Devil at the Door : A ‘Lights Out’ Saga Short Film

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  1. Wookie luv

    I did the Bugout Drill at Tiger Valley and met David without putting 2 & 2 together until after the event. He did it with his son if I recall correctly. Good book, have read it several times.

  2. give me a break. The bikers are just going to frontal assault a bunch of Preppers in prepare positions? Any group of bikers would have numerous former military in their outfits they would flank these unprepared Preppers and wipe them off the face of the earth this movie looks like a paintball movie.

    • Barney Google

      Detroit, I agree that the whole frontal assault thing was stupid, but bikers aren’t bullet-proof super bad-asses. Most real “outlaw” gangs have military experience limited only to time in Leavenworth (prison). Whereas a good number of these preppers you dismiss have actual veterans in their ranks who served in combat, with honorable discharges. Besides, in an EMP/grid-down situation, those bikes aren’t going to be running for very long. Then bikers will just shoot themselves out of depression.

  3. I would be more likely to point out that IS NOT outside San Antonio, but you know, I enjoyed the book and I hope to enjoy the movie.
    Just got back from visiting Vicksburg Mississippi. I saw Chicago’s “victory mosque” there. We better win. It’s stay the same battle of Liberty against the State.

  4. Barney Google

    I noticed the hero with the FAL was in Walking Dead this last season, character died though. Looks like the good guys were using some real flimsy-ass cover, they need some sandbags, hesco’s, or trenches.

  5. war does not take place to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra. Worse than “Gods and Generals”. I wanna hear the musketry.

  6. No cover. No concealment. No fire control. No dispersal . No wire. No mines. No reserves. No medics. No fire plan. No fox holes. And all nicely bunched, so that one guy with a blooper can just frag the S*** out of half the line. They didn’t need 40 bikers to take them-All they needed was 2 snipers and two fire teams with that M-1919.—Ray

  7. Fucking A, Ray, nailed it. That might be the stupidest short since I saw the coming attractions for “Sharknado”. Some one is just trying to turn bullshit into cash. And hint, hint. Difficult times and situations are NOT solved with significant looks. What a load.

  8. Semper Fi, 0321

    I’m surprised every one of the bikers was still up after the first minute of fire, and coming from behind fixed barricades across open ground @ 75m?
    Bad shooting and planning from every angle.
    Loved the book, the movie looks really weak.

  9. Pretty sure that was just a promo teaser trailer filmed to spark interest in and generate crowd-sourced funding. Still, they could have done better in the tactics department. For the same level of effort and $$ they could have filmed one of the firefights (or a segment thereof) from the book that took place out in the woods or the power line right-of-way. No set building needed, just lots of blank ammo.

    Still, for all the sniping and complaining here, it has potential. It hasn’t even been filmed yet, so all this griping is putting the cart before the horse.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Did you gripe also, or was that just constructive criticism?
      Maybe they will take some hints on tactics so they don’t film the real one as bad as the trailer. It needs some serious military advisors to help out with the shooting scenes. It falls prey to the same crap as every other shooting movie; everyone with rifles is missing at point blank range and the hero starts knocking off bad guys at 100m with a handgun, while doing backflips too, happens every time.

  10. Only a few sandbags noticed in front of one old guy, and poor coverage at that. Where are the entrenching tools? How ’bout that weapon handling? No paint visible on any weapon? Pallet boards don’t stop bullets until you have like 20+” of wood thickness and prayer even then. Dirt is way better. A barrel of dirt is a nice start. Standing is less stable and more exposed than kneeling, kneeling is less stable and more exposed than prone. What do US Marines do? What did Eastern European guerillas do vs. Germans in WWII? Copy that as much as possible. Throw up some junk in a prepared situation to conceal movement but don’t pretend that it’s cover. Prone in a trench firing over the dug earth makes a tough difficult target for cheap. Bring a poncho and an armload of newspaper/cardboard if you don’t have a love for wet ground full of sharp stones. Waxed cardboard would be quite desirable.

    Make note of effective range of weapons. Place accordingly. Men on motorcycles are light horse. The difference between a mob and very-light infantry (insurgents, rebels, terrorists, freedom-fighters, patriots, farmers, workers, etc.) is training. It would be quite a surprise if a mob is assumed and a rainbow-dressed infantry appeared from nowhere (and disappeared before a response could be made). Radios and preparation make all the difference. Sell-fone is not “a radio”, it’s a terminal of an opfor controlled network.

    If there are some infantry involved, lining up civilians to fight over a creek doesn’t sound like a winning plan. It sounds like a paintball re-enactment of European armies slaughtering each other in 1690. All well and good when there is surplus population of landless-semiloyal-villagers, but post-collapse America will actually have a people SHORTAGE, of good useful willing knowledgeable people, that is. Fun film, not a training film.

  11. Grenadier1

    Guys its a movie not a fucking how to docudrama.Dont expect a step by step on field fortifications and proper L shaped ambushes from a low budget you tube flick.

    • Yet you have to ask the question, who’s this movie aimed at.
      The yuppies aren’t interested and the hillbillies will laugh at it for all the reasons listed above.
      “Jack of all trades, master of none” so to speak.

      “One day the devil is going to come knocking on your door.”
      OK. Find him where he sleeps before he arrives and shank the fucker. Defending a static emplacement is worse than stupid.
      You need a community that can locate these problems over a wide area and go out to meet them where the women and children AINT.

    • Yes, it”s a movie, but it looks silly when they direct it in themanner they did.

  12. Too painfully corny to watch. Emp threat: real. Daylight assault by cannibalistic communist biker gang: ridiculous. Someone must have just read Patriots.

    The minute any real scouts would have seen the prepper group lined up like a bunch of morons, a plan for diversion + bold flanking maneuver would have been hatched and mr “I now wear overalls because SHTF” would have been toast.