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Obama issued an Executive order on August 1, 2013 that will effectively ban Ammonium Nitrate in the USA. It will become too expensive and create too much possible civil and criminal liability to manufacture, store, or transport it. Clinton did the same thing to Anhydrous Ammonia dealers in 1999. It put most Anhydrous dealers out of business. Obama is imposing the same regs and adding explosives regulations on top of OSHA and EPA regulations. It’s all there if you know how to read bureacratese.

Tannerite will probably be banned outright as soon as DHS & BATFE finish making policy based on this E.O. Whether or not they can criminalize it I don’t know. You can count on it being taken off the market though. The government has had it’s sights on Tannerite for a long time now.

Food and Fuel prices will skyrocket because Ammonium Nitrate forms the basis for almost all nitrogen in granular fertilizers used in American farming. There are no cost and ease of manufacture/use equivalents for ammonium nitrate. Supply and demand economics are going to be the harsh lesson of the day. Crop yields will go down. Corn is the basis for the American food supply and the fuel additive ethanol. A.N. is critical in corn production.

Hope everyone is ready for $12/gallon gasoline and $20 a box corn flakes.

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  1. Just as Stalin starved millions in the Ukraine as part of his consolidation of
    power this administration with Obama as it’s figurehead are planning on
    starving their intended subjects into submission.

  2. North of the Bakken

    Farmers have spent a king’s ransom to buy specialized equipment to inject this fertilizer, which, as this report suggests, will become obsolete soon. You can just about grow crops on a parking lot with the right supplies and machines. I have to think that growing a victory garden would help to keep the family alive.

  3. and my dad wonders why i dont spend any money and just keep saving all i can. the US may pull out of the bed its making for itself, but there’s going to be several years worse than the depression before that happens.

  4. Instant cold compresses are made of ammonium nitrate and a small bag of water that you pop inside it. I saw a recipe online for making your own tannerite for the range from two of those and like a spoonful of aluminum powder, and it’s supposedly cheaper. At least for now. Have fun at the range…

    For nitrogen fertilizer, in a small garden anyway, you can just dilute some pee and water the ground with that in the fall when you’re done picking the harvest. (don’t use women’s pee who are on birth control though, that stuff is too persistent) You can plant some nitrogen fixer like buckwheat or clover and then plow or till it in, too, or get some aged manure.

    I can’t imagine they will outlaw ammonia for household cleaning, but you can brew that from pee too if you need to. People used to tan leather that way.

    For the rest of the organic fertilizer, you need bone meal, or you can also burn some bones (save them up in the freezer and then have a bonefire) and you need potash which is basically just plant biochar. So burn sticks or the more fibrous compost and some old bones together, and spread that on the garden too. A little goes a long way. And you also need rotted vegetation – humus. This will make the soil stay moist longer. Compost heaps are good.

    Look up Hugelkultur and Sepp Holzer for ideas on how to turn a crappy piece of land into a food bonanza. also

    Breed rabbits. They are almost silent, you can raise them indoors pretty safely, and their poop doesn’t need to be aged to put it on the garden. And, they breed like… rabbits. There is a right way to raise rabbits, and a wrong way, so read up on it.

    The bad thing is, that doesn’t really lend itself to mass production. A little victory garden is nice, but if you’re relying only on that, unless you have at least a quarter acre per person you might starve, especially in the beginning when you’re getting used to gardening. But, you might get by on less land if you do the permaculture thing and vertical gardening.

    Food forests can be stealthy. They don’t look like row crops. They might be passed up by the golden horde or by the farm nazis. Especially if you allow edible weeds in them too, then they just look like weeds.

  5. Get ready for food riots. Only question is, do they happen because the cost goes through the roof via the banning of fertilizer, or because government inflation has made the dollar worthless? Or the perfect storm, both at the same time?

  6. PS: Kudzu is edible.

  7. Are the agricultural and economic impact of this ban incidental to the govs attempt to restrict a very powerful explosive component? Or am I simply stating the obvious?

    In either case, if a meaningful resistance or insurgency ever developed in the U.S., these would simply be strategic objectives for small units, I would think.

    And, from the tactical side only, those same small units would, I presume, begin to recon and hit the demolition shacks of the mining industry.

    In other words, these materials would need to be taken by force.

    Besides, the fertilizer folks don’t keep the other items necessary for efficient use of explosives, like blasting caps and det chord.

    I am willing to have my thinking corrected though, since I admit to never being a member of a small combat unit or a demolition team.

    • The Taliban have been giving US forces bloody hell with I.E.D.s based on ammonium nitrate explosives for the last 12 years. I think you may be on the right track with your thinking. I think the E.O. may be a deliberate over reach and when the news gets out about how bad this thing will be for the economy they’ll come back as say ” Well we’ve reconsidered and in the spirit of reasonable compromise we’ll just ban possession of A.N. based explosives without a Federal Explosives License.” Everyone will go along because who needs explosives but terrorists, right?

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  9. This will cause starvation not just here, but all over the world.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, the collectivists keep saying that there should only be about 100 million people on the planet. Gotta find some way to get rid of 6+ billion, and starvation is known to work.

  10. I’m thinking of building a gassifier engine and burning socialists for fuel. Any carbon base will work as fuel, right?


  12. Like liquor we are gonna have to figure a way to make it on our own.

  13. The recipe for Tannerite is available in their patent, which is 6,848,366. Don’t do them wrong by using the recipe unless it is outlawed…..

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