Lizard Farmer: How They Hunt

LF teaches how the Bad People will learn how to kill you and your amigos.

Tactics work both ways.


11 responses to “Lizard Farmer: How They Hunt

  1. Lone Wolves, who have No Survival Expectations, have nothing to fear. Be an Army of One.

    • Sounds optimistic to me, SP. Seems to me that a collectivist-driven regime has no enemy greater than a lone wolf.

      I doubt the statists are all worked up, worrying about being overrun by freedomistas. Arguably, that’s the single biggest thing going for the Good Guys.

      Your larger point is valid, though. No survival expectations means no fear.

    • That is correct.

      Google “Leaderless Resistance.”

      It will be how blue team survives.

      Having “teammates” will only get you killed .

  2. Seems like “going dark” would in itself constitute something of a red flag.

    Wouldn’t it be better to keep up a “normal” pattern of activity as an ovine American consumer at all times?

  3. RobRoySimmons

    Or these clues are bait in a trap. Sure it will always be the grunts sent out to inspect the lunch basket bait, but how many lunch baskets will Yogi and Boo Boo swipe if they turn out to be not filled with PB&Js? FTR Matt Bracken wrote this in his first book.

    • John Rourke

      If I wanted to “hunt” I would start a blog “baited” with the right kind of material and let the “prey” come to me.

      A reverse “starfish” so to speak.

  4. My problem with this article:
    1) He seems to be making the case that resistance is futile.
    2) Are counter-insurgencies run by nothing but perfectly competent and conscientious operators? There is some area of government not run by fuck-ups? News to me.
    3) What was the insurgency doing during the time all this information the author posited was lovingly being compiled and organized? Just sitting and waiting for the end, or out there killing more tyrants?

    Fighting for freedom can be hard, no doubt about it. I’m not about to give up on the idea however. People fight and learn and fight some more. If they are too slow to learn, they die. But also, if they depend on the government, they die. Hell, everybody dies. Only question is how you live while you’re here. On your knees is for the birds.

  5. Think globally, calculate ballistics locally.

  6. Were the internets for the 18th awarded to anyone? If not, monkeyfan wins. Maybe a masthead too.