Balko: What Cop T-Shirts Say About Police Culture


And none of it good.


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  1. Who do you think the police are there to police, librarians and cashiers at home depot ? Their purpose is to render aid to persons in distress and ride herd on anti-social and deviant elements of society.
    My favorite t-shirt says, “Homicide Detective, My days begins where yours ends.”

  2. Bill Harzia

    What’s your point?

    Scout Sniper SS Flag

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    There was a good counter-shirt in New Orleans after Katrina:

    N.O.P.D. “Not Our Problem, Dude”

  4. The last thing in the world a cop wants is an equally armed adversary; they’re pack animals. Think of their reaction when one man, Dorner, was hunting them, 10,000 of them; they were in a panic!

  5. …and Hemingway…hmm…maybe the jerk wearing the shirt could pull a Hemingway and hunt himself.

  6. “Sometimes there is justice and some times there is just us…”

    • Ain’t that the truth. Seems to be the way it is anymore..

      • I agree. I hate the “thin blue line” mindset with the whole of my being. Go back to the Peelian Principles!

  7. Napalm Bodywash

    Re: The first t-shirt? They need reminded that’s a two way street…

  8. I saw Balko on Fox news the other day and the anchor was far from hostile to his viewpoint. Looks like even the “law and order” Republican types are starting to figure out how dangerous this trend has become. When Balko’s argument gets prominent exposure everywhere from the WSJ to Huff Post to Fox and Friends it’s pretty clear the cops have succeeded at alienating people across the entire political spectrum.

    Too bad for them. They may live to regret it. Or not.

  9. There is no reason for them. Nor is there any reasoning with them.
    A thug is a thug is a thug. No matter the colors.

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  11. The jackboot idea of hunting men is to run amok through the reservation armed to the teeth, and shielded by the most expensive armor stolen money can buy, shooting old ladies, kids, and dogs, destroying as much property as possible, while searching aimlessly for a harmless joint smoker, and at the end of the day the only thing they have accomplished is alienating even more people against them.

    When they try that criminal shit against grown men they get their obese asses dragged home in body bags, and whimper embarrassingly that they were “just doing their jobs”, laying their lives on the line every single day, so we don’t have to fight them over here, for the children.

    The smart ones better find new jobs, while they can.

    Oh, that’s right, their warped personalities brought on by early childhood abuse and genetic flaws resulting in deviant and perverted sociopathic behavior prevents them from relating like normal human beings so they are relegated to associating with their like kind, or groveling on welfare or killed and laying in the greasy, trash filled gutter.

    US Gov’t jackboots of the 21st century are the vilest creatures ever created in the long span of world history.

    Yet, unbelievably, there are still plenty of automatrons running loose stumbling all over themselves while layering praise on these most dispicable criminals. Extreme and prolonged pain and then horrifying death to all of them. They all go against the grain of nature.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      A few of us see the problem, but the masses still want their warm fuzzy security blanket. I still keep hearing “if you don’t do anything wrong, you don’t need to worry” from friends. They choose chains over liberty.
      When you’re that fukn brain dead, it keeps you from having to make any sort of decision also.

    • You paint with a real broad brush. It’s pretty much the same attitude you rail against.

  12. it is quite likely that should justice exist on earth, virtually every single cop would be in a cage, either through acting as primary perpetrator or through silence and complicity, aiding & abeting those committing mala in se crimes.

    the position has extreme attraction to those with a bully attitude.

    • If you witness a felony and do not report it you have in fact committed a felony yourself.

      In 1980 I went to Buffalo, NY to visit an army buddy.
      I was shocked to find that he was a sheriff’s deputy.
      When we were in Germany he did all the (illegal) things everybody else did.
      I didn’t hang around long, just left in disgust.
      I thought about him for a long time and realized there were signals all along the way that he was destined to be a gov’t thug but I was naive and never picked up on them at the time.

