Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System

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…The key ingredient in bringing tyranny to America is a left-right coalition that will institutionalize the Surveillance State, and destroy the last remnants of the Bill of Rights. United on the need to continue America’s wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere, this left-right coalition is closing ranks in Congress and in the hawkish wings of both parties in defense of the Surveillance State.

Why do you care if the government has a record of all your emails – what do you have to hide?

This is the rallying cry of a real authoritarian movement in this country, one that – like its opposition – transcends the traditional left-right paradigm…

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Along with this bit of news regarding the “opposition”.

Rig for storm.


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31 responses to “Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System

  1. When you start posting articles by a Marxist like this author I begin to wonder whose side you are on? What next the wit and wisdom of the Black Panthers and how to organize a black militia?

    • Did you even read the article? If so, can you refute his argument? And since when is a libertarian a marxist? I suppose from your statist neo-Con point of view, anyone who argues against America’s interventionist foreign policy and the subsequent growth of the surveillance/security state needed to sustain it is a (insert insulting political label here) and a rabble-rouser at best, traitor at worst.

      My response to your BS post is: suck it, you statist douche canoe.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      You sure you’re not one of my idiot neighbors?

      This is exactly why there is no hope of fixing anything, anymore. More wit from the Flat Earth Republicans.

    • was the author wrong?

    • Explain your comment.
      Spare no detail.

    • Grenadier1

      There is no Veritas in your comments, and no comment on your Veritas.

    • It takes three Google searches and less than five minutes to connect Justin Raimondo to his pay master the “PROGRESSIVE” Randolph Bourne Institute.

      Yet our local sciolistic thought brigade missed red flags like the web site name Antiwar.com or the propaganda phrase “America’s wars of aggression” and the praise of the United State’s biggest Quisling Jimmy Carter.

      Veritas criticism is valid and these attacks on him for bringing up the easily confirmed Marxist allegiances of the author are pathetic.

  2. GA Patriot

    It pays to study one’s enemies.

  3. We have a saying down here, even a blind hog finds an acorn once in while.
    Attacking the messenger and not addressing the message is a tactic of the collective.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Attacking the messenger and not addressing the message is a tactic of the collective.”

      There’s some truth to that, but sometimes the messenger *is* the message, or at least a significant part of it. Like Mickey says in the movie Snatch: “Nobody brings a fella the size of you unless they’re trying to say something without talking; right, boy?”

      For that matter, look at the primary monotheistic religions – they all basically say “Don’t listen to Satan/Shaitan; he’s evil, and everything he says is a lie.” Make of it what you will, since it can illustrate either/both examples.

  4. Go and crawl under the rock from whence you came, troll.


  5. Pilgrims Pride


    First of all, Marx would never have found an audience if he wasn’t addressing real problems with “capitalists”. 19th C. capitalism was evil incarnate. Why do you think they call it “human resources”? Because workers are just another input to the factory – not human being with a divine soul.

    So Marx observed that capitalists cared nothing about humanity, about the lives of the men they employed, and were fairly ruthless in exploiting them for profit. Speaking as a financial management consultant to the Fortune 500, very little has changed since Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle” except that technology has taken most of the danger from “work”. Hallelujah for that — seriously.

    The problem with Marx is that his proscription was equally flawed as it went ot the opposite extreme. Whereas he denied the humanity of the capitalists, he imbued his philosopher-kings with ultimate humanity to direct the lumpen proletariat to heaven on earth.


    We all know how that turned out. Evil is evil whether it manifests in accumulation of capital power or political power. Either way, it’s best to prevent such an accumulation in the first place.

    But the great mistake many conservatives make is to dismiss “them” as lunatics when, in reality, they see many of the same exact problems we see. The difference seems to be they came under the influence of Soviet propaganda while we came under the influence of American propaganda. Neither set of propaganda is honorable; they merely represent the two opposing teams East vs West for the Super Bowl, as it were.

    In any case, they learned an awful lot about how “The System” works, especially ours, since the Soviets were concerned with subverting it. Now that the U.S. system has been turned against its own people, we find ourselves in the most curious position of being in the same perspective as the Soviet agitationists of old.


  6. Creepy Ass Cracker

    I have heard it said and seen it written repeatedly…Trust your gut.

