In Defense Of Baby Boomers

A reader sends this link explaining the Boomer POV.

Satire, I think.


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  1. Thanks for that pic. Good thing I usually skip breakfast anyway.


    Yes, it is satire. But, it is with a message. I live in a county where the average age is 61. These whining old people are just as much part of the entitlement class as the FSA. Yes, I am a boomer and I turned 65 last October. But, I do not feel the government at any level owes me anything except to leave me alone. I am, unfortunately, in a minority.
    All of this entitlement whining will continue until the economy collapses. Then they can throw their tantrums all day and night. There will be no more cookies in the cookie jar. All of the survival novels such as PATRIOTS, etc. will come true and the unprepared will end up culled.

  3. CreepyAssCracker

    I am a boomer. I have lived through more turmoil and waded through more shit than most younger generations can imagine. Korean War, Vietnam War, political assassinations, genocides. Name it. And I have lived through more broken promises and failed expectations than I can numerate. No one has given me a damned thing except for a chance or an opportunity, which I capitalized on. So I do not live in poverty…yet. And know this Barry, and Barry-as- lickers. Never take away all that a man has, because then he has nothing left to lose.

    To the younger generation who might make a sport of bashing baby boomers I say: Fuck you…you spoiled little self absorbed booger picking and eating, cry-baby entitlement leeches. Your own savior, BHO, who you have elected TWICE takes a shit on your entire generation every single day and smugly laughs at your discontent. You deserve to live in the the lake of feces that is your life. Blame yourself. Eat shit and die. And if you raise a hand of violence to me. I will blow your precious little head off. I will tear you a precious new little asshole. Like precious little Trayvon.

    To all of the fine young people in this country, most sincerely, I ask you to forgive my angry tirade. I am not directing my anger at you. But then, you are already secure in your selves anyway. You understand American self-sufficiency, unlike some. The young veterans come to mind. They have earned their way. To them I offer my undying respect. And in you I have hope for future generations.

    My venom is not so simplistic as to be directed at a whole generation. Only the collectivist loser shit eaters who consider themselves such special little snowflakes as to judge and disrespect the generation that gave them the gift of their own lives, instead of aborting them as the true inconveniences they ended up being.

    The Good Book has a special judgement waiting for ‘dispisers of their own parents’.

    Touched a nerve on a bad day. Fed fucking UP!

    • 'nuther boomer


    • Ghostoftrayvon

      1. You blame young people for Obama, as if that’s where the campaign finance money came from.

      2. You threaten children with violence. Classy. Like a real man.

      3. You want us to pity you, but it’s hard to believe that growing up in the 1960s was much worse than today…

      Look, I dislike my generation too, and I certainly wouldn’t defend them. I don’t know why the boomers are so touchy about this, as if they MUST have everyone respect them…

  4. Hey, I got it, let’s blame all our problems on the people who didn’t do it, a scape goat, and turn our fury on them. That way, we can ignore the socialist bastards and their bureaucrats who are responsible, like they want, and heap scorn and hate on people who didn’t do anything more than live their lives best they could, obeyed the laws, and tried their best to be good citizens. It worked on the Jews, and other “undesirables” through out history, and it takes the focus off the real trouble makers, so that the trouble makers can continue, and get worse. I gotta whine for those that see me, personally as one of those responsible for todays shit sandwich. Bite me.

  5. As a boomer who has spent my life adhering to the values of my parents’ generation, I view the majority of my peer generation as scum. When it came time to give back (which is the basis of Western Civilization), they emphatically said NO. Piss on ’em.

  6. Cut and paste of a reply to actual boomer bashing article a while back…
    There are plenty of boomers who have no savings, inadequate healthcare, and are going to work until they die because they have no choice.

    Yeah…  That’s me. Born in 1960, officially a boomer.

    Fuck you all, by the time I needed a full time job the economy was doing the major post WWII contraction from our going negative on the domestic oil production vs. import ratio flip in the 70’s. Followed by the plague of Reagan and Bush the elder, everything my grade school weekly reader promised for the future being snatched away while lacoste shirted preppies were elevated to the pinnacle once reserved for big tittied hippy chicks. I STILL WANT MY FLYING CAR, YOU RAT BASTARDS!!!