      • Barney Google

        I’m hardly an LEO defender, but there are some decent cops. Sheriffs in particular (since they are elected, they are somewhat accountable). Chief Kessler in PA seems like a freedom-loving guy.

        • Mr. Google….allow me to interject. “There are (were) some decent NAZIS”.

          Ever hear of guilt by association ?

          • Barney Google

            Dan, that’s a ridiculous comparison of apples and sledgehammers. The Nazi’s ALL took an oath to defend Hitler and the Nazi Party, whereas ALL American LEO’s take an oath to uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION. The problem lies in the apparent fact that many LEO’s don’t really care about their oaths at all. However, there are still some LEO’s who DO care about their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution, the officers that DO care can be very important allies in a bad situation. The day that LEO’s STOP taking oaths to defend the constitution is the day that guilt by association goes into effect. Until then, I’m friendly with officers, trying to figure out who the good ones are and who the corrupt ones are.

            Now for my Chicago PD shirt meme

            GANG SQUAD

            (shirt emblem)

            “Gang problem? What gang problem?”

            • “….LEO’s take an oath to uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION.”

              There ya go.
              People just make shit up and expect other people to obey.
              And you don’t seem to have the vaguest clue.

        • “…. but there are some decent cops.”

          You are wrong.
          (see below)

          • Here’s another “decent” cop….from THE BLAZE, 1 AUG 13:

            “Disturbing Eyewitness Video Captures Calif. Officer Fatally Shooting Unarmed Homeless Man ‘About a Second’ After He Called Her a ‘B**ch’”

            • Barney Google

              To Dan: If that officer really did shoot an innocent man, then yeah, that particular officer is a douchebag. How is that evidence to implicate all officers? These things have to be taken on an individual case-by-case basis. I agree that there are plenty of bad-apples among LEO’s but there are also plenty of good men who take their oaths seriously as well. If you want to have a de-militarized police force, then you will need the good and honorable officers to stay.

              • Barney Google @ 20132AUG1541, Earlier in this thread you attacked my comparison of today’s government enforcers (law ENFORCEment as they prefer to be called) in the United States, with totalitarian German NAZIS by exclaiming “Dan, that’s a ridiculous comparison of apples and sledgehammers”. Well, I think not. It’s an extremely accurate analogy of 1930s and 1940s NAZI thugs with today’s American LAW ENFORCEMENT thugs, using and abusing citizens with the same government authority as their predecessors of the NAZI regime.

                Now you want to go, and again defend the murderous government thug with a gun and a badge, depicted killing an unarmed man with video proof by commenting: “IF (my emphasis) that officer really did shoot an innocent man….”. Good Lord, man ! What the hell does it take for your kind to stop defending that for which there is no defense ? The video proof is right before one’s eyes. But then again one has to see and not just look.

                As much as I dislike posting links and hoping folks will look at the content of the link, I find this particular site by the CATO Institute’s NATIONAL POLICE MISCONDUCT REPORTING PROJECT dispels your attempt to defend America’s growing army of government thugs with badges and guns. CATO Institute’s NPMR Project chronicles dozens of police abuse incidents daily. And this is only one website project. There are certainly hundreds of such incidents occurring everyday in this country.

                I have no respect for those who carry a badge and a gun. NONE.

                Boston, Massachusetts, 19 April 2013 and days after.

                “Not all NAZIS were bad”.

                Guilt by association.


                Remember Jose Guerena.

          • Barney Google

            I am wrong? That’s rather presumptuous, wouldn’t you say? I don’t have any love for corrupt jackboots, but I’m also not dumb/paranoid enough to believe that EVERY officer is a blood-drinking, corrupt, sociopath! If you seriously think that EVERY officer is satan-in-a-patrol-cap…you need some meds.

            • Barney Google @ 20132AUG1533….

              “I am wrong?” Yes. Your defense of American thugs with badges and guns is very wrong.

