Velociman: Eric Holder, Klansmen



Damned evil.

With more to come.

UPDATE 0845 EDT 11 JULY 2013: See also this piece from Legal Insurrection (h/t MB).

UPDATE 1135 EDT 11 JULY 2013: Also see this AT essay, via MB’s Twitter feed.

19 responses to “Velociman: Eric Holder, Klansmen

  1. fast and furious and numerous other blatant acts of thuggery didn’t get the holder thing brought to justice. Maybe this will.

    • Mr. James….

      “fast and furious and numerous other blatant acts of thuggery didn’t get the holder thing brought to justice. Maybe this will.”

      Surely, you jest.

  2. Any of you surprised what holder does ? soetoro-obama is in violation of the US Constitution. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 disqualifies the illegal Indonesian from being POTUS. But the entire Congress and the SCOTUS refused to enforce the Constitution.

    Are ANY of you surprised ? soetoro-obama does anything he wants and the sheeple and the neocons nod their heads in approval. Why shouldn’t holder ?

  3. Time for the Repukes to hold some more “hearings”….and then some more…”hearings”…

  4. My teen was fixing to do a youth service project with his youth group on Monday in the hood in Dallas. When I found out they were not taking any security at all, I pulled him from the trip. Jesus doesn’t want this.

  5. Ought to change his name to Eric Himmler and be done with it.


    Just like the dialogue in the movie: HAMBURGER HILL: “it don’t mean nothin’.” It don’t mean nothin’.” Where is the moral outrage over this? Where are the frauds at FAUX NEWS? No one is going to give a rat’s ass about any of this until the FSA starts pulling them out of their cars at intersections and beating them to death.
    I watched a cop movie the other day called DARK BLUE. It was the usual, Hollywood-leftist-reverse-racist crap. But, the ending involved a Rodney King-style riot sequence which was worth watching because it showed how effective mob violence and roadblocks will be when the SHTF.
    Get ready, gang. These thugs are Barry and Eric’s private army that everyone has been talking about.

  7. If we don’t have a really good old Detroit-style riot after all this buildup I’m going to be very disappointed! And, regardless of what unfolds unless the jury can hold off till Monday with the verdict I am destined to miss the fun on TV as I’m spending the next little bit in the deep mountain wilderness of the central Cascade range.

    For everyone not so busy, stock up on popcorn!

  8. The Founders, and the people of that day, would’ve tarred and feathered this bunch by now. Watch for the collective yawn. And for our elected reps to do NOTHING in response. WTF are we paying these people for, to forge our chains and eat out our substance?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “WTF are we paying these people for, to forge our chains and eat out our substance?”

      At this point, it’s pretty much a tradition.

  9. Larry Elliott

    It would certainly seem like Zimmerman has good cause to file a civil rights suit against the DoJ and Holder, but of course that will never happen because as Oprah has told us blacks can’t be racist because they’re a minority.

    I’m sure that if Zimmerman isn’t convicted of something, and the lamebrain who’s the judge doesn’t throw the book at him all the race baiters from Glorious Leader on down will be inciting riots for “justice”. I’m just glad that I no longer live near a large population of potential rioters because I will and would defend myself and my home.

  10. RobRoySimmons

    The phrase you are looking for is “anti-white”, it will take your retraining your mind to overcome the PC Mindblocks though.

  11. So, y’all have come to the conclusion that the US government is completely rogue, and has been for a long time.

    So, what are you going to do about it?

    There is no “restore” available because the US Constitution adopted in 1787 was a grotesquely flawed government before the ink was dry on the document.

    So, what are you going to do about it?

    The lawfully seceded southern states were correct in 1860 (for South Carolina) and 1861 for the rest of them, when they said they’d had enough of the Yankee hegemony. But, sadly they didn’t prevail then.

    This is now.

    What we of the southern nationalist movement are doing today is setting up to insulate our states, to the extent possible, from the implosive collapse of the utterly corrupt United States and make them leave our lands.

    Y’all should do the same.

  12. Some folks want to piss on “Dick” Holder’s grave, I just want to plant some KUDZU on that grave (and every piece of property owned by “Dick” Holder’s family, including the abortion clinic owned by Holder’s wife & her sister). Known as the ‘Vine that ATE THE SOUTH’, I think the KUDZU is appropriate for all the Holder’s family owned properties.

  13. It’s going to be racial just as Tom Chittum said. That’s not the whole of it, but on the local front it’s going to be paramount – just like in Prison.

  14. Man,going to holders grave…that is one road trip I do want to be a part of…count me in!!!

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