    Then it got worse as the democraps were totally captured by the ruling oligarchy and some grinning asshole from Arkansas showed up, snowed everyone who should have known better and gave us NAFTA to go with a heaping helping of Walmart and China/Mexico job export.

    Next, the wonderfulness of my life was increased by the post cold war paradigm required to keep shoveling all our money to the same greedy asshats who’d been gobbling it up since 1942 or so. Terroists EVERYWHERE!!! (no, I didn’t leave that “r” out accidentally).

    So, while I wait to die of cancer, either from the fallout that rained out over my Midwestern home from open air nuke testing in the 60’s or the newest wave of “made in Japan” hot particles… I can be amused by young pupps who are propagandized that I’ve had it unreasonably good my whole life. Fuck you again, I’ve got to go weed the garden and feed the chickens now or I won’t eat next winter. If I live that long. Get out of my way before I hit you with my cane.

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    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “Then it got worse……China/Mexico job export.”

      The process that transformed the Democrats into LEFTocrats began in 1968 w/ Bobby Kennedy & the “Anti-war/Peace movement” & was completed in 1972 w/ George McGovern & his ‘New Left’ supporters, it’s been downhill ever since. Interesting thing is that since then the long rumored Communist direction of that transformation was finally confirmed when the Soviet Union collapsed & the archives were (all too briefly) opened for examination, one wonders just why it is that said proof hasn’t been/isn’t being PUBLICLY & REPEATEDLY used by the ‘Right/’Conservatives’ to beat the s**t out of the LEFTocrats/allies & their philosophy. I guess such conduct wouldn’t be deemed ‘civilized’, or it could be that doing such would be akin to attacking siblings since at base BOTH sides are of the Patrician class. I dunno, but my ‘barbaric’ position is that if someone tries to take me out they’d better succeed the first time as they won’t get another chance & I’ll do my best to bury not just them but as many of their relatives/friends/allies as I can get to.

      Tres gauche I know, but my ‘uncouth’ heredity’s hard to restrain at times.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  7. I feel bad for boomers who are being threatened with reduced benefits (I’m 50 btw), but in fact, baby boomers brought it to themselves. Yeah, they did most of the above but they also F’d up by VOTING THE CONGRESS CRITTERS BACK IN AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cry me a river – you feel bad that your bennies are threatened ? What was the deficit 20 years ago 4 -5 trillion. So we’ve quadrupled the deficit in that time – isn’t that special! How many of us are kicking out the douche bag congress man we’ve voted in time and time again?

    Hows this for attitude adjustment – pretend you are turning 18, with your whole life ahead of and find you and your generation are responsible for paying off 17 TRILLION that we did, and aren’t even pretending to try to pay it off.

    They didn’t earn that – WE did. So if they write us off and feed us dog food, it is for a reason.

    • Battlefield USA

      That would be FIFTY-SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS. 17 trillion is the feds… the rest, 40 Trillion, is private, which means you, you, you, you, you, and you, and you… I always pay cash…. when I can, or I can’t afford the shiny object.

