Mosby: Tactical Communications Options For Partisans


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3 responses to “Mosby: Tactical Communications Options For Partisans

  1. Grenadier1

    Good to see that he considers the Motorola DTR with Freq hopping to be fairly secure.
    I have had my eye on those as an upgrade from my Tri-Squares for a little while.

  2. Grenadier1, what is your take on the Tri-Square? I’ve used the DTR quite a bit and find them indestructable.

    • Grenadier1

      I wish they were better!
      My Tri-Squares out of the box one of them needed disassembly and rebuilding of the PTT switch. Not a problem for me as I got 20 years of component level electronics experiance. Most folks would be afraid to open up the radio they just bought and do any work on it and just take it back to the store. I wanted to see if that would be worth it or not, so I fixed it. Have not had any functional issues with them since then. Problem is they just are not rugged and they are not sealed units. No conformal coating on the boards either that I could detect. I think they function well enough for them to be used in an “urban” environment however I dont think they are really suited for being out in the weeds. I would feel good recomending them for people to get for training purposes but I would push them toward saving for the DTR if they want to have something they could trust in a fight.