    Both articles hit my gut with the ring of truth. I don’t give damn who wrote it. I agree with the statement in Raimondo’s article that says:

    “The institutionalization of secrecy [the FISA court] as a principle aspect of any part of our legal system represents gangrene in the body politic.”

    That one statement struck me hard.

    When I got out of the service at the end of the Vietnam War, jobs were hard to come by. So I took a job at a funeral home. And the American political system stinks of corpses. I know the smell.

    McCain is a despicable wretched worm. And he has his nose up the ass crack of Barry Soetoro. His time in the Hanoi Hilton be damned.

  7. Creepy Ass Cracker

    Whats the matter Veritas? You can’t see truth when it kicks you in the nuts? Why does the name McCarthy come to mind in respect to your comment?

  8. Gringo Viejo

    I admit I have a visceral dislike of John McCain. It’s because, in my mid 60s , I’ve been aware of his actions and conduct from the Forrestall incident, his time in Hanoi, the S&L scandal, etc. I believe him a thoroughly dishonorable man in every respect who is intentionally sheparding America to destruction. I pray daily that he fails to do so.

    • Mr. Gringo….I’m not quite in your age group, close. Anyway, I agree with you totally regarding “Songbird” McCain. But what about the fools who keep him in office ?

      • Daniel K Day

        Precisely. I wonder why the hell he’s so popular in Arizona. Maybe one of the Arizona readers can enlighten me. Is it simply the pork he can bring to Arizona due to his “seniority” (spit)?

      • Gringo Viejo

        IMHO DAN, it comes down to what Joe Stalin said. “It’s who counts the votes that matters”. Further, I believe McCain was “turned” in Hanoi and is a “manchurian candidate”.

  9. Anyone with eyes can see where this is going. Freedom isn’t free, but neither is tyranny.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Freedom isn’t free, but neither is tyranny.”

      Tyranny just costs the taxpayers two bits for the bullet that goes into the back of each dissident’s head.

  10. For the record, I don’t think it’s wise to over-trust anyone in these times. If I tried to guess how many moles are in the “patriot” or “freedom” movements, I wouldn’t even know how many digits.

    Also for the record, were someone to force me (obviously through some fault of my own) to vote today for a General that I trust, it’s CA. That’s not an endorsement, just my position. It takes years to know a person well, and at least a drop of eye contact.

    Now to the title riddle. There can be a zillion reasons why any person does what they do, but almost always one of the answers is, “because it works.” Sorry guys, but the fault for that resides squarely in the mirror.

    Responsibility only inheres to a thinking creature. Dumb a person down enough, and he no longer qualifies. That leaves the only ones responsible, to be those of us that can think.

    Sorry again. PLEASE don’t shoot the messenger.

  11. It Is heartening to see that some are recognizing the Left-Right and Conservative-Liberal labels are meant to divide and deceive. The Democrat-Republican paradigm is owned by the “powers that be” and they put on a political professional wrestling show for the addle-minded who do not possess that cognitive ability to see beyond the bread and circus.
    Its as simple as this:

  12. I love that oligarchy pic, cracks me up!

  13. Raimondo is no Marxist. Not sure where these trolls are getting their talking points or if it’s just drive-by trolling.

    Cointelpro’ing and Obama’s army of 3,000 plus ‘cyberwarriors’ Doug Hagmann’s source warned about after the inauguration have definitely been stepped up/redoubled their efforts. WRSA and those who post here are targets. See this example of attempting to smear me as someone making death threats merely for repeating a Bob Owens or Matt Bracken type scenario involving possible ‘Blue on Blue’ engagements in the U.S.:


  14. Jimmy the Saint

    “Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System”

    For the same reason that just about anyone does anything – because he/she/it/they can. Where there is a void, something will fill it.

  15. Justin Raimondo is one of the best writers out there, and far from being a Marxist. But of course, “Veritas” was being a tease.

  16. I’ve been sayin’ this for a long time. No Right or Left… Just Us or them….

  17. “Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System”

    If. YOU. Can. Keep. It.

    That was a warning by the way… because he knew.

    That… where ever liberty was found, never lasted, without ETERNAL vigilance.