Manual Of Definitive Surgical Trauma Care

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A WRSA reader sends more material for those who will not be able to access conventional medical resources.

Pass on, please.

8 responses to “Manual Of Definitive Surgical Trauma Care

  1. chuck rienzo

    So it would be REALLY OUTSTANDING if someone has a copy of “Saving Lives, saving Limbs” in machine readable format suitable for download…

    OR if someone has a spare copy of the Virtual Naval Hospital on CD…I’d even PAY for a copy of THEM…

  2. Molon Labe

    Why the heck do you use Facebook?
    Can I download this manual without a freaking Facebook account?
    Everyone needs to be OFF OF FACEBOOK NOW!

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  4. This list may also be useful:

    I am also partial to Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine (6th edition). It’s a monster of a book, but if it can be found it’s great.