Quote Of The Century Candidate

“…Anonymize yourself as best you can, maybe even go to encrypted comms, but understand that as long as you communicate electronically, you will never be outside the purview or reach of the intelligence infrastructure.”


7 responses to “Quote Of The Century Candidate

  1. Barney Google

    Let us not forget that warfare existed before electronic communications. As great as encrypted radios are, lower tech solutions can work just fine too. Remember old-school spy techniques like “dead-drop” messaging, book codes, carrier pigeons (they can carry small flash-drives, allowing lots of intel to be transferred), secret couriers, etc. Don’t exclude electronic comms entirely, of course, but remember that every non-electronic communication tactic requires extra effort to intercept and decipher.

  2. a distant second to the Japanese military proverb

    “Duty is heavier than a mountain…
    …Death, lighter than a feather

  3. I’m not all that concerned with an organization whose fuck ups have been frequent, monumental, and virtually a proverb. If these ass clowns are so smart, and their reach and capability so great, how is it a PFC. was able to collect and distribute so much stuff to Wikileaks, and Snowden able to engage and disseminate so much classified info? Answer: They’re a bunch of braggadocios whose delusions of power are only matched by their ineptitude. The only thing they lack in finesse is that they immediately go to the whip if the first act sucks.

    • Barney Google

      Hell, Snowden was a contractor, not even a real NSA employee. But cost taxpayers two or three times as much for his salary.

    • Sean, no amount of vitriol (deserved) you spew at NSA will diminish their capabilities and willingness to eavesdrop on whatever they choose. Manning has nothing to do with NSA; he was in the Army where he had the access, ample time, and an NCO who was too busy eating at Pizza Hut to realize what his PFC was doing. Snowden likely falls into the same category but in the NSA, where contractors and government employees are given access to highly classified material through the course of their official duties. Just because there are two “defectors” doesn’t negate NSA’s ability to do what they want. You use poor logic. For every strategic shock suffered by the intelligence community in the past few years, there are hundreds of other cases of success, if effort is directed in a responsible and Constitutional manner. To misquote a popular cliche: be concerned, be very concerned.

  4. If anything, I’d say knuckleheads strengthen the resolve of NSA, and might make them work harder to skirt the Constitution. Remember who’s in charge.

  5. Logic not so poor, if you please, mein freunde. While in the Army, I was in contact with NSA on many occasions, and I was only in a minor backwater post. The Armed Forces work hand in glove with the NSA, and rely on it for tactical, strategic, and technical support, as well as they report directly to the NSA, on all pertinent matters. Manning gave WikiLeaks many thousands of commo interface bursts between all these, and State Dept, foreign offices, and even CIA traffic. Just normal, and routine stuff, but of course it revealed a lot of what interested parties want to know. Ask anybody in the business, and they’ll tell you it’s the little things that get you killed. I have no illusions of NSAs’ or any other intelligence groups reach and power, nor the scope of what they’re capable of. Their successes are many, and their failures get hyped. My only concern with them is that they would get hold of me, personally, and well, do the dance. After I was broken, who knows what they would do with the remains. But I am not a high value target, and even if I become interesting prey to them, they always got bigger fish to fry. My biggest concern with them is the damage they are doing and the dictatorship they are fortifying RIGHT NOW, in place of the Republic. Few seem aware of the danger, and soon, it will become agonizingly clear, and painfully entrenched.