      And ya know, my grandfather was a steel worker. Had a massive heart attack when he was 53 and died. He didn’t have much, but what he had, he worked for and he didn’t use credit cards. His wife, my grandmother, dearly loved the man and never remarried. She had to sell almost all that was left to pay his medical bills. Anyhow, she moved into a nice little flat that her husbands father and mother lived in during the 50’s and early 60’s. Although my father lived about 70 miles away, he took the time to check up on her from time to time. She always said she was fine. Making a little bit of extra cash babysitting. Little did we know, that things were not as she let us believe. We found out that she was eating cat food. She wasn’t having a FUCKING PARTY. My father, when he found out, wasn’t to happy. He took it upon himself to buy her groceries every 2 weeks. When he asked her why she didn’t let him know, she said she was to embarrassed to tell him and “besides sweetie, I didn’t want to burden you.” My grandmother was a very independent woman. My father couldn’t shake her to move in with him and mom. She used to reminisce a lot about the old days. Something you younger kids know nothing about, because hell, at my age of 54, I’m your grandpa. I was fortunate to sit down and listen to my great grandparents and grandparents stories going back all the way to the mid 1800’s. Stories most young kids only know by history books… if you are fortunate enough. But then again, most kids today aren’t interested. The stories my grandfather on my moms side told about the depression era and riding those trains… My great grandfather riding with Teddy, Sheriff In Carbon County, and senator in Salt Lake… My other great grandfather immigrating from Ireland when just a lad, becoming Sheriff in some county Oklahoma, marrying a Choctaw woman, showing me the bullet hole in his butt cheek when I was 8 (that was a humorous story). My father growing up and watching his family march off to Germany and Japan… and marching back home… my mother doing the same. My father in the Aleutian Islands and deep in the bowels of NORAD. Me? I got to grow up watching the hippies do what hippies did… through no fault of my father and his fathers. My father worked his ass off for forty years to put a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on our back and to pay off his home 2 years before he passed on before his time… spending his retirement slowly dying from sucking in exotic metals for 40 years. But he never complained. He never asked for anything. He never took anything… and he never had a party except going back to Utah before he died to see his old boyhood home, going to the Capital looking for family records and pictures of his grandfather. All of my great grandparents who were ranchers and farmers and lost it all during the depression… they didn’t retire having a party. My grandparents didn’t retire having a party. My father didn’t retire having a party. None of them “lived it up.”

      Who in the fuck are these people who are living it up? I never knew them.

      • We found out that she was eating cat food.

        There’s something wrong with that sentence.
        We’ve had cats forever and cat food is not a cheap alternative, none of it.
        We have dogs too, and cat food is always more expensive than dog food.

        You can get a CASE (12 pack) of Ramen noodles everywhere for less than $2.00.
        There are lot’s of cheap foods in everyday grocery stores.
        There is no common sense reason for anyone to be eating cat food.

        Besides, anyone poor enough can get an EBT card and you can’t get cat food with that but you can get fat on Ramen noodles with it.

        • Battlefield USA

          Back then a can of cat food the size of a small tuna can was pretty damn cheap in the early 80’s. So there is really nothing “wrong with that sentence.”

          But boy, did you really miss out on the whole point.

          And who said anything about EBT cards but you?

  8. I understand the frustration the author feels. When the light bulb finally lights, and you finally realize the bullshit you’re dealing with, you feel a sense of betrayal by the previous generation. I’m am reaping the consequences of those who voted for FDR, Carter, LBJ, JFK, ect. and eating shit for it. 40% of my income is paying not just for welfare fucks, but also for grandpa popping 20 pills/day and grandma getting 8 MRI’s this year. HAVING SAID THAT, you can make broad generalizations about an entire generation’s voting habits, but just because SOME are clueless fuckers, doesn’t mean all are (the same could be said of my generation). Some of the Boomers are salt of the earth, hard-ass geezers that gave my generation a living example of what it means to be a good man and a patriot. At the end of the day, age isn’t the problem here. It’s the takers v. the producers. Those who want to usher in a new Dark Ages, where once again the parasitic elite will be supported by the serfdom of the general populace. So let’s all chill out, harden the fuck up and win this thing…because there is no alternative. We live in the last bastion of Western Culture, and neither history nor our descendants will judge us kindly if we falter now.

    • “It’s the takers v. the producers.”

      You can reduce the whole topic to that, right there. Who, when, how or why simply don’t matter—those are all excuses for collectivizing the bullshit.

      I don’t hate the takers. They’re just dupes for the most part, with maybe a few sadists to help ’em out. But it doesn’t help them and it doesn’t help me. I’m done with it…a taker is a taker is a taker.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Jim Klein/30July2013@16:48,

        You may find the following from American Thinker of interest.:

        Grasshopper Heaven, Worker Ant Hell

        Remember also that a ‘producer’ is also a ‘taker’ unless its product is totally self-generated/ex nihilo. Owah ‘bettahs’ on the Left & Right will take what they want when they want it, the primary distinction being that many Leftists don’t mind kissing the dog if necessary whereas the vast majority of the Right prefer to farm out their dirty work whenever possible.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  9. Ghostoftrayvon

    I’m glad this post got us talking about a real issue with real stakes. Usually there’s too much phony talk. We are making some progress today.

