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Just too damned funny.

The possibilities for monkeywrenching against specific .gov individuals are virtually endless.

Understand this:

Every action taken now by The .Gov Beast is a recruiting opportunity for FreeFor.

Every single one.

Sic semper tyrannis.

12 responses to “Heh

  1. I wonder if they’ll institute a “snitch quota.” You know, getting called into the office and having your boss say, “You haven’t given me any info on anyone this week. Go out there and find me a victim…or YOU’LL be the victim.”

  2. wonderdawg

    Obama fits the profile better than any, questionable travel, visitors, unexplained wealth, associated with very questionable people, loss of memory, and unknown whereabouts while supposedly at work. etc. maybe he needs thoroughly vetting….also fits most in congress

  3. Classic Yezhovschina, where people denounced each other for fear of being denounced.

  4. “Watchers watching watchers. It makes for a full-employment economy.” — Paul Sorvino’s character in “The Day of the Dolphin”


    It appears to be unraveling. Take heart. Hopefully the disintegration can be exposed and exploited.

  6. RobRoySimmons

    It is a cult. And as CA notes it creates opportunity since it is focused on its purity.

    Now many of you want to run to the hills and tell the government to fuck off and die. OK I can understand that sentiment, but it also makes you an easy target since all the cult members can align against such a person.

    Truth be told we have large untold amounts of support from government employees who dissent from the latest zeitgeist of illegal actions.

    • So how to flip those people into active resistance via dissemination of .gov info to FreeFor?

      • Colorado Pete

        Or, with a little care, they can frame their own bosses, perhaps several levels up, and really gum up the works. Paralysis through paranoia.

  7. Equally amazing Drudge story this morning is that the Park Police executed a raid in Virginia on gun rights advocate Adam Kokesh. I guess they didn’t like his one man loaded-shotgun video, so they drove ou to where he lives and did the full SWAT raid on his house. They found drugs…or planted them.

    The freaking Park Police opertating in suburban Virginia, to avenge a video that they didn’t like. Of course the anti-Mohammed video maker is still in jail (for parole violation, wasn’t it, er, yeah, whatever).

    Maybe deserves it’s own thread…


  8. I don’t want to run off to the hills, but I do want to tell the govt. to fuck off and die. Do you think the NSA got all of that? Good. Good copy. Oh, and how to flip these people so they provide info to FreeFor, vis a vis their rejection of FedGov. Just be available, and listen. When you hear that whine caused by govt. squeezing, you’ll know. If you don’t know someone in FedGov. casually get to the point where you do know one, and make an acquaintance of them. Then, just be a good listener. I also routinely go through their dumpsters, and other trash. It’s amazing what these guys toss out.

    • Colorado Pete

      I’m too old to run off to the hills, especially with a 50-lb. pack over a 30-lb. LBE. Walking very slowly while huffing and puffing, maybe. Oh, I have pack and LBE because while man plans, God laughs….

  9. monkey wrench in the works

    This is going to be incredibly easy and fun to get the government chasing their own tails and eating their own with just a little well placed mischief.

    The possibilities are endless. lol