Wolfe: Can’t Fight The NSA?


And keep moving your traffic from online to offline.

Silence is communicative.

And disturbing.

5 responses to “Wolfe: Can’t Fight The NSA?

  1. Atlas Shrug

    This idea posted at the original link has merit, IMHO.

    “Grenadier1 Says:
    August 26th, 2013
    So here is a thought? What if all those random comments on message boards that always talk about making money by working at home were a kind of code? The spammers use the software to create what appears to be a real message to solicit and evade spam filters. Seems we could use something similar?”

    This got me thinking.
    SPAM the NSA with the product of spam-bots. This would be infinitely easier than manually doing it with each of our own emails. It would even be possible to farm the destination email addresses from .gov databases. Thus it might be possible to not only clog things up indirectly via their current monitoring angles, but in parallel by sending the crap Directly To The Bastards. I’m somewhat ignorant of spam systems, but it would seem that they could be set up mostly behind a TOR onion layer for more “privacy” of the sender. Thus one would only need the spam bot software, a database of many thousand .gov email addresses, an encrypted/obfuscated point of origin, and a modicum of know-how. This could even be packaged and placed all over the Internet for anonymous download. Enter instant
    Open Source Internet Global Guerrillas, by the thousands.


    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug

    • Thats one aspect of what I was thinking but another is the idea that we communicate in plain site by forwarding those stupid Spam messages to each other. We just assign meanings to the Spam. For example. “Buy this fantastic new Dick pill” means We are having a meeting at the ususal spot show up at 1900.

      • Atlas Shrug

        Understood. There are many possibilities. Thank you very much for starting this thought process……I think it can lead places.

        When the signal is indistinguishable from the noise, analysis techniques loose much of their utility…


  2. Check out what the DHS crowd and friends are doing with Palantir. It’s a pretty amazing data mining tool, but it is in the hands of berzerkers. http://wp.me/p2ZdFz-aF