  10. What Jesse said, especially those last two sentences.

  11. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Creepy Ass Cracker

    While your anger about being blamed for things you didn’t do/had nothing to do with is understandable & largely justifiable, your point (I assume) is that being FROM a generation doesn’t necessarily mean that one is OF that generation & if that’s the case I wholeheartedly agree. I sure as Hell didn’t like being considered a ‘Commie hippie’ by the so-called “Greatest Generation” (& its structure) because my appearence resembled that of those 10-15 yrs older than me (a.k.a. the “Love/Woodstock/Baby Boom generation”), & it STILL fries me that such remains the case despite the demonstrable FACT that there’s little similarity.


    If you saw The Wonder Years then you’ve seen the difference between what’s commonly referred to as “the Baby Boom generation” (Kevin’s sister) & those who’ve been involuntarily included in that group (Kevin/his age group) by said BBs to (on paper) pad their numbers & increase their cultural & political influence & never mind if Group B shares only a superficial affinity with the BBs. Years ago I read an article about a comparative survey of BBs & their chronological siblings which claimed that despite appearences, there was little similarity between the 2 groups philosophically & that the group which Group B has most in common with is their Grandparents/”The Greatest Generation”. :~O! And from what I’ve seen personally, that contention holds up & an interesting addendum to it is that those who were Punkers/Punk Rockers in their teens also tended to be philosophically closer to Group B & “The Greatest Generation”. DOUBLE :~O!!

    FYI Bert, I’m a 55 edition of Group B & the majority of those I’ve met in that age bracket (irrespective of location/financial status/ethnic background) validate that study’s results. If you want to consider yourself what’s commonly referred to as a BB & thereby be identified w/ that group’s stereotypical ethos/conduct, it’s Isley Bros w/ me & Rock On, but I decline the appellation & association.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • That’s exactly my point. I grew up moving around courtesy of Uncle Sam in the family of a warrant officer (a hell of a different animal than a ring-knocker). My childhood was more “The Great Santini” than “90210.” Things I took for granted and were the norm growing up…like pocket knives, what kind of man doesn’t carry a knife?… I found out were most definitely NOT. I have nothing in common with my Gen. Y other than my birth year. Try chasing tail in college while trying to explain 1) what the Federal Reserve is, and 2) what debasement means. The range of responses was “Huh?” to”You sound like my grandfather.” Young Jesse spent many nights alone, that’s for sure. Rather than conform, accept that your an outlier. We are analog men, living in a digital world. Fuck socially acceptable ignorance.

      I see where you’re coming from as well. In law school I finally understood all the lawyer jokes. As a whole, a more insecure, specious, arrogant, worthless bunch of self-righteous pricks cannot be found, outside of DC. Individuals who were blessed with an incredible intellect, but managed to dwarf it with their grandiose egos and shameless self-promotion. Some guys managed a Jedi-level of narcissism. A small minority are genuinely good people. Guys who realize that while the system is broken,it’s a PRIVILEGE (are you listening NSA?) to provide a civil service. Until the bullets start flying, the outliers, the square pegs in round holes, are a last line of defense for those unjustly taxed or charged by the alphabet soup in DC. You can’t win them all, and maybe the DOJ will never emulate it’s namesake again…but by God they can make those fuckers pay for every inch.

