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“…On the one hand, there’s no good that can come to the US for getting our military involved in Syria. On the other hand, every cruise missile they send in there is one less they can shoot at me, right?”

— An American

6 responses to “Quote Of The Week

  1. But plenty good for Israel: a Sunni/al Q. regime in Syria will cut off Iranian weapons shipments to the Shia Hezbollah fighters in S. Lebanon, who handled the Israelis somewhat roughly in ’06. So, once again, the neo-con Statist “war on terror” stands exposed as either all about Israel (this mess) or about forcing oil-producing countries to stay on the petrodollar (Bush 43’s Iraq War, Obama’s Libya proxy war). Without which, our dollar-drowned domestic Ponziconomy will go to hyperinflation and collapse.

  2. This quote implies that there is a finite number of cruise missles. There is not, they will just spend your tax dollars to build more.

  3. It’s good for the crony class too. War is always good for them.

  4. Battlefield USA

    Yeah well… and everyone is thinking how far do we bluff? How far do we huff and puff? How many times do we say one is making a grave mistake?

    Before one stops bluffing and makes good on that bluff?

    We are not the only one who has cruise missiles.

    Sooner or later:

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Isn’t the America already sunk? It was scuttled years ago.

    The same can probably be said about the country, too.