Meet The New Boss (?)

“I don’t think it ever should have been made secret. I think the American public can accept the fact if you tell them that every time you pick up the phone it’s going to be recorded and goes to the government,” Kelly said at an event dedicating two new harbor patrol boats. “I think the public can understand that.”

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly receptive to Homeland Security job

President Obama eyes NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security

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  1. I don’t think it should ever be made secret. I think American government agents can accept the fact that any time one of them steps outside his front door, there are 80 million American gun-owners, any one of whom could terminate his command. I think government agents can understand that.

  2. Molon Labe

    Ray Kelly has been tutored well by the traitor Bloomberg and will fill the knickers of Janet very well.
    Get ready for more of the same, mass civil disobedience and training in the use of your battle rifle.
    What’s that old Johnny Cash song?
    I hear that train a comin’….

  3. Anybody have the skinny on this turd outside of his wikipedia puff piece?

  4. Judgement Comes

    And how would this smug, collectivist, New Yawk asshole feel about a law compelling the recording of every word spoken by every elected official and bureaucrat and archived for public access?

    Damn his arrogance!

  5. Oh, Lord. If Kelly takes up DHS, it’s over.

  6. Larry Elliott

    Kelly is even a better Fascist than Incompetano, and he’s got experience. His NYC arrogance will not fly well in many parts of the country, but being from NYC he likely believes he’s smarter and better than us peons in flyover country.

  7. “Oh, Lord. If Kelly takes up DHS, it’s over.”- you mean being nice? Or it will be starting soon? My favorite Johnny Cash song: God is gonna cut you down, and the little video some folks made with it as the background:

  8. Gary Smith

    Jesus Christ Sam , stick a sock in it.

  9. Unless I am mistaken, the man is currently (as NYPD Chief) head of the second largest Army on CONUS, complete with air and waterborne assets, and, as was once bragged, the anti-air ability to take down a rogue airliner if needed.

    Connect the dots – and get your eraser ready…


  10. Stop and Frisk -here we come

  11. “Ray Kelly has been tutored well by the traitor Bloomberg and will fill the knickers of Janet very well.”


    Some guys will do anything for power!

  12. Said and done, his confirmation is probably a done deal.

    Some may remember Mr. Kelly’s very short tour as the head of something on behalf of our federales in Iraq. He went home most quick, there might have been some corruption problems that even the feds could not tolerate.

    Kelly will be a worthwhile opponent. Our host has said more than once that the coppers are a very organized bunch of gangsters. Mr. Kelly has done well running them on his turf Running 40k coppers is good on the resume. Hard to tell what he may know about locales outside of his own. He may have picked up something about the other peoples’ moods if he vacations in flyover country. If he hasn’t, suitable transport to get around and see what is not New York City, will be at his fingertips.

    Meanwhile he will command that decent stash of .40 S&W pistol ammo that Janet has so thoughtfully laid in.

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  14. When I have trouble falling to sleep I count exploding tyrants heads.
    one-million-one, one-million-two, one-million-three…….

  15. It is good to have an enemy so vile.

  16. Diamondback

    @ bil St. Clair: They could IF the US was still the “home of the brave” and any one American had the courage to actually do something. But it isn’t and noone will. Yes, that includes me. I’ve run with the guidon before only to find out that the entire formation fell out of ranks behind me when the going got tough. Ain’t interested in that again.

  17. alias anonymous because its the only weapon I have left

    These fucking idiots are building their own cage. I don’t see how they can possibly expect to be safe outside their own little circle of like-minded tyrants… Oh wait, it’s because as a nation, we’ve become fat, stupid, apathetic cowards, content to allow this rather than risk our bigscreens and our credit scores. Fuck that, I just split from the whole fuckin program. They want financing for their socialist eutopia, they can damn well get it from someone else. I’ll begin paying taxes again when THEY uphold the ideals this nation was founded on. Did you get a copy of that NSA? Good, Fuck YOU too.

  18. If he really does think Americans won’t mind ubiquitous snoopery his understanding of We the Peons is non-existent. He is a Nazi a-hole to the depths of his being. Compared to him Himmler looks like a decent and honorable man.

  19. All you posters commenting about this Kelly guy….you all sound like someone urinated in your Wheaties this morning. As you folks all have concerns for this potentially new addition to the soetoro-obama regime, you just darn seem to forget about the biggest villain of all…. barack hussein barry soetoro-obama ! Just think about and re-read the comments here from you folks….it sounds just like you’re all describing the illegal and unconstitutional scoundrel who defecates on us and our nation on a daily basis.

    The problem is sitting in the West Wing. This Marxist Kelly is just another symptom of the disease we aren’t treating….soetoro-obama.

  20. Well, at least he is honest about his intent and looks like central castings selection for the head of Mini-Lov. I can see him wiping his hands after a good torture session. Better than that ugly lesbi Reno with her disingenuous, “I take full responsibility.”

    Hey! I found that 50BMG Rauffoss rounds penetrate the windows of those Homeland Security tin cans easy! Bought a bunch for friends and neighbors.
    See you in the trenches. Remember your skin color is your Uniform.

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  22. Never was so much stole from so many by so few.

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