      At the end of the day, much of the resentment for the older generation is seen because of the ponzu-scheme of SS/Medicare/Medicaid. I won’t argue the semantics between them, but many older people voted on those issues in the last two elections. They paid in for ____ years and they want a return on that money, I don’t blame them. Few see that they are paying the piper for their voting choices 2,3,4 decades ago. The rub is especially Medicare. You’ve got people that paid into the system MAYBE $200-300k over the course of a lifetime using that up in 5 years. Congrats, now your 70. What about the next 10-15 years? The math doesn’t work and never will. As such, the future 3 generations will be paying off the _____ TRILLION dollars for medical care given 50-100 years ago (heh, assuming CONUS still exists as an entity). Whatever. It doesn’t matter, because my generation and the future one is no better. We are as or more ignorant and intellectually dishonest as the last one. Probably more. The good news is, even fewer know how to shoot (“Do the pointy ends go forward?”…true story there). Ditto to those who have even spent a night out in the woods or knows what it’s like to be truly lost, hungry or both in the dark. I might not be a bad ass 99-Zulu sniper with moon-based weaponry, but in the words of a wise man “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” And man…the world is fucking blind right now.

      • A comment I posted last night on SiGB’s place in ref to this post:

        ( but see also )

        seems appropriate here:


        The “I paid into SS and am owed at least my payments plus interest” POV was squelched in 1960 by the Supremes in Flemming vs. Nestor, who said SS was simply a tax. See generally this Cato piece:

        The Flemming case:

        And the Helvering case from 1937:

        See also this piece on the context of Helvering:

        So good luck with enforcing that SS contract you think you’ve got.

        You’re gonna get what your Masters deign to give you.

        Or what you choose to take.

        Stark choices – but all you really have.

        Me? I’m teaching my young people why they need to be able to shoot old people if the geezers act like (and thus are) Bolsheviks.

        Alea iacta est.


        • 1)*Ponzi…

          2) I’m aware of the Flemming case. However, saying “the emperor has clothes” does not an outfit make. “Law” in the US has become so arbitrary and capricious (the Kelo case comes to mind) that current decisions more resemble something out of a banana republic rather than a Western nation. ACA was ruled a “tax” by the highest court in the land, yet it was not presented the us as such by our servants in DC, nor was it voted on as such. It was a charade of the highest order. I won’t go on with other examples, but it makes my point. If you take X and promise Y, it is IMMORAL to do otherwise. I don’t care what pieces of paper you wave at me or what your men in black robes say is legal. Law derives it’s power from the morals behind it. Hence all those abstract things we’ve forgotten about such as justice, fair-dealing and honor. What Congress has done is affectionately referred to in my field as “fraud,” “embezzlement” and “breach of contract.” It’s illegal for us to do that, but not THEM. Fuck that. When the law no longer applies to EVERYONE, we cease becoming a nation of laws and become the very thing we threw off in 1776. It’s ironic coming from a lawyer, but law changes not one whit of what is truly right. Present day, law is merely the government giving itself permission to do what it wants. Damn straight FEDGOV owes those people what they took from them.

          • 100%.

            Now go to court and enforce that last sentence.

            As a lawyer, you can figure for yourself the odds of a peaceful “workout” between the parties.


            • One of the rudimentary skills you learn in law school is the ability to effectively communicate with your audience. A jury in NYC is vastly different than from my native TX in terms of social norms, speech and cultural values. You speak in layman’s terms to laypeople and save the legalese for the judge an opposing counsel. It is imperative to speak the language for communication to take place. What most Americans who haven’t traveled outside our borders fail to grasp is that man can allow himself to devolve into little more than a cunning brute…a wily, rabid dog. We lock many (some?) of them away here, but overseas they have, and do run whole countries. A lesson we should have learned 12 years ago. The only language spoken is that which is spoken by Nature. Force. Overwhelming, naked force. Written/spoken word and reason are the tools of civilized men, but we are not dealing with civilized people here. Borderline sociopathic narcissism and complete disregard for duty, country and honor is a more fitting description. For some, the first time they hear you will be when staring down a 1/4″ hole that seems to swallow their entire world. “Can you hear me now?”

