Coming Soon From Your Masters In The Imperial Capital

Powerline: Obama Quietly Pushes Forward With Anti-Suburbn Campaign

Gov’t Knows Best? White House creates ‘nudge squad’ to shape behavior; related document here; h/t Insty

Thank Heaven for our betters!

4 responses to “Coming Soon From Your Masters In The Imperial Capital

  1. Organizational psychology, shaping attitudes – if not yours then of those who will nudge, much harder.

    Coming to your town, and soon.

  2. This is why Big Data is the new bubble industry. To do all of this “nudging” you build data models of your “target markets” down to “micro targets” that will send chills down your spine. It’s been going on in marketing for decades. A government that has access to your financial, health, tax, shopping, and online data in a giant “data hub” will be able to manipulate you more than any government has manipulated people in the history of time, and you will be sold out by your “representatives” and your “countrymen” whose faces are buried in the trough of largesse.

    Time to nudge back.


    If you want the complete exposure of Barry’s plan, just take a look at Agenda 21 on youtube. You can also go to the Newswithviews website for a complete series of articles on this people control plan. It started way before Barry took office.

  4. true dat. they’ve been nudging us for decades and now that the majority of the country is dependent on the govt; they can stop being nice about it. i just hope i can save enough to buy a place and retire out on a lake before the plans start coming to all cities as i think the one place that may be safe is living amongst a bunch of lake folk; theye usually hicks and not considered bright enough to be a threat.