Info Bleg: Any Info On FTX Noted Below?

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Image from over the transom; reader input in comments, please.

5 responses to “Info Bleg: Any Info On FTX Noted Below?

  1. Yeah no word on if that “catastrophic incident” was natural or government made?

  2. From the official ARNORTH propaganda site.–13.aspx

    On the surface it’s nothing special. Typical disaster response/consequence management exercise. The hardest part of these things is mustering and deploying the appropriate personnel and assets in a timely fashion with some semblance of effective command and control. What’s notable about these series of exercises is just how much the Federal military role has increased.

  3. Who are they grabbing supplies from, by the way?

  4. Battlefield USA

    “Major incident” sure is a catch-all phrase… isn’t it? So is “disaster response/consequence management exercise.”

    The best part is creating effective partnerships and communication with their civilian counterparts.

    Train like you fight…

  5. Don’t get all Alex Jones here. It is and has been a legitimate Guard mission for decades. They need to practice the drill, in the ordinary course of events.
    If they didn’t, the same pants pissers would be screaming like the Katrina Kweens when some disaster spoiled their day. This shit’s serious enough without making F’ing mountains out molehills.

    Besides, any Militia outfit ought to be able to handle 22 REMFS.