • “Would a free man trust his life, family and property to others…forever?”

        Some would.
        But most only want YOU to give up your rights.

        No one is more conservative than a LIEberal when it comes to his own rights.

        But when it comes to YOUR rights the LIEberal is an absolute tyrant.

        LIEberals have the minds of children and should have no say in anything at all due to immaturity.

  2. JK Baughman

    No matter if gun control is forced by a “Leftist” or a useful idiot dupe.Result is the same. Hatred of America, our freedom, and individual responsibility. Whether called “Leftist,” “Progressive,” “Marxist,” ” or “Democrat,” they are killer Communists…Grandsons and great-grandsons (and daughters) of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution. There they killed 21,500,000 Christians and Gentiles and burned 40,000 Christian churches. 85% to 90% were of the same minority tribe, the largest portion of any nation in the world. Now there just handful of them left in Russia. 40% are in America. They invented Communism and are responsible, therefore, for the murder of 100 million innocent civilians in the last century. In America, they control or heavily influence the Democrat Party, Labor Unions, Major TV Networks, Newspapers, Hollywood, ACLU, Wall Street, and hugely this presidential administration. They spread hate in America as they have done in every one of the 109 Nations from which they have been expelled for the same anti-American type of hatred and manipulation. This is not hateful criticism. Just facts of history. Easy for you to verify.

  3. There will be no grey area.if someone is determined to use force to disarm/kill you for noncompliance what choice do you have?Free men own arms and use them.Slaves are disarmed.Anyone who allows it to be perpetuated in any form is equally guilty.No person has the right to tell you what you can own to protect your life and your loved ones and ensure freedom.What never ceases to amaze me are the Fudds who think the heat wont be on them too eventually.They think the 2nd amendment protects their 30.06 and 12ga.from confiscation.Some do support (and many are vets)an “assault” weapon ban.Morons.Remember during Katrina the boots took ALL weapons,grannys moldy .38(and beat hell out of her)and Elmers deer rifles at gunpoint,much less every other firearm they found.Most have still not been returned.

  4. I had some fun with the leftists I correspond with saying that I was happy the Supreme Court was going to force all states to honor each other’s licenses, as I was looking forward to carrying my concealed weapon in New York and Boston, following the logic of the gay marraige decision.

    Of course, it turns out that the judges did not invalidate that part of DOMA, but I sure had a few lefties howling with outrage at the very thought of the wild west’s norms being applied to them in their ant-farms.

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    Get ready for Initiative 594 ladies and gents. It’s Washington State’s next assault on your gun rights. Draw your line in the sand.