              • Cassandra (of Troy)


                So, at what point in your legal studies did it hit you that there’s a HUGE difference between law & justice & how severe was your reaction to that discovery? For example, most people deeply believe that the job of LE is to protect them from predation & become QUITE discombobulated (& frequently VERY hostile) when they’re informed that such is manifestly NOT the case. I once got into a nasty argument w/ a local radio talk show host when I dropped that lil’ gem on him on air & ended the confab by telling him to first ask a crim def lawyer & then a cop who he knows will tell him the truth. Next day on his show he admitted I was right, apologized for ripping on me, then got real angry at the local anti-gun cultists & their political/TV & newspaper/LE allies who’d assured him most sincerely that LE would be there to save the day should events go sideways. A truly gratifying moment it were. That point’s still one of my faves & the shocked/stunned reaction of those I use it on never ceases to cause mirth.

                Cassandra (of Troy)

  12. Semper Fi, 0321

    The post WW2 baby boom was from 1945-55, a decade where the WW2 generation raised families and started businesses. Today we have 40somethings calling themselves baby boomers, and acting like it’s all about them. WTF, over?
    Did somebody need to pad statistics and suddenly lump them together with the Vietnam generation or what? I distinctly remember being in the last year of the baby boomers, and now people are telling me their kids are baby boomers from the 60’s.
    I actually thought I was a somebody, once.

    • The *generation* years are all over the place.
      For my own ease of use I consider a generation to be 20 years with the boomers starting in 1946. So therefore 1966 would be considered in that range.

      But all of that stuff is superficial because as Cassandra pointed out people in groups are never the same.

    • Battlefield USA

      The general consensus is that the boom ended in 64 which brought in the gen x.

      But I think this is all really besides the point.

      I’m going to go further in my comment in CA’s other post about the boomer gen.

      I mentioned Hitlers quote on the new youth and the new camp. There is no new camp. We have all been living in the same camp. Same camp, just new rules. Each generation slowly being acclimatized to TP’sTB vision of a NWO. And I am going to go even further than that… I also mentioned Ft. Sumter. How some of us are saying, “No more Ft. Sumter.” Whether people realize it or not, our camp IS Ft. Sumter. And I suggest we break out of it PDQ. Because with each and every generation, they are strengthening the walls, compounding the new rules, inventing new camp security… proliferating new torture techniques and propaganda… if they can plant false memories in your mind now… and on and on.

      Meh. Never mind. If we have it good compared to what our children, and their children will live with… why shake the pot? Heh?

      • Curtis:

        Re “…Whether people realize it or not, our camp IS Ft. Sumter…”:

        Explication of that precisely-correct point would be one hell of an essay.


        • Battlefield USA


          I think that is exactly where we are at. In fact, it should be obvious to anyone. Maybe when I get some time, I can do a short essay on it… not that I am historically literate on Ft. Sumter, but I have some working knowledge. I got it in my head, it’s just a matter of putting it on paper. No promises as work is taking up much of my time these days.

          Feel free if you come up with something. You are more than capable.

  13. I was born on a Monday. I’m a Monday-ite. The Tuesday through Sunday-ites fucked everything up. It’s not my fault at all.
    If someone pokes holes in that theory then I’ll create some other arbitrary divider that lays the blame on another random demographic.
    The best part about shifting the blame is that I get to justify not doing anything to fix the problem, because it wasn’t my fault.
    That about cover it?

    • “The best part about shifting the blame is that I get to justify not doing anything to fix the problem, because it wasn’t my fault.
      That about cover it?”


  14. Creepy Ass Cracker

    Fuck the ghost of Trayvon Martin.And that lying illiterate ghetto bitch who tried to put a noose around George Zimmerman’s neck. He got what he deserved. You can’t surf a day where you don’t find a report of little bastards involved in flash mobs and flash robs. Playing the ‘Knockout Game’.

    And lets not forget the precious baby in Miami who chewed off a homeless man’s face, until a cop put an end to his miserable existence.

    And the two gorillas who murdered and raped two young people in Nashville? Or the man that was filmed by a nanny cam beating and kicking a woman mercilessly in front of her child because he was so stupid that he broke in to rob her when she was at home.

    I enjoy watching the YouTube of the old man in Florida burning down two little creeps who try to rob an internet cafe. I laugh until I can’t breathe! The little cowards fall all over themselves trying to get away from the gun fire.

