A New Novel

From StarveMonkey Press:

Prosecutorial Discretion, A Novel
by Nobody

A three-man team of vigilantes takes matters into their own hands following an incident of official misconduct. Their target: a prosecutor who looks the other way despite overwhelming evidence of criminal behavior. Their plot of revenge catapults him to higher office, but at a price.

From the inside flap:

Eugene Sullivan was the Prosecuting Attorney where the somewhat infamous videotaped incident involving the Highway Patrol officer had taken place. Sullivan had seen the videos and read pretty much all the news stories on the incident. He was glad the story was finally over. He felt bad for the motorist and embarrassed for the Highway Patrol.

Sweeping this incident under the rug, in his mind, was more or less standard prosecutorial procedure.

Until he met Adam and Jason.

Sullivan nodded his head in agreement, saying to Adam, “OK, you’re right. I have done wrong. I should have charged the officer with a crime, assault and battery, making false statements to police…”

“Attempted murder?” Adam chimed in.

“Attempted murder, yes, sir,” Sullivan said. “I should have thrown the book at him. As officers of the law, those men and women have a special responsibility to follow it, especially while in uniform.”

Adam leaned in and focused his eyes on Eugene’s, saying, “I wish it were that easy.”

Sullivan could see Jason holding his hand over the stockpot, looking at it intently, and adjusting the flame. He fought back the urge to speak, knowing he wasn’t supposed to; the cameras, the lit stove and Jason with his small pot were making Sullivan very, very curious, and not in a pleasant way…

About the Author

Nobody was a Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence Specialist in the US Marine Corps and served several tours in Iraq including combat in the April 2004 Fallujah battle. He helped organize several pro-Constitution rallies, including one in which participants carried pistols and rifles directly across the Potomac River from Washington DC in 2010, an event which was covered by the Washington Post, MSNBC, Time magazine and other major news outlets. Nobody currently works as a certified corrections officer at a minimum security prison.

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5 responses to “A New Novel

  1. Is it available in any format other than Kindle? It looks interesting, but I don’t have a Kindle to read it with.

    • http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=sa_menu_karl?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

      Free Kindle apps for your PC, smartphone, or tablet. The last thing I need is another electronic, but I do like having the ability to Kindle using an existing tool.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Download Kindle, then you have to REGISTER with Amazon. Sorry, will pass on this one. Sick and tired of having to register every time I want to read something, just like the First Aid Manuals. Can’t keep track of all the passwords and log-ins everyone wants.
        And every time I try to download any crypto gear like Tor, it seizes up my computer. Sticking to KISS method.
        Thanks anyway.

  2. I read the inside cover portion on Amazon and the editor was a bit careless. If the author reads this site, he should change the dates for the events: now it reads Wednesday, October 23rd…Thursday, October 25th. Skipped over the 24th for some reason.

  3. I read this as he put it on blog, chapter at a time. Good stuff, chock full of ideas and things. Made some of my daydreams turn dark, so to speak.