Personal Camouflage

Toaster802 posts this collection of resources, including the slideshow above.


Camo is a concept (i.e., how to blend into one’s environment), not a pattern.

Practice now during the good old days.

They ain’t gonna last.


8 responses to “Personal Camouflage

  1. Good stuff. I still remember the basics from the old OD Green USMC days.

  2. This gets deep into camo pattern design. If you’re into this stuff, well worth a read. Includes night vision and IR.

  3. I hope you realize that your footprints leave a thermal signature for over an hour after you walk through a cold desert or grass the field.

  4. North of the Bakken

    That was a great explanation of camo. Very informative and well worth the read. Thanks a thousand!

  5. Thanks for the good info, Thanks for the explaination and the visuals.
    All good info

  6. Thanks for the link CA. Since Shutting down Green Mountains Homesteading, I have been investing the time formerly spent in learning, doing and teaching. is just a resource site, featuring links to the best info I can find. Much of it to your regular readers is old hat. It is more aimed at the newly concerned citizen who has of late had the blinders torn from their eye by current events.

    Also, I will be offering a 8 hour basic field aid course in my location August 31st. Class size is limited to ten people.

    While I was never a military medic, I am a street and wilderness EMT and am able to teach the basics of stop the bleeding, start the breathing, treat for shock in an outdoor setting. I welcome the opportunity to show folks how to buy a human time to get to definitive care. Future classes will be expanded in hours from 2-5 days and will cover more topics up to a full blown wilderness first responder curriculum.

    Cost is by donation. Hat will be passed at the end of the class for “money”, silver, non-perishable foods, ammo, gear, livestock, etc. No firearms or politics will be involved. Yet.

    I thought I would finally take the plunge to step up and offer to educate those willing to help themselves. I expect to learn even more from my students.

    If interested I can be contacted at

    Thanks to CA and everyone who is fighting for a better future for our nation.

    • T802:

      Can you give a general location w/o compromising OPSEC/PERSEC?

      Thanks for what and many others are doing.

      • My bad. I got thinking about after I hit send that there would be folks that would have no idea where the Green Mountains are. 🙂

        The location of the class with be near Killington in west central Vermont. Plenty of attractions, lodging and dining near by. I am not expecting folks from Ohio, but upstate NY, NH and western Mass is a short trip.

        Class will be outside and is rain or shine.