    I have been burglarized and robbed at gun point by these trash. Idolizing criminal behavior. Wanna be toughies.

    Is that the ‘children’ you speak of GhostOfTrayvon? It was made public that Trayvon Martin didn’t die right away. That he suffered a little while as he bled out.


    They are not ‘children’. They are animals deserving of their violent ends.

    What kind of person defends and pities these sub-human primates and their behaviors?

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Creepy Ass Cracker/31July2013@12:16,
      RE: Trayvon, et al

      Why do you think there’s such a panic about state after state enacting CCW reform, then enacting ‘Castle Doctrine’, & then enacting ‘Stand Your Ground’? The IL thug hugger’s howls over the Governor’s CCW reform veto are due to their KNOWING how things will go once the State begins issuing permits,: People will defend themselves, get jacked up for doing it, get REALLY angry, & the floodgates for even more ‘Wild West laws’ will burst beyond repair. And the part that REALLY twists the anti-2A/pro-thug/pro-dictatorship cult’s knickers is that if the people who’re capping the black/latino punx are (GASP!) black/latino too they can’t play the race card, & if violent crime starts to (OH NO!) go down dramatically the s**t will well & truly hit the fan which is something the Imperium can’t deal with as that’ll cause all manner of other ‘heretical’ ideurz to percolate in the nogginz of the unwashed. HORRORS!

      And if such a catastrophic reversal of Patrician fortune occurs out here in the People’s Democratic Republic of California, the natl/intl headlines will likely read something like,: “AMERICA, THE NEW O.K. CORRAL”, “WILD WEST BARBARISM REIGNS IN THE U.S.A.”, & similar.

      Kinda makes a tingle go up your leg, don’t it?

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        That sentence should read,:

        The Il thug hugger’s howls over the Governor’s CCW reform veto OVERRIDE are due to their KNOWING how things will go once the State begins issuing permits,:…etc., etc.

        Yet another object lesson on why it’s best to type SLOWLY & check 2-3 times BEFORE posting. A Preview function would be VERY nice in order to preclude such errors & save embarrassment.

        C (o T)

  15. CAC said “My venom is not so simplistic as to be directed at a whole generation. Only the collectivist loser shit eaters who consider themselves such special little snowflakes as to judge and disrespect the generation that gave them the gift of their own lives, instead of aborting them as the true inconveniences they ended up being.

    The Good Book has a special judgement waiting for ‘dispisers of their own parents’.”

    Shoot, those words could be said about any generation….

    I appologize in advance to the older folks, but its really going to suck when the USA runs out of money and us ‘special little snowflakes’ in younger generations are going to choose whether the money from our sweat is going towards keeping our kids fed or be confiscated to feed the leviathon your generation put its rubber stamp on.

  16. Brian M.,
    ” … feed the leviathon your generation put its rubber stamp on.”

    Uhh … As a perpetually and certifiably enraged guy of the ’58 vintage, since WHEN did we ever approve of what the Gov’t has done? I must have missed the meeting where everyone in my “generation” agreed with expanding the “leviathon” (sic) that was being created around us.

    Granted, for a long time, we thought we could “vote” our way out of this, reverse the perverse trend, but as with anyone who’s been on this site and the dozens of related sites for the past years? We were quickly disabused of that notion.

    Don’t deceive yourself. We didn’t want any of this “social safety net” crap. Most of us were doing just fine on our own until the Gov’t accelerated the deliberate destruction of the economy. That kinda screwed up our plans.

  17. I hit “post” too soon. Anyway, there are quite a few of us who never rely on Gov’t for anything. The independent, sharp, and resilient among us have simply shifted gears and made new plans. Personally, mine either involve making more than enough money in a different pursuit (my old career is gone), or having the basics to survive at least the first stage of the coming socioeconomic collapse. I’ll take my chances from there.

    I’m pretty fuckin’ pissed, and I’d love to see some retribution of some sort, if that was ever possible. Regardless, I intend to outlive the bastards, one way or the other. That, my young friend, is the best revenge.