              “I don’t have any love for corrupt jackboots, but….” Yes you do. You’re one of the sheeple who defends the wrongdoings of a group of authoritarian thugs. Thugs whose only purpose is to ENFORCE the tyranny put upon citizens by the ruling elites of “government”. Remember….”law ENFORCEment” ?

              “….I’m also not dumb/paranoid enough to believe that EVERY officer….” Gee Barney Google or should I refer to you as Barney Fife ? Now you have no sensible, intelligent arguments to defend your brother thugs with badges and guns so you use ad hominem attacks. Your only defense of your beloved, fellow officers, is that EVERY office is not a thug. Hmmmm….unless they are doing a Frank Serpico, former NYPD whistleblower, they are all part of the thuggery.

              “If you seriously think that EVERY officer is satan-in-a-patrol-cap…” Well, Barney Google (Fife) I don’t THINK every officer is a bad guy. I BELIEVE every stinking one of them who represent the tyranny of government authority in the form of a badge and gun, are the enemies of freedom and liberty.

              “…you need some meds”. Hey great argument you have there defending your brothers in blue. Perhaps you should heed your own advise ?

              I have no respect for those who carry a badge and a gun. NONE.

              Boston, Massachusetts, 19 April 2013 and days after.

              “Not all NAZIS were bad”.

              Guilt by association.


              Remember Jose Guerena.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          Barney Google/1Aug2013@01:01,

          There’s something almost akin to a general revolt by American sheriffs occurring against the rash of post-Newtown anti-2A legislation/laws w/ the CO sheriffs largely in open rebellion & NY not far behind. The interesting thing is that the places that you’d expect to be the most united in their opposition (the South/incl TX, the Plains, the Mtn & SW states) are actually rather divided in their positions. There’re also more than a few PDs that’ve declared their intent to ignore whatever Fed/State anti-2A asinity that comes down from On High, but so far no major agencies I’ve heard of have joined in although some State govts have instructed their LE orgs not to assist (& in some cases ARREST) Imperium goons trying to enforce Imperial anti-2A Edicts. Little did MT Sheriff Jay Printz know that the seed of defiance he planted would ‘go kudzu’ decades later, & little would such as Dianne ‘Mommy’ Feinstein & Chuck ‘The Red Kapo’ Schumer have believed that the ‘militia/survivalist mentality’ they once derided as ‘the paranoid fringe’ would approach ‘mainstream’ status as the following shows.:

          Sustained Civilian Demand for War Implements

          And then there’s this ‘disturbing’ development.:

          Green Berets Take On Anti-Gunners at Annual Meeting

          Looks like the message of an old Grand Funk Railroad tune’s finally gaining traction.:

          I Want Freedom

          We can but hope.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

          • Barney Google

            Indeed, it is very inspiring to see so many officers speaking out against the collectivist edicts. Thank you for understanding my message Cassandra! Although I’m sure the paranoid guys will jump on you in 3…2…1.

            • Barney: The challenge is simple – introduce me to one, just one, LEO who goes to work and DOES NOT violate his oath to the Constitution, every day. Just one. The moment he prosecutes a single weed case, a single 2A case, participates in a single “Click it or Ticket” or “Sobriety” checkpoint, mans a “security check-point” while his colleagues kick-in doors while hunting Boston for a bomber without warrants, he’s pissed all over his oath.

              “Good Guy who is a LEO” – sure, there are some “Good Guys” out there with badges and guns. There are more than a few will risk their lives for a “Citizen”. I’ve met a few who I’d throw into the alligator swamp last. 😉

              “LEO who obeys the oath to the Constitution” – that guy doesn’t exist – he’s the Unicorn.


              • Mr. Kerodin….cannot agree with your comments more.

                Boston, April 2013 and the tyranny at the hands of badged thugs….shoved under the rug by both the mainstream media and .gov officials.

              • Barney Google

                Kerodin, check out Chief Kessler of the Constitutional Security Force. Good LEO’s may be hard to find, but they are far from mythical.

                • Barney Google @ 20133AUG1301….”Good LEO’s may be hard to find, but they are far from mythical”.

                  Adolf Hitler was known to have a very loving affection for children. He was also very fond and loving of animals, especially dogs. One would find his affections for both children and dogs quite comforting. See Barney….even Adolf could be nice.

            • Barney Google (Fife) @ 20132AUG1549….your message is to defend your fellow “officers”. “Officers” as you Boys-in-Blue like to call yourselves.

              Again you attack with your message of calling those you disagree with “paranoid”, I consider you one of the problems in FUSA. What you call paranoia is actually reality.


            • Cassandra (of Troy)

              Barney Google/2Aug2013@15:49,

              Having had my fundament saved on 2 occasions from JBTs by decent cops & having been reamed out for stupid acts (such as backing out right in front of one & almost hitting him) by other cops who subsequently let me go unticketed, I have personal experience w/ the all too rare examples of straight up LE personnel who’re there to keep the lid on things instead of reveling in the power the badge gives them. But having seen/encountered LEOs of the Category 2 power tripper/’badge heavy’/”As long as I get home intact it’s FTW” kind & seeing that they predominate LE, my attitude is doveryai no proveryai/Trust, but verify, which means that I conduct myself according to the old Mafia dictum regarding interaction w/ LE,: “Yes sir/No sir/I want my lawyer sir” until I have a handle on which way the wind’ll blow. Only fools would adhere to the female/kid mindset of “They can’t ALL be bad!” or its opposite “They’re ALL JBTs!”. I hope for the best & expect the worst, that way I’m covered.

              And besides, projecting the appearence & vibe of harmlessness/servility thru polite (but not cordial) behavior often gives one a tactical advantage should it become necessary to go to Plan B & terminally reproach the offender. Few expect what they consider a whipped dog to tear out their throat, & I love that surprised look when it happens.

              Cassandra (of Troy)

  13. That the guy wearing the shirt w/ the Hemingway quote REMAINS a cop, says all you need to know. My guess? He’s the most fearful of the lot.

  14. A real ‘Peace Officer’ wouldn’t wear these shirts. These are worn by the types that turn into pants wetting pussies if they didn’t have their gun and their gang to back them up.

  15. Thanks for the motivational pic… More weight in the ruck, more range time… more intensity on the weights. Lets play…

  16. Looks like the officer who gave George Zimmerman a warning for speeding in Texas acted decent enough. The day after I was pulled over in Mississippi for a random license check. (A cute, blonde girl like me?!?!) I have never had that happen before. He didn’t search my car or anything, just glanced at my license and waived me and the kids on our way.

  17. You want to meet Officer Friendly? Put a patch on your jacket and ride a motorcycle. Frefor is just Johnny-come-lately to the LEO games.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      AMEN! Seen that, been there, often all it takes is wearing either a leather vest of dark hue or a denim one when on an Iron Horse to attract LE interest. And you can even get hassled by just LOOKING like a ‘biker’ w/o even being on a bike, seen a LOT of that too. The funny part’s when the cop pulls over a group ‘Hells Angels’ & finds out that they’re doctors/biz execs/LAWYERS, i.e., ‘solid citizens’/’pillars of the community’, that “Uh oh, I’m in the s**t NOW!” look/attitude change’s just hilarious to behold. Seen that on more than one occasion & it never gets old. I’ve noticed that while not many scooter cops act like jerx to Hog/chop riders, they luv to jack up crotch rocket jox & given the stupid way most run it’s understandable. The thing is that such conduct can, & all too often does, bleed over into the SC’s general attitude toward ‘civilians’. I hate that, but it seems to be an occupational hazard. Damned shame.

      As far as Frefor being late is concerned, the rodders were catching it before the bike folk’s turn came around & before them it was someone else as per Ecclesiastes 1:9 & 3:1-8. Don’t make it right, however, just makes it so.

      Cassandra (of Troy)